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A portrait that Shakespeare native the first Folio the his plays.

Francis Thackeray, manager of the Institute for Human development at the university of Witwatersrand, believes the cannabis to be the ultimate reason of Shakespeare’s death, and has to be hoping – in defiance of the well known ban ~ above Shakespeare’s dig (“Curst it is in he the moves mine bones”, etc.) to examine the poet’s teeth in order to confirm this theory. (“Teeth room not bones”, Dr Thackeray rather controversially insists.) No convincing evidence, alas, has yet been developed to support any type of of these theories.

More intriguing than the yes, really pathology that Shakespeare’s death, however, may be another set of difficulties that have actually largely averted the eye the biographers, though they seem at time – in a wider, more general sense – to have actually held the poet’s own sometimes playful attention. They turn on the inquiry of fame: just how it is constituted; exactly how slowly and also indirectly it’s regularly achieved, how easily it may be delayed, diverted, or lost altogether indigenous view.

No memorial gathering

On 25 April 1616, two days after his death, Shakespeare was buried in the chancel of holy Trinity Church in ~ Stratford, having actually earned this modest place of honour as much (it would seem) through his local reputation together a respected citizen as from any kind of deep feeling of his broader professional achievements.

No memorial gatherings were held in the nation’s capital, wherein he had made his career, or, it would certainly seem, elsewhere in the country. The company of players the he had actually led because that so lengthy did not pause (so much as we know) to recognize his passing, no one did his patron and protector, King James, whom he had loyally served.

Only one writer, a minor Oxfordshire poet named William Basse, felt moved to offer, at some unknown date following his death, a few lines come the memory of Shakespeare, through whom he might not have actually been personal acquainted. Hoping that Shakespeare might be interred in ~ Westminster but foreseeing troubles of crowding at the Abbey, Basse began by urging other distinguished English poets to role over in their tombs, in bespeak to make room because that the brand-new arrival.

Renownèd Spenser, lie a thought an ext nigh.To learned Chaucer; and rare Beaumont, lieA tiny nearer Spenser, to make roomFor Shakespeare in your threefold, fourfold tomb.

None of these poets comment to Basse’s injunctions, however, and Shakespeare was not to success his place in the Abbey for much more than a hundred years, when Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of Burlington, commissioned William Kent come design and Peter Scheemakers to sculpt this life-size white marble statue of the poet – was standing cross-legged, leaning kind on a heap of publications – come adorn Poets’ Corner.


A Derby porcelain figure of Shakespeare modelled ~ the statue of 1741 by Peter Scheemakers in Poets’ Corner. Wikimeida photos

On the wall behind this statue, put up in the Abbey in January 1741, is a tablet with a Latin inscription (perhaps contributed by the poet Alexander Pope) conceding the belated arrival of the memorial: “William Shakespeare,/124 year after his death/ set up by public love”.

Basse’s verses were in early circulation, yet not published until 1633. No other poem come Shakespeare’s memory is recognized to have actually been written before the illustration of the very first Folio in 1623. No effort shows up to have actually been make in the months and also years following the poet’s fatality to assemble a tributary volume, honouring the man and his works. None of Shakespeare’s other contemporaries detailed the immediate reality of his passing in any type of surviving letter, journal, or record. No dispatches, personal or diplomatic, lugged the news of his death beyond Britain come the more comprehensive world.

Why walk the fatality of Shakespeare reason so small public grief, so tiny public excitement, in and beyond the nation of his birth? Why no his happen an occasion for widespread mourning, and widespread celebration event of his prodigious achievements? What walk this curious silence tell us around Shakespeare’s reputation in 1616; around the standing of his profession and the state of letters much more generally in Britain at this time?

A very quiet death

Shakespeare’s death arisen upon St George’s Day. That day was well known for the annual rites of prayer, procession, and feasting at Windsor through members that the stimulate of the Garter, England’s top chivalric institution, founded in 1348 by Edward III. Noting as the did the anniversary the the claimed martyrdom in ad 303 the St George of Cappadocia, St George’s day was celebrated in many countries in and also beyond Europe, as it is today, yet had arised somewhat bizarrely in so late mediaeval times as a day of national meaning in England.


Tourists clock actors do at the residence where wilhelm Shakespeare was born throughout celebrations to mark the 400th anniversary the his death. Dylan Martinez/Reuters

On St George’s job 1616, as Shakespeare lay dice in far-off Warwickshire, King James – watch untroubled by prior understanding of this event – was entertained in London by a poet that a rather different order named William Fennor.

Fennor was something that a imperial favourite, well known for his facetious contests in verse, often in the king presence, v the Thames bargeman, man Taylor, the so-called Water Poet: a man whom James – together Ben Jonson despairingly report to wilhelm Drummond – reckoned to be the ideal poet in the kingdom.

In the days and also weeks that followed, together the news that the poet’s death (one must assume) filtered slowly through to the capital, over there is no recorded mention in private correspondence or official papers of Shakespeare’s name. Other an ext pressing matters were now soaking up the nation. Shakespeare had actually made a remarkable modest leave from the theatre of the world: mostly un-applauded, largely unobserved. It to be a very quiet death.

An period of public mourning

The silence that complied with the death of Shakespeare is the more remarkable coming as it go in an age that had occurred such elaborate rituals of public mourning, panegyric, and also commemoration, many lavishly presented at the fatality of a monarch or peer of the realm, but also occasionally collection in train through the death of an outstanding commoner.

Consider the tributes paid to another good writer the the period, wilhelm Camden, antiquarian scholar and Clarenceux herald that arms, who died in London in so late November 1623; a couple of weeks, as possibility would have actually it, ~ the publication of Shakespeare’s very first Folio.


Portrait of wilhelm Camden through Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger (1609). Wikimedia commons

Camden to be a guy of rather humble social origins – like Shakespeare himself, whose father was a machine of gloves and leather goods in Stratford. Camden’s father to be a painter-stainer, whose project it to be to decorate coats the arms and also other heraldic devices. By the time of his death Camden was commonly recognized, in Britain and abroad, as among the country’s impressive scholars.

Eulogies were yielded at Oxford and also published together with other tributes in a memorial volume soon after his death. In ~ Westminster his body to be escorted to the Abbey top top 19 November through a huge retinue that mourners, led by 26 bad men put on gowns, complied with by soberly attired gentlemen, esquires, knights, and members that the college of Arms, the hearse gift flanked through earls, barons, and also other partner of the realm, along with the lord Keeper, Bishop john Williams, and other divines. Camden’s imposing funeral copy on a smaller scale the large procession of 1,600 mourners i m sorry in 1603 had actually accompanied the human body of Elizabeth ns to its final resting ar in the Abbey.

There were particular reasons, then, why Camden should have been accorded a rather grand funeral the his own. Yet mightn’t there have been great reasons for Shakespeare, similarly – whom us see this particular day as the outstanding writer the his period – to have been honoured in ~ his death in a aptly ceremonious fashion? that curious come realize, however, the Shakespeare at the time of his fatality wasn’t yet universally viewed as the exceptional writer the his age.


Ben Jonson through George Vertue (1684-1786) ~ Gerard valve Honthorst (1590-1656). Wikimedia photos

At this fairly extraordinary minute in the background of English letters and intellectual exchange there was more than one competitor for the title. Wilhelm Camden himself – one admired poet in enhancement to his other talents, and also friend and mentor of other poets that the job – had contained Shakespeare’s surname in a list, released in 1614, the “the most pregnant wits of these our times, whom succeeding eras may justly admire”, put him, without differentiation, alongside Edmund Spenser, john Owen, thomas Campion, Michael Drayton, George Chapman, man Marston, Hugh Holland and Ben Jonson, the last two of whom he had taught in ~ Westminster School.

But it was one more poet, teacher Philip Sidney, whom Camden had actually befriended throughout his student days in ~ Oxford, that he most passionately admired, and continued come regard – following Sidney’s early fatality at the period of 32 in 1586 – as the country’s supreme writer. “Our brother is the glory the earth and also its valuable jewel,/ but Sidney to be the precious jewel of Britain”, Camden had actually written in a memorial poem in Latin mourning his friend’s death.

No commoner poet in England had ever been escorted to his grave v such pomp as was furnished because that Sidney’s funeral at St Paul’s Cathedral, London, top top 16 February 1587.

The 700-man procession was headed by 32 bad men, representing the number of years that Sidney had lived, v fifes and also drums “playing softly” next to them. Lock were complied with by trumpeters and also gentlemen and yeomen servants, physicians, surgeons, chaplains, knights and esquires, heralds bearing aloft Sidney’s spurs and gauntlet, his helm and also crest, his sword and also targe, his coat of arms. Then came the hearse include Sidney’s body. Behind them walked the chef mourner, Philip’s young brother, Robert, add by the Earls that Leicester, Pembroke, Huntingdon, and also Essex, adhered to by representatives from the states of Holland and also Zealand. Next came the mr Mayor and Aldermen of the City the London, through 120 members the the firm of Grocers, and, in ~ the rear of the procession, “citizens the London practised in arms, around 300, that marched 3 by three”.

A 1587 engraving by Theodor de Bry reflecting the casket of sir Philip Sidney carried by pallbearers. Wikimedia images

Sidney’s funeral to be a relocating salute to a guy who was extensively admired not just for his military, civic and also diplomatic virtues, but as the impressive writer the his day. The fulfilled in exemplary fashion, together Shakespeare curiously walk not, the Renaissance ideal of what a poet need to strive to be.

In an extraordinary action of homage not prior to seen in England, yet soon to be typically followed at the death of identified writers, the colleges of Oxford and also Cambridge created three volumes of Latin verse lauding Sidney’s achievements, when a fourth volume of similar tributes was published by the college of Leiden. The collection from Cambridge, presented contributions native 63 Cambridge men, along with a sonnet in English by King James by means of of Scotland, the future King James i of Britain.

Earlier English poets had actually been mourned at their passing, if not in these terms and also not on this scale, climate with much more enthusiasm than was evident at the death of Shakespeare. Edmund Spenser at his death in 1599 was hidden in Westminster Abbey beside Chaucer, “this hearse gift attended by poets, and mournful elegies and poems through the pens that created them thrown right into his tomb”. The deaths of thomas Wyatt and also Michael Drayton were an in similar way lamented.

When, 21 year after Shakespeare’s death, his previous friend and colleague Ben Jonson come at last to die, the crowd the gathered in ~ his house in Westminster to accompany his body to his grave in the Abbey included “all or the greatest part of the nobility and gentry then in the town”. In ~ months of his fatality a volume that 33 poems remained in preparation and also a dozen extr elegies had showed up in print. Jonson to be hailed at his death as “king the English poetry”, as England’s “rare arch-poet”. With his death, as much more than one memorialist declared, English poetry itself now seemed additionally to have died. No one had spoken in this terms at the death of Shakespeare.

To take one critical example: in ~ the death in 1643 of the dramatist wilhelm Cartwright who works and whose really name are barely well-known to most people today – Charles I elected to wear black, remarking the

since the muses had so lot mourned because that the ns of such a son, it would be a shame for him no to show up in mourning for the lose of together a subject.

At the fatality of Shakespeare in 1616 James had shown no such minimal courtesy.

Backroom boys

Why have to Shakespeare in ~ his death have been so neglected? One simple answer is that King James, unlike his son, Charles, had actually no good passion because that the theatre, and no really evident regard because that Shakespeare’s genius. Early on in his reign, for this reason Dudley Carleton reported,

The first holy job we had actually every night a public play in the an excellent hall, at which the King was ever present, and also liked or disliked together he experienced cause: however it appears he takes no extraordinary satisfied in them.

But Shakespeare and his firm were not simply royal servants, bound to administer a stable supply that dramatic entertainment in ~ court; they likewise catered because that the London public that flocked to see their plays in ~ Blackfriars and the Globe, and who had actually their own means of expressing your pleasure, your frustrations, and also – in ~ the death of a player – your grief.

A portrait of the actor Richard Burbage. Wikimedia pictures

When Richard Burbage, the primary actor for the king Men, passed away on 9 march 1619, just seven job after the fatality of Queen Anne, the London public to be altogether much more upset by that event than they had been end the fatality of the Queen, together one contemporary writer – quoting, ironically, the opening lines of Shakespeare’s 1 Henry using – tartly observed.

So that necessary, ns think, to pose a more question. Why must the fatality of Burbage have affected the London public more profoundly 보다 the death not just of the Queen but of the dramatist whose work he so skilfully interpreted?

I believe the answer lies, partly at least, in the standing of the profession to which Shakespeare belonged, a job which didn’t yet have actually a consistent name: the very words playwright and also dramatist not entering the language until fifty percent a century after Shakespeare’s death.

Prominent actors currently were far far better known to the general public than the writers who listed their livelihood. The authors were top top the whole invisible people, who worked as backroom boys, regularly anonymously and in small teams; playgoers had actually no easy method of finding out their identity. Theatre program didn’t however exist. Playbills regularly announced the surname of leading actors, but not until the very last decade of the 17th century go they incorporate the name of authors.

Only a fraction of the big number of dram performed in this period moreover uncovered their means into print, and also those the were published didn’t constantly disclose the surname of your authors.

At the time of Shakespeare’s death half of his plays no yet easily accessible in print, and also there to be no well-known plans to develop a accumulated edition the his works. The complete size and shape the the canon were as such still imperfectly known. Shakespeare was not yet totally visible.

In 1616 the people didn’t however realise what they had actually got, or that it was that they’d lost. Hence, ns believe, the otherwise inexplicable quiet at his passing.

To the storage of my Beloved

At the moment of Shakespeare’s death an additional English writer to be arguably far better known to the general public than Shakespeare himself, and more highly esteemed by the brokers of strength at King james court. The writer was Shakespeare’s friend and colleague Ben Jonson, who early in 1616 had actually been awarded a pension the one hundreds marks to serve as King james’s laureate poet.

A 1623 copy that the calf-bound an initial Folio version of wilhelm Shakespeare’s plays. Dylan Martinez/Reuters

A very first folio version of Shakespeare’s accumulated plays was ultimately published in London v Jonson’s assistance and also oversight in 1623. This monumental volume at last offered readers in England some feeling of the more comprehensive reach of Shakespeare’s theatrical achievement, and laid the vital foundations of his contemporary reputation.

At the head the this volume stand 2 poems by Ben Jonson: the second, come the storage of my Beloved, the Author, Mr william Shakespeare, and What he Hath Left united state assesses the success of this extraordinary writer. Shakespeare had actually been praised during his lifetime as a “sweet”, “mellifluous”, “honey-tongued”, “honey-flowing”, “pleasing” writer. No one until this moment had actually presented him in the astounding terms that Jonson here proposes: together the pre-eminent figure, the “soul” and also the “star” of his age; and also as something even more than that: together one who might be confidently ranked through the best writers that antiquity and also of the contemporary era.

Triumph, mine Britain, thou has one come showTo whom every scenes the Europe homage owe,He was no of one age, but for every time!

Today, 400 year on, that last line sounds like a truism, for Shakespeare’s fame has actually indeed endured. The is there is no doubt the most renowned writer the human being has ever seen. However in 1623 this to be a bold and startling prediction. No one before that day had explained Shakespeare’s success in together terms as these.

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This is one edited variation of a publicly lecture given at the university of Melbourne.

On the 400th anniversary that Shakespeare’s death, the Faculty of Arts at the university of Melbourne is developing the Shakespeare 400 to trust to raise accumulation to assistance the teaching of Shakespeare in ~ the University right into the future. For much more information, or if friend would favor to support the Shakespeare 400 Trust, please call Julie du Plessis at julie.dp