Can you believe that loving pair and ambassadors of the political PDA, Donald Trump and Melania Trump, have been married for 16 years?

While there has been multiple reality shows, a grabbing-by-the-pussy scandal, a four-year stint in the whitehouse, 2 rounds of attempted impeachments and an actual wife body dual (hey #FakeMelania), this two have actually surprisingly stood the test of time.

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Listen to out Loud, where Mia, Jessie and also Clare talk about the return of Fake Melania. Short article continues after podcast.

And when any celebrity marriage goes the distance, we prefer to go right ago to the lavish spot wherein it started: The wedding. 

...and you deserve to bet the this one literally took the cake when it pertains to being together over the height as physically possible.

So let’s take a look at every weird and wonderful detail from Donald Trump and also Melania Trump’s wedding day. Buckle up, folks.

Watch Melania Trump audioeditorfree.comment on her marital relationship to Donald Trump. Post continues after video.

Video via ABC.

First up, let’s obtain the an essential details down pat. And to do this, I’d prefer to existing you v an invite to this Trump-soiree… 

You are cordially invite to the matrimony of Donald Trump and also Melaina Knauss.

When: January 22, 2005.

Where: Trump’s multi-million dissension Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

Acaudioeditorfree.commodation: Provided because that in previously mentioned resort by the trump Co, wherein you’ll be greeted through bathrobes embroidered with your initials, cost-free spa treatments, and a few rounds of golf ahead of the ceremony. 

Dress Code: together lavish as you have the right to possibly manage. 

And in situation you were wondering that else obtained invitations just like this, here were just a grasp of names you can recognise:


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The Spill
Image: Getty. 

Donald trumped & Melania Trump’s Wedding Ceremony.

Melania Knauss walked down the aisle in former of 450 guests, before saying ‘I do’ and officially audioeditorfree.coming to be Mrs trump (the third).

The bride wore a practice Christian Dior gown which to be strapless, covered in diamantes, featured a 300ft silk train and weighed more than four stone. Yep, that’s My large Fat Gyspy Wedding-level of heavy. 

Melania Trump’s wedding dress cost a lining $194,124 and was featured top top the covering of Vogue Magazine.

Image: Vogue. 


Because the gown was so deeply unaudioeditorfree.comfortable, Melania choose to switch right into a Vera Wang silk tulle dress (with a slit up to the knee) for the poolside after party. 

Dresses aside, Melania trumped was acquiring weighed down by something rather on her big day: she wedding ring. Make by the same jewellers who put together her engagement ring, Melania slipped a white emerald-cut diamond and also platinum ring on she finger - valued audioeditorfree.come be roughly $900,000.

Image: Getty. 

The irony that dropping that lot cash top top a wedding ring is the these days Melania prefers to just wear she engagement ring alone. I mean, the still cost roughly $4 million, for this reason it’s probably best to save some items in the for sure at home.

Image: Getty. 


Donald trumped & Melania Trump’s Wedding Reception.

After the fancy-pants ceremony, points proceeded to an also fancier-pantsier reception in ~ Trump’s Florida resort. 

The pair hired hundreds of staff audioeditorfree.come deck the end the ballroom v over 10,000 flowers shipped in a convoy of van from brand-new York. This had overwhelming 1.5 metre high centrepieces of roses, hydrangeas, gardenias and orchids - all in classic white, that course. 

Guests were climate treated to a large old meal, special lobster salad, beef medallions and also champagne vinaigrette on virtually everything. 

But the cherry on height of this extravagant work was: The cake. 

Image: Pinterest. 


Donald and Melania Trump’s wedding cake was roughly five feet high (you understand the average height of a fully-grown woman), had actually seven tiers in total and weighed… wait because that it… 88kgs. 

It to be soaked in grand Marnier and also decorated v over 2000 hand-spun sugar flowers, and it cost the pair $65,000. Girlfriend know, much more than the median Australian’s entire wedding budget.

The only downside (jokes, there space no normal-people-upsides to a $50K cake), was the on account the the cake gift ginormous and very, really tall, it required a f**ktonne of rigging to store it erect. So, no one could actually eat it. Instead, as soon as it was demolished after ~ the wedding, the employee were able audioeditorfree.come nab a little of sponge. 

Feature Image: + Getty.

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This occurred 16 year ago. For every the legitimate things you could drag trump card for, why pick this? This just seems petty and mean-spirited, once you can be criticising him because that far much more legitimate things than having a huge extravagant wedding.
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Guys, one of the reasons I to be so pleased that Joe Biden winner the choice was due to the fact that I thought we would avoid hearing about Trump. Can we you re welaudioeditorfree.come be done with this couple, now?
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