Elizabeth II’s long reign has noted stability because that Britain throughout decades the dramatic social change


Queen Elizabeth II, has returned to Windsor lock after safety a night in hospital top top Thursday adhering to the cancellation the a trip to northern Ireland on medical advice.

Now 95, her Majesty is the world longest-reigning monarch, having been on the throne because that 69 years.

The Queen ascended the throne adhering to the fatality of she father, King George VI, ~ above 6 February 1952. The then-princess was on a state visit audioeditorfree.comme Kenya v her husband, Prince Philip, at the time.

The Queen was not audioeditorfree.comronated till 2 June 1953, and also the ceremony in ~ London’s Westminster Abbey was a reason for huge national celebration and was a substantial novelty once it was broadcast live top top television, leading to friends and neighbours audioeditorfree.comme crowd into each others’ living rooms to reaudioeditorfree.comrd the excitement.

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She was born Elizabeth Alexandra mar at 17 Bruton Street in central London top top 21 April 1926 and also christened on 29 might in the private chapel in ~ Buckingham Palace.

The abdication of her uncle, Edward VIII, so the he audioeditorfree.comuld marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson brought her dad to the throne in 1936 and also it to be he who audioeditorfree.commforted the nation during the seaudioeditorfree.comnd World War.

The king daughter married Greek prince Philip Mountbatten, a navy lieutenant whom she had actually fallen for during a visit audioeditorfree.comme a marine audioeditorfree.comllege as soon as she was just 13, on 20 November 1947.

Their union would last one astonishing 74 years, with Philip often qualified as her rock, happen a streak that much-needed subversive humour into her life the stolid and unaudioeditorfree.commplaining public service up till his death on 9 April this year.

Their youngsters are Charles, born in 1948, Anne, born in 1950, Andrew in 1960 and Edward in 1964.

Over the audioeditorfree.comurse of her long reign, the Queen has detailed stability throughout decades of huge social upheaval, presiding over a brothers breaking away from the last remnants of realm to the dawning of the age of social media.

From the Suez Crisis and also the social revolutions that the 1960s to the industrial turmoil that the 1980s under Margaret Thatcher (one of her 14 element ministers, from teacher Winston Churchill audioeditorfree.comme Boris Johnson), native the death of Princess Diana to the outbreak that the audioeditorfree.comronavirus pandemic, the Queen has actually seen it all.

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Queen Elizabeth II

How long has actually the Queen to be on the throne?

Queen Elizabeth II


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