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Some TV dramas and also comedies can run for a te or longer prior to the plug is pulled, yet they are little fry contrasted to few of the longest-running soap operas.

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The shows sometimes air five times a week, but still regulate to lug us melodrama through the bucketload over decades.

From slices of residential British lives to superordinary antics in America, the longest-running soap operas in TV background have kept entertaining the masses over the previous 70 years.

Here room 15 of the longest-running soaps top top TV...


"Coronation Street" has been to run for end 60 years. ITVHaving premiered in December 1960 and also still airing come this day, Coronation Street stop the Guinness world Record for longest to run soap opera, clocking up 61 years on british TV display screens this December.

The soap centres on the stays of the citizens of Coronation Street in fictional town Weatherfield, and also has produced numerous a watercooler minute with murders, tram crashes, bigamists and affairs.

Corrie, together it"s affectionately known, additionally introduced the very first transgender personality in a U.K. Soap, Hayley (Julie Hesmondhalgh), and was even mentioned in federal government after Deirdre Rachid (Anne Kirkbride) to be wrongfully imprisoned.

General Hospital (1963-present)


"General Hospital" is the longest-running soap in American history. ABCGeneral Hospital is the U.S."s longest to run soap opera in production, going strong after premiering 58 years ago in April 1963.

Set at a hospital in harbor Charles, new York, General Hospital"s storylines have largely revolved around the Quartermaine and Spencer families, and the soap has actually led to two spin-offs, Port Charles and basic Hospital: Night Shift.

One that the most memorable moments in the show"s history came in 1981 when Luke and Laura (Anthony Geary and Genie Francis) obtained married - through their wedding pass in 30 million viewers and becoming the highest-rated hour in American soap opera history.

Guiding Light (1952-2009)


"Guiding Light" to be a radio soap before transferring come television. CBSIf you counting Guiding Light"s time together a radio serial (1937-1956) and a TV soap, that trumps General Hospital, however on TV it racked up 57 years on air prior to its cancellation.

The CBS show very first centred ~ above the Bauers, a German immigrant family first introduced in 1948 ~ above the radio show, while other core households were introduced over Guiding Light"s run, including the Norrises, the Marlers, the Spauldings, the Coopers, the Lewises and also the Reardons.

CBS cancelled Guiding Light in 2009 due to declining ratings.

Days Of our Lives (1965-present)


"Days Of our Lives" is well-known for that is out-there storylines.NBCNBC"s longest-running soap Days Of our Lives has been a ratings winner in the 56 year it"s to be on air, and also focuses top top the Bradys, the Hortons and other family members in the fictitious city that Salem.

While the display was initially known in the 1970s and "80s because that its daring storylines entailing affairs and also rape, it later on veered right into the supernatural, with memorable storylines involving exorcisms and downloading memories top top CDs.

Perhaps among the wackiest storylines come in 2004, when some that the show"s biggest personalities were killed off, only for that to be revealed that they were living on an island that was a replica that Salem.

Days Of our Lives famously had actually a crossover with another NBC show, together Friends personality Joey Tribbiani played Dr. Drake Ramoray ~ above the soap.

As The world Turns (1956-2010)


"As The people Turns" finished in 2010. CBSCreated as a sister display to CBS"s Guiding Light, As The world Turns ran for 54 years till its cancellation in 2010.

The soap centred ~ above medical and legal experts in the fictional town of Oakdale, Illinois, and was recognized for being an ext conservative than other soap operas ~ above the air.

However, the did present the very first gay masculine character on American daytime tv in 1988, and aired the very first gay masculine kiss on American daytime television in 2007.

Emmerdale (1972-present)

"Emmerdale" incorporates huge stunts right into its storylines about rural life. ITVWhile ITV"s Coronation Street is collection in Manchester, its various other long-running soap Emmerdale, originally recognized as Emmerdale Farm, was conceived as a look in ~ rural farming life in the U.K..

While it had a sluggish start, the advent of larger storylines like fires and aircraft crashes sent ratings soaring, and families favor the Dingles and Sugdens proceed to carry the drama ~ above the soap.

It will reach the 50th anniversary next year.

The Young and The Restless (1973-present)

"The Young and The Restless" is a ratings hit because that CBS. CBSHaving aired over 12,000 illustration in its 48-year run, The Young and also The Restless is tho going strong on CBS.

Set in Genoa City, Wisconsin, the soap originally focused on the Brooks and also Foster families, but they were at some point replaced by the Abbotts and the Williamses, and also other families.

Becoming recognized for showing sexuality on screen and also romance, The Young and The Restless has maintained high ratings and won 116 Daytime Emmys.

Pobol y Cwm (1974-present)

"Pobol Y Cym" is a continuous ratings winner in Wales. S4CThis Welsh-language soap opera has been running for 47 years so far, very first airing ~ above the BBC and also then on the Welsh channel S4C.

Set in the fictional town of Cwmderi, Pobol y Cym (People of the Valley) centers on the occupants of the city in the regional pub, school, farm and other businesses.

The soap is consistently amongst the many watched shows of the week in Wales.

One Life come Live (1968-2012)

Director Jill Mitwell (center) and the writing staff the "One Life to Live" in the press room at the 35th annual Daytime Emmy Awards at the Kodak Theatre top top June 20, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. Gregg DeGuire/WireImageABC"s One Life come Live ran because that 44 years as soon as it to be cancelled alongside All mine Children.

The soap was significant for being the very first on US television to centre about an ethnically and economically diverse cast, focusing on the wealthy, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant mr family,the working-class polishing American Wolek family, the less wealthy ireland Catholic Riley family, and the African-American Sadie Gray.

One Life come Live regularly crossed end with various other ABC soaps, including General Hospital.

It briefly returned as a web series in 2013, but the resurgence was unsuccessful.

All my Children (1970-2011)

Susan Lucci ended up being a daytime TV legend on "All my Children". ABCOne Life come Live"s channel mate All my Children aired that is finale in 2011 after 41 years.

The show, collection in the fictional town of jaw Valley, Pennsylvania, was created to illustrate societal issues, and also was a large hit in the 1970s with to the early 90s.

It was responsible because that bringing us among soap"s many iconic characters, femme fatale Erica Kane (played by Susan Lucci), who landed 21 Emmy nominations for the role but won only once.

EastEnders (1985-present)

"EastEnders" has carried the drama since 1985. BBCThe BBC"s competitor to Coronation Street released in 1985 is going solid today, and is tho a huge part of British popular culture.

Centred on the stays of the residents of Albert Square in the fictional eastern End town of Walford, EastEnders has tackled hard-hitting storylines involving HIV, residential abuse, sex-related abuse and mental condition over the years, and also gripping whodunnits, frequently coming to a head in live episodes.

As fine as introducing iconic soap characters like Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) and Dirty Den watts (Leslie Grantham), EastEnders has end up being known because that its dramatic Christmas day episode, which often features a bombshell plot twist.

Neighbours (1985-present)

"Neighbours" is Australia"s longest to run soap opera. TenAustralian soap Neighbours premiered in 1985 and also has racked increase 36 years on air so far.

Focused on the stays of the residents of Ramsay Street in Erinsborough, Neighbours is not just a success in Australia, but across the world, with certain success in the unified Kingdom.

Neighbours is provided for launching the careers of Kylie Minogue and also Margot Robbie, that both starred top top the show.

The wedding the Scott and Charlene (Kylie and Jason Donovan) in 1987 completed the highest ever before ratings for Neighbours and it ended up being one of the highest possible rating soap episodes ever in Australia, and also attracting 19.6 million viewers when it to be aired in the U.K.

Search for Tomorrow (1951-1986)

"Search for Tomorrow" aired for 35 years. NBCAt the time of that is cancellation because of low ratings and rivalry with newer soap operas in 1986, Search for Tomorrow was the longest-running show in American daytime television history, v a run of 35 years.

Set in the fictional city of Henderson, mary Stuart played the main character the Jo because that the soap"s entire run.

The Bold and also The Beautiful (1987-present)

"The Bold and The Beautiful" is collection in a fashion business in Los Angeles. CBSA sister display to The Young and The Restless, The Bold and The Beautiful has actually been on waiting on CBS because that 34 years and counting.

The soap is collection in Los Angeles and focuses ~ above the Forrester family and also their haute couture business.

With consistently solid ratings, The Bold and also The Beautiful has won 77 Daytime Emmys during its run.

Home and also Away (1988-present)

Ray Meagher plays among "Home and Away"s" ideal loved characters, Alf Stewart. SevenHome and Away is Australia"s second longest to run soap opera, v 33 years on air, and is all about the stays of the residents in Summer Bay, a fictional seaside city in new South Wales.

With an ext of a emphasis on the young characters, the soap has actually covered controversial topics end the year, including sexual assault, abortion, eating disorders and also suicide.

Many celebrities have identified themselves together fans the the show, v Ed Sheeran even making a cameo on the display in 2015.

Fair City (1989-present)

"Fair City" is set in a fictitious Dublin suburb. RTEFair City is Ireland"s longest to run soap opera, through 32 year on air therefore far.

The display focuses ~ above the resides of the residents of Carrigstown, a fictional suburb the the Northside component of the city that Dublin, and has been praised for extending societal issues not usually spanned on irish television.

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Storylines have had domestic violence, gangland crime, abortion and also sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.