It’s been close come a decade because the Prom Queen of Soul, Whitney Houston, unexpectedly passed away after being uncovered unconscious in a hotel tub in Beverly Hills. When her fatality has caused countless questions to arise over the years, her last moments haven’t been the only thing people have wondered around these last nine years.

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Seeing together Houston was among the biggest entertainers in the world, she collected quite a luck throughout her career. Since her death, plenty of have to be curious to recognize if someone inherited the singer’s $20 million estate, and if so, who was it?


Whitney Houston performing in 1988 |Frederic REGLAIN/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Whitney Houston passed away in 2012

On Grammy weekend in 2012, abc News reported the Houston had been performing and also partying that up approximately Los Angeles through the best names in the music. After showing up healthy at number of A-list events, the singer was uncovered face-down in she hotel room bathtub at the Beverly Hilton.

A few minutes after paramedics came down on the scene and also performed CPR, the “I Will always Love You” singer to be pronounced dead at 3:55 pm PST. She to be 48 years old.

A couple of weeks after news of her sudden fatality shocked the world, the LA county Coroner’s Office reported that Houston’s fatality was brought about by an accidental drowning result from love disease, cocaine use, and also other drugs found in she system.

On February 18, 2012, an invitation-only memorial business was organized for the singer in her aboriginal Newark, new Jersey. The following day, Houston was hidden at Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, new Jersey, beside her father, man Russell Houston, who died in 2003.

Whitney Houston’s estate was left to she daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown

When Houston died, she estate, worth an estimated $20 million, to be left come her just child, Bobbi Kristina Brown, whom she common with ex-husband Bobby Brown.

According to USA Today, the Grammy winner drafted her will certainly in 1993, then made changes to that in April 2000, ensuring that her daughter inherited everything.

Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown in ~ the 2009 American Music Awards | Kevin Mazur/AMA2009/WireImage

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At the moment of Houston’s death, Brown was getting ready to rotate 19 year old. So, rather of gaining regulate over her mother’s entire estate at that age, Brown got 10%, or about $2 million, if the remainder was put into a trust fund until she turn 21.

Per Houston’s will, Bobbi Kristina would certainly then get another sixth the the estate as soon as she rotate 25 and the remainder at the period of 30. Unfortunately, Brown never ever made the to her 25th birthday together she was discovered unconscious in a tub in January 2015.

After gift rushed come a surrounding hospital, Brown was put into a median induced coma. She died six months later on in hospice treatment at the period of 22.

After Bobbi Kristina’s death, Whitney Houston’s estate was left to she mother and also brothers

After Brown died, Houston’s estate saw her mother, Cissy Houston, and her two brothers.

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While Cissy was called the executor the the singer’s will, she later renounced that role, requesting that Whitney’s sister-in-law and also manager, Marion (Pat) Houston become the sole administrator of the estate.