Did you know that her Majesty and His imperial Highness"s wedding cake was 9 feet tall?

To storage 70 year of marriage, discover 70 facts about The Queen and The battle each other of Edinburgh"s wedding.

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2. Their engagement was officially announced on 9 July 1947.

The Wedding Day

3. The Wedding took place just four months later, in ~ 10.30am on 20 November 1947 in ~ Westminster Abbey.

4. On April 26 1923, The Queen"s parents King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (then the Duke and Duchess of York) were likewise married in ~ the Abbey.

5. The Queen (then Princess Elizabeth) was the 10th member that The audioeditorfree.com household to be married at Westminster Abbey.


6. The very first audioeditorfree.com wedding to take location in the Abbey was on 11 November 1100, as soon as King Henry i married Princess Matilda of Scotland.

7. Prior to the wedding, Prince Philip was developed The fight it out of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth and also Baron Greenwich of Greenwich in the ar of London.

8. Together with her father, George VI, Princess Elizabeth arrived at the Abbey in the irish State Coach.

The Wedding Party

9. Princess Elizabeth had eight bridesmaids: HRH The Princess Margaret, HRH Princess Alexandra that Kent, Lady Caroline Montagu-Douglas-Scott, Lady mar Cambridge, The Hon. Pamela Mountbatten, The Hon. Margaret Elpinstone and also Diana Bowes-Lyon.


10. Prince wilhelm of Gloucester and Prince Michael of Kent offered as web page boys.

11. The duke of Edinburgh"s best man was David Mountbatten, the Marquess the Milford Haven.

12. 2,000 guests were invite to the ceremony.

13. A number of foreign audioeditorfree.coms attend the wedding, including; The King of Iraq, Princess Juliana and also Prince Bernhard that the Netherlands and also The Hereditary Grand duke of Luxembourg and Princess Elisabeth of Luxembourg.

The Service

14. The wedding ceremony to be officiated through the Archbishop of Canterbury, Geoffrey Fisher, and also the Archbishop the York, Cyril Garbett.

15. The ceremony to be recorded and broadcast by BBC Radio come 200 million people approximately the world.

16. The organist and also Master the the Choristers in ~ the Abbey, Australian william Neil McKie, to be the manager music because that the wedding.

17. McKie composed a motet (a vocal musical composition) for the occasion: "We wait because that thy loving kindness, O God."


18. Psalm 67 ("God it is in merciful depend us and also bless us") was sung right into a setting by teacher Edward Cuthbert Bairstow, one English organist and composer.

19. The wedding anthem to be "Blessed be the God and Father the Our mr Jesus Christ" through Samuel Sebastian Wesley.

20. The hymns to be "Praise, my soul, the king that heaven", and also "The Lord"s mine Shepherd", to the Scottish track "Crimond" attributed to Jessie Seymour Irvine, i beg your pardon was largely unknown in the Church the England in ~ the time.

21. The service started v a especially composted fanfare through Arnold Bax and also finished with Felix Mendelssohn"s "Wedding March".

22. There to be 91 singers; the abbey choir was joined through the choirs of the Chapel audioeditorfree.com and also St George"s Chapel in Windsor.


The Wedding Outfits

23. The wedding ring was made indigenous a nugget the Welsh gold which come from the Clogau St David"s mine, near Dolgellau.

24. The platinum and diamond engagement ring was made through the jewellers, Philip Antrobus, making use of diamonds from a tiara belonging to Philip"s mother, Princess Alice the Battenberg.

25. Princess Elizabeth"s wedding dress was design by the teacher Norman Hartnell, who submitted designs because that the dress. The winning architecture was approved mid-August, which was less than three months before the wedding.

26. Hartnell quote Botticelli"s well known painting Primavera, which symbolises the resulting spring, as his motivation for the design.

27. The dress has a straightforward cut v fitted bodice, heart-shaped neckline through a low v-pointed waist and a floor-length panelled skirt.

28. Due to rationing actions in location following civilization War Two, Princess Elizabeth had actually to use garments ration coupons to salary for she dress.

29. Hundreds of human being from across the UK sent The Princess their coupons to help with the dress, back they had to be reverted as it would be illegal to usage them.

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30. The dress has a 15-foot silk tulle full court train, which was attached at the shoulders, is embroidered in pearl, crystal and transparent applique tulle embroidery.

31. The satin for the applique was created at Lullingstone castle in Kent and also woven through Warner & Sons.

32. The dress was make from duchesse satin, ordered native the firm of Wintherthur, near Dunfermline in Scotland. 

33. The dress was decorated v crystals and 10,000 seeds pearls, imported native the United states of America.

34. Princess Elizabeth"s outfit to be completed with ivory duchesse satin high-heeled sandals, trimmed v silver and seed pearl buckles, made by Edward Rayne.

35. Jewellery because that the day had two pearl necklaces, the much shorter of the 2 necklaces to be the "Queen Anne" necklace, stated to have actually belonged come Anne, the last Stuart Queen.

36. The 2nd pearl necklace is recognized as the "Queen Caroline", and is stated to have actually belonged come the wife of King George II.

37. Both necklaces to be left come the Crown by Queen Victoria and also were offered to Elizabeth as a wedding current by her father, King George VI.

38. The diamond fringe tiara to be lent come The Queen on she wedding day, the structure of the gem broke as the leg was placing it on and it had actually to be quickly repaired.

39. Norman Hartnell likewise designed Princess Elizabeth"s going-away outfit which was a dress and also coat in mist-blue.

40. After ~ the wedding, the dress was showed at St James"s Palace and also was climate went top top tour throughout the UK, visiting Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol, Preston, Leicester, Nottingham, Manchester, Bradford, Leeds and also Huddersfield.

The Wedding Flowers

41. The bridal bouquet contained white orchids and also included a sprig of myrtle, a heritage that was started by Queen Victoria.

42. The legacy started once Queen Victoria was offered some myrtle by Prince Albert"s grandmother, i beg your pardon she planted in ~ Osborne home on the Isle that Wight.

43. The job after the wedding the ostrich was sent back to Westminster Abbey, wherein it was laid top top the dig of the Unknown Warrior – another audioeditorfree.com tradition.

44. The Worshipful company of Gardeners gave the flowers for the bouquet, and it to be arranged by the florist MH Longman.

The Wedding Reception

The Wedding Gifts

50. The couple received end 2,500 wedding gift from approximately the world and also around 10,000 telegrams of congratulations.

51. Mahatma Gandhi sent a present. It was a piece of cotton lace that he be crazy himself, and also is embroidered v the native "Jai Hind" (Victory because that India).

52. They also received numerous practical gifts; Queen Mary provided a bookcase and also Princess Margaret gave a picnic case. Various other gifts had a Singer sewing device and a fridge!

53. The presents were placed on display at St James"s palace where members the the public might come and also see them.

The Wedding Cake

54. Return the audioeditorfree.com couple received eleven wedding cakes, there was one official one which to be baked through McVitie and Price.

55. The cake provided ingredients indigenous all roughly the world, consisting of sugar indigenous the Girl travel guide in Australia, which offered the cake the surname "The 10,000 Mile Cake".

56. The cake was nine feet high in 4 tiers.

57. It was decorated v the eight of both families, including the monograms that the bride and also groom, sugar-iced figures of their favourite activities, and also regimental and naval badges.

58. The cake was reduced using the Duke"s Mountbatten sword, which to be a wedding present from The King.

The audioeditorfree.com Honeymoon

59. Princess Elizabeth and also Prince Philip invested their wedding night in Broadlands, Hampshire, the house of Philip"s uncle, Earl Mountbatten.

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60. They took trip by train to Hampshire, departing from Waterloo Station. Princess Elizabeth"s Corgi, Susan, came through them.