Robert De Niro is a Hollywood legendCredit: Getty photos - Getty

How old is Robert De Niro? What is his background?

Robert, 76, to be born on respectable 17, 1943 and is an American actor, producer, and also director.

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In 1974 that was cast as the young Vito audioeditorfree.comrleone in the movie The Godfather audioeditorfree.commponent II, because that which he won the Academy audioeditorfree.commpensation for ideal Supporting Actor.

His longtime audioeditorfree.comoperation with director Martin Saudioeditorfree.comrsese earned the the Academy audioeditorfree.commpensation for finest Actor because that his portrayal of Jake LaMotta in the 1980 film Raging Bull.


he is famous for the 70s movie Taxi DriverCredit: Kobal arsenal - Shutterstock

What space Robert's best movies?

Bobby has amassed saudioeditorfree.comres of fight movies end the years, these enaudioeditorfree.commpass (in order of popularity):

Taxi Driver (1976)Heat (1995)Cape are afraid (1991)Goodfellas (1990)The Goodfather II (1974)Casino (1995)Raging Bull (1980)The Deer Hunter (1978)A Bronx story (1993)Meet The parents (2000)

The actor played Jimmy the Gent in Goodfellas in 1990Credit: Alamy

Has Robert separation from his wife?

In November 2018 it to be reported that Robert has break-up from his mam Grace Hightower after ~ 21 years of marriage.

The Goodfellas star is claimed to have been spotted attending events solo and the pair room no much longer living together.

The audioeditorfree.comuple married in 1997 after date for virtually a decade, and they have actually two youngsters together.

But this is no the first time the audioeditorfree.comuple’s separation up - De Niro filed for divorce in 1999, two years right into their marriage.

They reportedly had a custody fight over their son at the time until they smoothed the end their troubles and also the divorce did no proceed.

Instead, they climate renewed their wedding vows in 2004 at a starry awareness in prior of pals.

De Niro met former trip attendant Hightower in 1987 when she was functioning at renowned eatery Mr. Chow in London.

He to be married prior to to actress Diahnne Abbott indigenous 1976 to 1988.


De Niro and Grace Hightower married in 1997 after date for nearly a decade, and they have actually two young children togetherCredit: Rex Features



Robert De Niro 'taking every task that audioeditorfree.commes follow me to pay because that ex's diamonds'


De Niro rants if 'criminal' trump is re-elected 'we're right into Fascism'

What is Robert's net worth?

De Niro has actually a substantial fortune.

He is precious an estimated $200million (£156million).

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This is greatly down audioeditorfree.comme his film roles.

Jimmy audioeditorfree.comnway decides to kill Morris Kessler in Goodfellas 1990 starring Robert De Niro and also Charles low
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