Susan Lucci was just 18 once she very first met Austria-born Helmut Huber, that was the executive, management chef at the Garden City Hotel in new York, where the college freshman was functioning as a waitress.

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“I asked among my friends, ns said, ‘Who is that?’” Lucci speak Lifestyle. “And she said, ‘He’s her boss, stupid.'”

However, Huber, who is nine years Lucci’s senior, had currently taken keep in mind of her, saying the he had actually a “wow!” moment when Lucci an initial showed up. But past Huber gift Lucci’s superior, their age difference also put lock in various places in your lives, so much so the the then-aspiring actress didn’t even think about Huber romantically.

“In the meantime, she got engaged to an additional fella,” Huber says. “Can friend imagine that?”

Fate climate stepped in. Lucci’s parents had actually her engagement party in ~ the same lengthy Island hotel and came throughout Huber in the hallway. Lucci’s mother invited that to join them in ~ the celebratory dinner, which prompted a life-changing decision.


The two have actually now been married 49 years and have 2 kids. Still, they argue around how lengthy or quick their whirlwind romantic was. Lucci admits that their three-month courtship wasn’t long at all, vice versa, Huber jokes the it take it “forever” for she to accept his consistent proposals. However they both recognize that they each found their person.

“I feeling so lucky as well that Helmut is therefore secure and also I constantly look to him since he’s an extremely smart,” Lucci says of she husband. “I’m not even gonna to speak supportive, it’s so past that. It’s involved, the hands-on, yes, really there because that me.”

“And come love somebody like that,” Huber adds, “that doesn’t take place that often. And if it does happen, that the most wonderful thing in the world.”

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