The today Show background in new York City. This morning TV display features news, weather, History, sports, lifestyle segments and also interviews.

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The Today show Morning TV show is a Long-Running to chat Show

With end 50 years on the air, The Today show is among America"s longest-running and best love TV shows. The lively 3 hour program broadcasts everyday 7AM to 10AM from NBC"s Studio 1A in brand-new York City"s top Rockefeller Plaza. The this day Show started on the NBC network top top January 14, 1952, with radio announcer and TV personality Dave Garroway together host. Conceived by NBC"s then Vice president Pat Weaver, The Today present was the very first show of its kind, pass viewers two hrs of news and also human interest piece every weekday morning. Garroway"s laid ago style and wide-ranging curiosity set the tone because that The today Show, which to this day continues to both entertain and also inform that is audience in one upbeat and relaxed setting.

In 1964, The now Show began a two-anchor layout with now-legendary news reporters Hugh Downs and also Barbara Walters together co-hosts. In the so late "70s, Tom Brokaw and Jane Pauley helmed the display for a five year period, and in 1982 Pauley was joined through Bryant Gumbel. Gumbel went on to be one of The now Show"s longest-running hosts, in addition to Katie Couric, who likewise put in 15 years. The two organized together for number of years before Gumbel left and Couric was joined by Matt Lauer. Katie Couric and also Matt Lauer were at an early stage morning TV"s golden pair for nearly 10 years prior to Katie moved up the ladder come the evening news, and also The View"s Meredith Vieira stepped in.

But the anchors are not The now Show"s just on-air assets. Weather forecaster Willard Scott was also an audience favorite during his countless years ~ above Today, and renowned because that his unique segments recognizing world celebrating a 100th birthday, which he continued doing even after providing up his duties as weatherman. Meteorologist Al Roker took over when Scott retirement his weather post and has come to be equally popular.

Al Roker loses over 100 pounds in weight

While the affable Roker to be once established as being considerably overweight, in 2002 he quietly underwent gastric bypass surgery and also subsequently lost about 100 pounds. This brought about lots of speculation and rumors, until Roker finally spoke out around the surgery, cautioning civilization to only take into consideration it in too much cases. "I really assumed nobody would certainly care and I would shed the weight and also call it a day," he wrote on his an individual website. "I was wrong. I hope by going public, it help people." Roker never apologized because that deceiving the public and also he remains stoic to this particular day in his opinion the if he choose to shed over 100 pounds and also if civilization can watch him visibly wasting away on national television, then the is still his very own private affair.

Katie Couric"s emotionally Departure

Over the years, The Today display has come to be such an created TV institution that the not only delivers news, it frequently makes the news. Bryant Gumbel was typically parodied on map out comedy shows choose In living Color and also Saturday Night Live. And the exit of Katie Couric indigenous the show in 2006 make headlines, and also became a lengthy and tearful event that listed plenty of comic fodder because that the late-night shows.

Other remarkable Today present contributors, past and present, encompass Ann Curry, Campbell Brown, Natalie Morales, Jamie Gangel, Joe Caragiola, financial advisor Suze Orman, naturalist Jim Fowler, political analyst Tim Russert, reviewer Gene Shalit, and also entertainment correspondent Jill Rappaport. Numerous of these Today show team members were on hand to provide Katie Couric a fitting sendoff on her final display on Wednesday may 31st 2006.

TV Studio Changes

In 1994, The Today display was moved from the "windowless coffin the a studio" (as it was known and also hated by staffers and fans alike) in Studio 4 in ~ 30 Rockefeller Plaza into a stunning new site, NBC News’ Studio 1A. This glass-walled, ground-floor manufacturing facility, situated at the edge of 49th Street and also Rockefeller Plaza, is a warm spot because that both tourist and new York locals trying to get their faces on live television or who simply want to acquire a glimpse of your favorite morning present in action.

Another significant change because that The Today display came in 2000, as soon as it go from the traditional two-hour layout to a full three hour broadcast. This difference further distinguishes this day from its morning display counterparts like an excellent Morning America and also The at an early stage Show.

And while NBC"s The Today show has its house base in new York, the show also frequently travel the world, with programs such as "Where in the civilization is Matt Lauer" and special broadcasts from locations like Greece and Italy for the Olympic Games. This particular day has always prided chin on happen the news that the country and the people to its residence audience, and will surely proceed to perform so much into the future.

Couric go on to host the news, have actually her own show and also then occupational on various other pet projects.


Bare Breasts on The this particular day Show

The Today display has likewise had its fair share of fame seekers. One distinctive stunt transpired in ~ the studio ~ above Wednesday, respectable 2, 2000 -- long before Janet Jackson and also her wardrobe malfunction. Suzi Greenberg, one avid fan of the Opie and also Anthony "shock jock" radio show, go bare-chested throughout one of the customary live crowd pans outside the studio in ~ 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Suzi Greenberg, stand in the Today display audience, in the plaza in ~ 30 Rock, opened up her jacket come expose below bare breasts together the camera make its way along the crowd. Underneath her breasts to be a huge Opie and also Anthony WOW (Whip "em out Wednesday) bumper sticker that earned she a report $1000 indigenous the outrageous radio show.

In reaction come the on-screen nudity the was broadcast during family viewing, you will certainly see among the many candid moments in the history of NBC"s now Show. Katie Couric, while attending the rather staid 2000 Republican nationwide Convention Philadelphia, silently mouths a shocked "Did you watch that ?" and clasped she hands come her challenge in shocked shock as the mischief unfolded. Every the neighborhood anchor crew the Matt Lauer and also Ann Curry could do together a solution was stammer with a "Uh, ooh, ah, ah, okay" while Katie little her bottom lip and grimaced.

The FCC determined not come fine The Today show for this transgression, return NBC did present a TV transmission hold-up function come dissuade any other would-be exhibitionists.

Suzi Greenberg"s infamy was quick lived, but she did do a follow-up item on The Today present for Extra in i m sorry she discussed her payment and her 15 minute of fame. The shock jocks Opie and Anthony were later on fired for another, unrelated FCC sex-related transgression i beg your pardon happened, ironically, at St. Patrick"s Cathedral, proper 500 feet from The Today display studio and also the bare breasted incident.

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Today display Audience

The Today present doesn"t have actually a timeless Seated studio audience, however if you want to get up close and personal, gain seen top top TV, and maybe even talk to the stars during a broadcast, we have actually tips and also info on exactly how to ideal do this in ours TV present Tickets guide or you can read the Today present Tickets Page.