The national anthem has actually been a staple of the skilled sports industry and also was first played prior to NFL games starting back in the 1941-1942 NFL season. Because the 1941-42 season, the nationwide Football League has made it a tradition to play the nationwide anthem before every game.

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A number of the optimal musicians in history have perform the nationwide anthem live for NFL fans at the at sight Bowl. The has end up being a tradition in the NFL to assign national anthem duties to the optimal performers in the music industry.

Major league Baseball became the an initial professional sports to do it a traditional to play the national anthem.

With the United says of America being in civilization War II, the NFL joined the MLB in making that a standard to play the nationwide anthem before every NFL game. Let"s take it a look at which top music artists have performed the national anthem for the NFL in the past.

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Which famous musicians have sung the nationwide anthem at NFL games?

A number of top musicians have performed the national anthem at the Super key for the NFL. Few of the biggest names in the music industry signed ~ above to perform at the biggest game of the year. The Super bowl is full of amazing occasions with the nationwide anthem, the commercials, Super key halftime show and the game itself.

Carrie Underwood | Superbowl 44 | national Anthem <2010>