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The Superbowl was their first official date. Gustavo Caballero/Getty photos Cardi B and also Offset collection the internet ablaze when they were spotted sitting together at the 2017 super Bowl.

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Later, offset would disclose in a Rolling rock article the he had actually his publicist collection the 2 up top top a team hang in new York ahead of the large game, but that the Super key was their very first official date — a date Offset referred to as "a power move."


Cardi B and Offset tape-recorded the song together month prior. YouTube

Cardi B and Offset reduce the video clip for their an initial musical collaboration, "Lick."

Interestingly, castle recorded and also released the song a month prior to they"d ever before met (it"s likely they taped the track without ever meeting).


Cardi B very first talked about Offset in an interview with Fader. Theo Wargo/Getty pictures for NYFW: The mirrors

Cardi B lastly opened up about her reported beau in one interview through Fader, despite she play coy, only referring to him together "the boy," and talking mostly around their musical collaboration.

"It"s to be a blessing, me meeting him and meeting his friends. I check out how tough they work. And that encouraged me to work also harder," Cardi B said Fader.


Cardi B said she desires to be engaged. Paras Griffin/Getty images

Speaking come Charlamagne in ~ the MTV video Music Awards Pre-Show, Cardi B reduce a an extremely loud hints to her boyfriend that she"d prefer to obtain engaged.

"I"m a woman. Every woman, i think, desires to get married and wants to have children. It"s never too beforehand to acquire married now. Friend know, if you want to suggest to me, you can," she said.

Cardi B post a confusing partnership status on Instagram. Theo Wargo/Getty pictures

Cardi B post a take self to Instagram and also captioned it: "Single." She easily deleted the post.

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The very next day she shown that she and Offset to be still together and also wrote: "I yes, really loveeeee my man … he was gifted come me native Jesus."

Cardi B and also Offset got involved at a concert. Craig Barritt/Getty images

Offset proposed to Cardi B on stage at power 99"s Powerhouse concert in Philadelphia v a 20-carat diamond ring the he said price "half a million."

Offset later on told Rolling rock that that proposed to her since "she is genuine solid, come from whereby I come from, walk what i did. She"s herself, man. I watched her construct from the trenches every the means up, and I like just how she did it. Ns respect her grind together a woman."

Cardi B later wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post: "Jesus Christ I"m for this reason emotional, i loveee friend so much. Give thanks to you for seeing the potential in me due to the fact that you met me. For offering me advice molding me and also loving me. Her such a amazing male to me your family, friends, kids and you are incredibly talented. Ns can"t wait to spend FOREVAAAA v you. Let"s do a lot of shmoney and love together."

Months later, Cardi B would tell Jimmy Fallon during an appearance on "The this evening Show" the she was surprised by the proposal and an ext specifically, the size of the ring.

"I mean, he constantly used come tell me, "I"m going come marry you. I"m going to marry you." and also it"s simply like, "Mmm. It"s the best thing to do,"" she told Fallon. "But ns knew he to be going to provide me a an extremely expensive gift since he wasn"t there because that my birthday, however I assumed he to be going to offer me a clock or something. He just went the end of his way, okurrrrr!"