Every dog owner deserve to tell you that dogs aren’t through us for virtually long enough. Yet 30 year is an extremely long life for a pooch. Maggie, one Australian Kelpie, live her days on a dairy product farm. And also for most of her 30 years of life, she stayed in an excellent health. But she all of sudden deteriorated over two days and also passed far peacefully in she sleep.

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(Picture Credit: facebook – 7 News Perth)

The current people record holder for world’s oldest dog is Bluey, an Australian cattle Dog who, coincidentally, stayed in Victoria, Australia, similar to Maggie. Bluey live from 1910 come 1939 and also died at the period of 29 years and also five months. He likewise lived top top a farm. Maybe there’s something about farm life that keeps a dog happy and healthy.

Do you think your pup will certainly break the human being record? how old is the oldest dog you’ve ever before met? permit us recognize in the comments below!

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