Angelina Jolie and also Brad Pitt’s on-screen chemistry to be undeniable when they teamed up for the 2005 movie Mr. And also Mrs. Smith. The A-listers would go ~ above to get married, become parents to six children and ultimately speak to it quits. 

The pair very first met top top the set of the action-packed flick, and also fans were rapid to speculate a romance to be brewing between them. At the moment of filming, he to be still married to actress Jennifer Aniston. However, a couple of months later, Jennifer and also Brad revealed they were separating in January 2005. 


“We would choose to announce the after 7 years together we have decided to official separate,” the exes common in a share statement at the time. “For those who follow this sorts of things, we would like to explain that our separation is not the an outcome of any type of speculation reported by the tabloid media. This decision is the result of much thoughtful consideration. Us happily remain committed and also caring friends with great love and also admiration because that one another.”

On the heels the Jennifer and also Brad’s split, the trojan actor and Angelina thrived much closer. They welcomed three biological children: daughter Shiloh, that was born in may 2006, as well as twins Vivienne and Knox, born in July 2008. She adopted Maddox from Cambodia in 2002 and also later adopted Zahara native Ethiopia in 2005. Her 2nd eldest son, Pax, was adopted from Vietnam in 2007.

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By 2014, Angelina and Brad were all set to take their romance to the following level, tie the knot in August. However, they just remained together for two much more years. The Maleficent actress filed because that divorce native the as soon as Upon a Time … in Hollywood star in September 2016, citing irreconcilable differences as the factor for their breakup. Unfortunately, Brangelina ongoing to it is in in a messy custody battle post-split. 


After the exes ended up being legally solitary in April 2019, Brad celebrated a big win in may 2021. The Oscar-winning star was awarded joint custody the his six kids after a five-year legal battle, In Touch confirmed. 

In the documents derived by In Touch, Judge john Ouderkirk approve a detailed tentative ruling and also said that Angelina’s testimony “lacked credibility in countless important areas, and also the existing custody order in between the parties need to be modified, per Mr. Pitt’s request, in the best interests the the children.” 

This advancement came after Angelina asserted she was not provided a “fair trial” since the judge would not allow their youngsters to testify, which her team said was “critical come making her case.” 

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Scroll down to view the milestone moments in Brangelina’s relationship timeline and for updates on their ongoing divorce and custody battle.

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Angelina and Brad sustained romance rumors if filming their spy thriller, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Back they previously denied having feelings for each other, lock both later admitted the was when they “fell in love.”



Jennifer filed for divorce native Brad in in march 2005, and it was finalized in October. Later on that year, Angelina adopted Zahara from Ethiopia and also Brad joined her on the trip. In ~ the time, Maddox was currently a component of her brood. 



Brangelina announced they were expecting their first child together, daughter Shiloh. A referee also enabled Maddox and also Zahara to readjust their last names come Jolie-Pitt before the come of Shiloh in May.


The pair ventured over to Vietnam to adopt Pax in 2007, simply months before she announced she pregnancy through Vivienne and also Knox in early 2008. They were born in July.


Angelina and Brad exchange their vows ​​at their Chateau Miraval in France, including all 6 of their kids in the nuptials. Later that year, the A-listers functioned together again top top the movie By the Sea.


The Gia star filed for divorce from Brad. “This decision was created the health and wellness of the family. She will certainly not it is in commenting, and also asks the the household be offered its privacy at this time,” their lawyer claimed in a statement in ~ the time. 


After moving closer come Brad for the benefits of their children, Angelina asserted she had actually “proof” of she ex’s alleged domestic violence cases in a brand-new court filing. “When lock were first divorced in the fall of 2016… she made comparable allegations (about what taken place on their airplane ride back to the U.S. ) which were reported to the authorities and also thoroughly investigated prior to no activity was taken,” a resource familiar through the case told In Touch in his defense.

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By March, it was revealed the Maddox had actually “already provided testimony” against his father and also sources told us Weekly that it no “flattering.” 

Despite the family drama, Brad was awarded temporary joint custody in May, and he viewed it as a “fresh start,” one insider exclusively told In Touch the next month. Currently that the “nightmare” that the custody fight “is behind him” for the time being, Brad “feels favor he’s lastly gotten a fair chance in his years-long court battle with Angie end the kids,” the resource added. “That’s all he’s ever wanted: a same shot.”

In July, the California Court of very nice one granted Angelina’s inquiry to remove Judge Ouderkirk from your case, Us Weekly confirmed at the time. The exes must now uncover a new private judge to reside over their case. The adjust in judges could mean that Brad’s recent custody win might be tossed out and also the proceedings can start indigenous the beginning.