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1954: since coming come the throne, she has actually held continual audience with each prime minister. In this photo, the Queen and Winston Churchill wait at Waterloo terminal in London for the Queen mommy to arrive ago from a month in the US.

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1955: The Queen plays a an essential role in keeping diplomatic relationship with other countries. Here, she come by car at the Portuguese Embassy in London's Belgrave Square to to visit a dinner party thrown in their honour through the visiting Portuguese president and Madame Craveiro Lopes.


1956: Travelling and also representing Britain abroad is a key part of her job. She saw the Lagos City boundary in Nigeria ~ above her method to the city from Ikeja airport in 1956.


1957: In this photo, the Queen and also her sister, Princess Margaret, reap a day the end at the steed shows in Badminton, Gloucestershire. The Queen is hold an old-fashioned movie camera together she takes images of the cross-country competition.

1958: Queen Elizabeth II has met anyone who's anyone — from political leaders to movie stars. In 1958, she met legendary actress and also early Playboy Playmate Jayne Mansfield in ~ London's Odeon Theatre throughout the yearly royal film festival.

1959: since taking to the throne, the Queen has met v every sitting united state president however one, lindon B. Johnson. Here, she stands in the grounds the Balmoral Castle, Scotland, through President Eisenhower.

1960: also the royals need family time. This household photo reflects the duke of Edinburgh and his wife, the Queen, entertaining the kids, including a infant Prince Andrew, together they be sure in the grounds that Balmoral Castle.

The Queen and Prince Philip with their children and also dog in the grounds of their Scottish holiday estate. AP

1961: The royals to be joined through President john F. Kennedy and also his wife Jacqueline Kennedy at Buckingham royal residence in 1961. The Queen was invited to Kennedy's funeral adhering to his assassination in 1963, yet was can not to attend as result of being pregnant through Edward.

Prince Philip, first Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, the Queen, and President Kennedy stand for a photograph together. AP

1962: The royals have always been avid race-goers. In 1962, the Queen attended the famed Ascot races through her mother. She wore a blue lace​ dress to ladies Day while her mother opted for a floral print.

1963: While down under in 1963, the royal couple visited Adelaide, southern Australia, whereby they were greeted by about 90,000 schoolchildren, several of whom had travelled thousands of miles to capture a glimpse that the Queen and her husband.

1964: Queen Elizabeth II has actually made end 261 main overseas visits due to the fact that coming to the throne. While visiting Canada, component of the brothers Commonwealth, she addressed the Provincial legislative branch of Quebec in both French and also English in October, 1964.

1965: Winston Churchill died on January 24, 1965 — his funeral took location on February 1. Civilization leaders and also politicians from roughly the world attended. A Guardian article from the job said: "By one o’clock the an excellent State funeral was over, the Kings and Queens, Presidents and also Prime Ministers, the generals and Politicians from the human being over had actually paid your respects."

1966: Queen Elizabeth II presents the human being Cup, the Jules Rimet trophy, come England's team captain Bobby Moore, July 30, 1966. This was the very first and just time England has ever won the people Cup.

1967: As part of a six-day visit come Canada, the monarch had the possibility to sanctuary from the rain and ride the Expo 67 electric train, i m sorry at the moment was revolutionary.

1968: To mark the 50th anniversary the the RAF, she Majesty and the battle each other of Edinburgh toured the imperial Air pressure Base in Abingdon​, England.

1969: Throughout she reign, the Queen has met some of the men and also women who aided shape history. Astronauts, and an initial men ~ above the moon, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and also Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin were invited to meet with the monarch in Buckingham Palace.

1970: she Majesty entertained united state president Richard Nixon and his wife on many occasions. This photo shows them through Prime Minister Edward Heath in ~ Chequers, the country retreat the Britain's prime ministers. She has only checked out Chequers three times throughout she reign.

The Queen, Edward Heath, and former us President Richard Nixon and the former an initial Lady play Nixon. AP

1971: Japanese Emperor Hirohito saw Britain for four days. The Emperor and Queen Elizabeth II speak in an open up Landau v the gateways of Buckingham palace in a lavish procession ~ his arrival at Victoria Station.

1972: It was in 1972 that the Queen took on a tour of Asia. She paid a visit to Malaysia, wherein she quit to speak come school youngsters along the way.

1973: Queen Elizabeth II, with her husband Prince Philip, left, come at one "Old Canada" exhibition, in High Park, Toronto.

1974: The Queen and also the fight it out of Edinburgh toast the King the Malaysia, seated in between them in evening on Thursday, July 12, 1974, in ~ Claridges in London. The dinner significant the third day of the King and also Queen that Malaysia's visit to England.

1975: Film and also music icon Barbra Streisand shakes hands v the king in London in 1975 in ~ the royal Film performance. After ~ the presentations, the Queen witnessed the music "Funny Lady," in i m sorry Streisand is the star.

1976: united state President Gerald Ford leads Queen Elizabeth II in a dance complying with a State Dinner at The White House. The dinner party was thrown in honour of she Majesty during her tourism of the US.

her Majesty and Gerlad Ford during the monarch's main visit come the unified States. AP Photo/John Duricka

1977: This year marked the Queen's silver jubilee — celebrating 25 years on the throne. As part of the festivities, she conducted a brief walkabout in London where she met and spoke come members of the public before attending​ a ceremony at St. Paul's Cathedral.

1978: Here, the imperial reviews her Yeoman the the Guard, the world's oldest armed forces corps, in the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

1979: The monarch has been a regular guest of middle Eastern leader throughout her reign. Here, she is escorted by King Khali the Saudi Arabia, much right, after she arrival in ~ Riyadh Airport, Saudi Arabia.

This to be one of just eight main state access time to various countries made that year. AP Photo/Peter Kemp

1980: It remained in 1980 that the Queen saw the Vatican because that the first time. Here, she speak to Pope man Paul II while she husband looks on.

Queen Elizabeth and also the battle each other of Edinburgh met Pope john Paul II throughout a visit come the Vatican in Rome, Italy. AP photo

1981: The Queen looks over the crowd of 600,000 people who inside wall the streets of London top top the day of Charles and also Diana's wedding, while the bride and also groom kiss.

The royal family members gathered on the Buckingham palace balcony after the royal wedding of the Prince and also Princess the Wales. AP Photo/Pool

1982: Pope john Paul II seek to get rid of centuries the distrust as soon as he ended up being the very first pope come visit brother shores in 1982, preaching reconciliation between the Vatican and also Anglicans also as brother troops fought Catholic Argentines in the Falklands.

1983: mom Teresa that Calcutta, one of modern-day history's many iconic spiritual figures, obtain the Insignia the the Honorary stimulate of Merit indigenous Queen Elizabeth II in ~ the Rashtrapati Shavar in new Delhi.

The order recognises distinguished company in the equipped forces, science, art, literature, or because that the promo of culture. AP picture

1984: Queen Elizabeth II arrives v the opportunities of guns throughout the second day of her review of the imperial Regiment of pho in eastern Germany in ~ Dortmund top top Wednesday, making for a dramatic picture.

1985: owner of the times of London Rupert Murdoch and also Queen Elizabeth II look end printing operations as editions the Friday, in march 1 concerns of The time newspaper go to press. The Queen's visit marked the newspaper's 200th anniversary.

1986: Queen Elizabeth II is followed by joyous Chinese children as she tours a children's facility in Canton throughout her state visit to president Li Xiannian.

1987: King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, who brought out a four-day state visit come Britain, with Queen Elizabeth II, The Queen Mother, and the fight it out of Edinburgh, before they attended a banquet in the King's honour at Buckingham Palace.

The Queen wore the chain that the bespeak of King Abdul Aziz in honour the the King. AP Photo/Peter Kemp

1988: The Queen visited the Netherlands in 1988 come celebrate 300 year of friendship in between the two nations. As part of she visit, she and also Dutch Queen Beatrix walked with the Arnhem-Oosterbeek battle Cemetery, in Oosterbeek. Numerous British paratroopers who died in human being War II are hidden in the cemetery​.

1989: one attendant at the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz shah Mosque salutes together Britain's Queen Elizabeth II tours in Kuala Lumpur. The Queen wore a one-of-a-kind cloak and also slippers forced inside the mosque.

1990: The British imperial family, consisting of the Queen, Prince Philip, the Prince and also Princess that Wales, Princes William and also Harry (center), watched a flypast​ which marked the Queen's 65th birthday, from the balcony that Buckingham Palace.

1991: throughout their 1991 pilgrimage to the US, chairman George H. Bush escorted the Queen and her husband top top the ar at Memorial stadium in Baltimore. The royals witnessed the Orioles beat the Oakland A's — it to be the very first baseball video game they ever before watched.

1992: catastrophe struck in 1992 when Windsor Castle recorded fire and also was partially destroyed. The hall was fully destroyed along with eight various other principal rooms and also over 100 other rooms.

1993: The Queen mother stands between her two daughters, Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret, if celebrating she 93rd date of birth at Clarence home in London. 1993 was likewise the year Buckingham palace was opened to the general public for the an initial time.

1994: It was in 1994 that building and construction on the Channel Tunnel was completed. Queen Elizabeth II and also French chairman Francois Mitterrand unveiled a plaque in prior of the head of the drill supplied to bore through the underwater chalk, to note the occasion in Coquelles, France.

1995: President invoice Clinton and his mam Hillary come in London for a five-day European trip in November 1995.

1996: The Queen saw the step of one of the best tragedies in current British background — The Dunblane Massacre. Queen Elizabeth II and also her daughter, Princess Anne, checked out the tiny Scottish town to place wreaths outside the college where 16 children and also one teacher to be shot and also killed.

Queen Elizabeth and Princess anne pay your respects after ~ The Dunblane Massacre. AP Photo/Alastair give

1997: Tragedy struck a year later likewise when Princess Diana was killed by injuries sustained in a automobile crash in Paris. This picture shows the monarch and Prince Philip observing the substantial sea of flowers left exterior Buckingham palace in the wake of Diana's death.

The Queen faced intense backlash from the public for at first failing to publicly address Diana's passing. AP photo

1998: Britain's Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, commemorated her 98th birthday in 1998. In this photo, she waves together she poses through her children, grandchildren, and also great-grandchildren outside her official residence, Clarence House.

1999: Britain's Queen Elizabeth II joined real estate Manager Liz McGinniss, left rear, and also Susan McCarron for tea in McCarron's housing association residence in the Castlemilk area the Glasgow. The visit was an example of Britain's imperial family experimenting with a much more intimate, informal technique on meet-the-people tours, through which they visited homes and spent time with families roughly the country.

2000: The Queen Mother commemorated her 100th birthday from the balcony that Buckingham palace with her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II. Cheering pan lined her procession path to Buckingham palace shouting happy 100th birthday wishes.

2001: The complying with year, the civilization remembered those who lost their stays in the strikes of 9/11. In this picture, a distraught Queen Elizabeth II wipes a tear indigenous her challenge as she's comforted through a member the the clergy in St Paul's Cathedral adhering to a memorial service.

2002: This was a difficult year for the Queen. Both she sister, Princess Margaret, and also her mother passed far within a month of every other. The snapshot below shows the Queen and other members of the family throughout the funeral the the Queen Mother.

The Queen and also other members that the royal family, consisting of Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry, and also Prince Edward at the funeral of the Queen Mother. AP Photo/Santiago Lyon

2003: Putin landing in Britain for a historical state visit the was aimed in ~ repairing diplomatic damage from the Iraq war. This was the last time the Russian President saw the UK.

2004: The Queen was joined by Princes Philip, Charles, William, and Harry as she officially opened a memorial fountain in London's Hyde Park because that Princess Diana 7 years after she death.

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Prince William, and also Prince Harry in ~ the memorial fountain. AP Photo/John Stillwell

2005: The Queen and also Prince Philip to visit the National business of Remembrance at St. Paul's Cathedral for the victim of the London Bombings. The organization saw candles lit to stand for the four sites bombed on July 7 that killed 52 people.

2006: The Queen celebrated her 80th date of birth in 2006. A firework display, i m sorry she have the right to be seen watching in the photo below, was put on in ~ Kew royal residence in she honour before she commemorated at a private family dinner.

2007: The Queen and also Prince Philip checked out the White home in 2007 to to visit the annual State Dinner, hosted by George Bush and also his wife, Laura Bush.

The Queen and Prince Philip stood for an main photo through George and Laura Bush. AP Photo/Evan Vucci

2008: The king stood together she delivered a speech at the start of a state banquet because that France's chairman Nicolas Sarkozy in ~ Windsor Castle, near London.

The Queen and her guest gathered at a dining table for a state banquet in ~ Windsor Castle. REUTERS/Christopher Ena

2009: This image had actually royalists increase in arms as Michelle Obama broke royal protocol by touching the Queen. However, the Queen obviously discovered a friend as she returned the gesture and posed for photos v Michelle.

2010: This hilarious photo did the rounds in 2010. Something clearly amused the Queen and her son, Prince Charles, as they laugh uncontrollably in ~ the Braemar Gathering. The sporting event is recognized colloquially together "The Games" and also attracts travellers from approximately the world to the little village.

over there are many pictures of the Queen laughing and smiling in ~ this yearly event. REUTERS/Russell Cheyne

2011: It was the wedding that captivated the world. Prince wilhelm married Kate Middleton in former of one audience of thousands of millions. Families approximately the world were glued to their TV sets. The couple even got a post of congratulations from the crew on the ISS.

The official family photo indigenous the royal wedding that the Duke and Duchess that Cambridge. REUTERS/Hugo Bernand

2012: The Queen had a lot come celebrate in 2012. It to be the year that the London Olympics and also the year of the diamond jubilee. 1 million civilization took to the roadways of London (pictured below) to celebrate her 60 years on the throne.

pan gathered exterior the Queen's residence come celebrate. AP Photo/Sang Tan

Source: daily Mail

2013: Malala Yousafzai attended a reception because that youth, education, and the commonwealth at Buckingham Palace. The Pakistani teenager, an advocate for education and learning for girls, became the challenge of women's legal rights in the Middle east after she made it through a Taliban assassination effort in 2012 on her way home from school.

2014: Here, the Queen walks with a ar of ceramic poppies at The Tower of London in October 2014. The poppies were part of a ceramic poppy installation referred to as "Blood swept Lands and Seas that Red," which significant the centenary the the outbreak of human being War I.

2015: A little dancing robot at Technische Universitaet (Technical University) in Berlin put a smile on the Queen's confront earlier this year throughout her main visit to Germany.

2016: following the resignation the David Cameron after the Brexit vote, Queen Elizabeth II invited Theresa may to Buckingham palace where she invited her to kind a new government.

2017: she Majesty made friends v a horse during an official visit to the family members Cavalry mounted Regiment in ~ Hyde Park, London in October.

2018: her Majesty provided the perfect photograph opp once she sat alongside Vogue Editor in chief Anna Wintour at London Fashion Week. Her an initial time at Fashion Week, the Queen to visit Richard Quinn's runway show prior to presenting him with the inaugural Queen Elizabeth II Award because that British Design.

2019: Prince Philip was connected in a car crash near Sandringham heritage in January. He to be unhurt, though he checked out the hospital because that a checkup the following day. The incident, however, sparked push commentary top top the safety practices of the duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth II — consisting of their propensity to no wear a seatbelt.

damaged glass and also car components on the next of the A149 near to the Sandringham Estate whereby the fight it out of Edinburgh was associated in a roadway accident while driving. man Stillwell/PA images via Getty pictures

2020: The Queen spent most of last year at Windsor Castle with Prince Philip and a little team that staff because of the COVID-19 pandemic. She reunited with her family members at the castle for the an initial time top top December 8, as they gathered come thank crucial workers during the pandemic.

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The Queen is pictured through the Duke and also Duchess that Cambridge and the Prince that Wales and Duchess that Cornwall. GEOFF PUGH/POOL/AFP via Getty pictures

2021: The Queen to visit the State opening of conference on may 11, her first public engagement since Prince Philip's funeral on April 19. The duke's throne, which commonly sits alongside Her Majesty's, was removed.

The Queen attends the State opened of Parliament with the Prince of Wales and also Duchess that Cornwall. skies News/YouTube
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