From early on, Thomas Rhett knew the could, together he famously sings in his multiplatinum hit, die a happy man.

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But he necessary to call the totality world. That was 3 years into his marriage to Lauren Akins—and part two decades into a love story that started as soon as they met in the an initial grade—when he had the realization while working on his 2nd studio album, Tangled Up.

"I remember walking out and also my wife just really encouraging me come write. She's constantly wanted me come write choose a 'Just to check out You Smile' by Tim McGraw," he shared with The Boot in 2016. "I looked ago and was like, 'I've never just written a song about my wife or because that my wife.'"

So the country singer sat down with two cowriters and scribbled the end the lyrics: "If ns never gain to check out the northern lights / Or if ns never obtain to see the Eiffel Tower in ~ night / oh if all I obtained is her hand in my hand / baby I can die a happy man"

Thomas Rhett & Lauren Akins' Cutest Moments

The most-played nation tune for six straight weeks, the 2015 monitor went platinum countless times over, earning the musician (born cutting board Rhett Akins) his two Academy of country Music Awards, a CMA and also a Grammy nod.

And his an individual life is doing also better. Your romance is no the Instagram-filtered picture of perfection that reduces their social media followers to puddles of jealousy with each snapshot of their family of five.

It's something therefore much much more real and also far, far better.

"We don't have actually a perfect marriage," Akins defined to E! News, stating her motivation for laying whatever out in her August memoir Live in Love: farming Together through Life's Changes. "I love our marriage and also I love gift married to him. We have a yes, really really sweet life together, yet we fight as with every other couple does. We have struggles similar to every other pair does...It's almost freeing for me to be able to share that side of points so civilization can watch that having a healthy relationship is incredibly attainable, it's simply not going come look just like everybody else's."

For the musician, noting his 31st date of birth March 30, and his charity bride, who sits ~ above the plank of children's charity Love One International, theirs has involved fertility struggles, a grueling fostering and the kind of difficult conversations the you can imagine come through being married come an international country music sensation.

And the parents to Willa Gray, 5, Ada James, 3, and 13-month-old Lennon Love credit transaction their rock-solid shortcut to some well-placed counseling and also a an excellent deal the introspection.

Having struggled in ~ times v feeling prefer a side act in Rhett's life, "When i really began to seek my passions was as soon as we clicked even more as a couple," Akins explained to E! News. "We to be both more whole and happy and also able to be much better together. Simply seeing that adjust has just really made both of us realize how important it is for us to still be our elevation selves and also to make sure to take care of ourselves."

And possibly there's simply a little bit of divine intervention in there together well.

You see, the Georgia natives met as first graders, became close as church camp-going center schoolers and even took a stab at romance in high school. "We dated as soon as when we were 15, and also it didn't work out," Rhett called Taste the Country simply ahead of their 2012 vows. "We date for like six months."

The romance flamed out during a feather break in crucial West ("His jealousy and possessiveness kept mirroring itself again and also again," she described in her book), and yet, as Rhett shared in the 2012 interview, "We remained finest friends even after we broke up. Us both date other world for like five years."


So she determined to execute it herself.

Chronicling your ups and downs in Live in Love, she revealed your tougher times, consisting of the an especially brutal fight they had actually as she started to wonder if their family was simply "Something thomas Rhett walk on the side."

Two right days the emergency marital relationship counseling caused a four-day retreat, she shared, whereby they both left emotion as if they'd just gained a whole new set that tools. "I learned to talk to her instead of channeling all my energy into work," Rhett explained, "and she learned to answer me fairly than obtain mad in ~ me."

Though tiffs room inevitable, the pair have settled into a cooperation so solid the the idea of including to their family is more of a when 보다 an if. And while so countless other celebrity couples are struggling in quarantine, they're not mad around all the the together time.

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Thomas Rhett's Cutest dad Moments

"Honestly it's to be such a blessing in disguise this entirety year," Rhett described at September's ACM Awards. "I would say the very first 30, 40 days right into quarantine, i was kind of shedding my psychic going, 'I have to play a show. I need to write a song. I have to do something.' and then someday my wife looked in ~ me and she said, 'Honey, you're not going come play a show this year. You just need come let it be, and also relax and also be v our family."

That this stretch of uninterrupted time come after lock welcomed 3rd daughter Lennon last February felt an especially fortuitous, she called E! News: "It was prefer we were a brand-new family of five and also we've acquired this child at home and having him here has been therefore amazing."

And for Rhett choose up bedtime duty has been every little as financially rewarding as playing to a sold-out crowd.

"This is the most nights in a heat I've ever before gotten to put them to bed and also wake up with them," he detailed after agree Entertainer of the Year honors in ~ the 2020 ACMs critical April. "We've in reality been on a road pilgrimage the last couple of weeks together, and also it's to be absolutely amazing simply to get to clock them prosper up, friend know? So together crazy and as weird together this year has actually been, that is definitely a silver lining, just gaining to watch my kids grow and getting to it is in intentional through my wife. And also then tonight is simply such a crazy cherry on top."