Bump stocks enable a shooter come fire repeatedly with a single pull the the trigger and figured prominently in the las Vegas mass shooting in 2017.

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A bang fire stock that attaches come a semi-automatic assault rifle to boost the firing price is for sale at an excellent Guys pistol Shop in Orem, Utah, top top Oct. 4, 2017.George Frey / Reuters file
The can be fried Court decreased Monday to take up one appeal challenging a federal ban on rifle attachments well-known as bang stocks the went into result a year ago.

Bump stocks, which enable a shooter come fire consistently with a single pull that the trigger, figured prominently in the 2017 fixed shooting in ~ an the end concert in ras Vegas that eliminated 58 people and wounded 500. The 22 semi-automatic rifles in the hotel room provided by the gunman, 14 were equipped through bump stocks, prompting president Donald trump card to press for a ban.


Owners, dealers and also manufacturers were forced to destroy the gadgets or turn them right into a neighborhood Bureau that Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and also Explosives office. Federal authorities estimated that fifty percent a million bump stocks had actually been marketed in the united States.

Once attached to a rifle in ar of the common stock, or end piece, bump stocks allow rounds to be fired in fast succession, practically as rapid as an automatically weapon. The Trump management concluded that they violated a federal law banning maker guns, identified as tools that automatically fire much more than one shooting "with a single duty of the trigger."

The underlying federal legislation did not change, yet the ATF — which because that years had actually said bump stocks were legal — reversed chin at Trump"s direction. That motivated gun rights proponents to sue, yet they lost at every stage in the reduced courts.

Justice Neil Gorsuch, a trump card appointee, agreed v his colleagues that the court need to not approve a testimonial of the lawsuit, back he stated the federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., supplied the wrong logic in upholding the ban and also suggested he would be open up to listening the worry at a future date.

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Pete Williams
Pete Williams is an NBC News correspondent that covers the righteousness Department and the supreme Court, based in Washington.