Simon Cowell will it is in a referee on the upcoming 11th season of NBC’s fight summer series, America’s gained Talent.

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The former American Idol judge, who created the Got Talent format that introduced with AGT in 2006, join the present as judge Howard Stern has said the won’t it is in returning because that the following season.

“I am really thrilled to it is in joining America’s got Talent following season,” said Cowell. “What ns love about this present is that it’s open up to certain anyone. America has actually some wonderful talent simply waiting to it is in discovered, and I would like that talent to pertained to our show, including any dogs who deserve to sing!”

NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt added: “Simon to know this format much better than anyone and also he’s been developing the present with us since the beginning, so we’re dazzling to have him to step in prior of the camera and take his rightful ar at the head of the judges’ panel.We welcome him to the onscreen NBC family.”

Cowell will proceed his duty as executive producer of AGT. After leaving the American Idol judges’ table, Cowell go on to it is in a judge on the U.S. Version of The X Factor.


“As the creator of the acquired Talent format, that genuinely loves the show an ext than anyone and also is uniquely qualified together we take it AGT right into its following decade,” said Paul Telegdy, president alternative and so late night programming at NBC Entertainment. “We can’t wait to view the significant acts the show will uncover as we head into season 11.”

FremantleMedia north America entertain president and also AGT executive, management producer Trish Kinane added: “Quite simply, Simon Cowell is one of the ideal judges that talent in the world. He has actually a brilliant ability to determine acts v raw talent and also develop them right into superstars. We room delighted to have actually Simon’s ethical critique at the judges’ table for season 11 of AGT, entertain audiences and sparking conversation together we search for America’s next great talent.”

The past season of America’s obtained Talent on NBC averaged 12.5 million viewers overall, that is most-watched season in 4 years, do the present the No. 1 summer alternative series in total viewers for the tenth year in a row.

Auditions for the upcoming 11th season the AGT are currently underway, through the display auditioning hopefuls in Detroit ~ above Nov. 7 prior to stopping in 12 U.S. Cities, including new York (Nov. 14), Phoenix (Dec. 3), Salt Lake City (Dec. 5), las Vegas (Dec. 6) and San Jose (Dec. 8).

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AGT is produced by FremantleMedia phibìc America and Syco Entertainment, Cowell’s joint undertaking with Sony Music. Cowell, Kinane, Sam Donnelly, Jason Raff and Richard Wallace space the executive producers.