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Pat Sajak could be planning because that retirement. The lover Wheel of Fortune star is the longest serving game present host in TV history, yet how much much longer will be be heading upthe above series?

Sajak and his TV partner,Vanna White, spoke v ET"s Kevin Frazier ahead of the season two premiere the Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, and also reflected on their time together and if they can see themselves leaving the display anytime soon.

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"We"re definitely closer come the end than the beginning," Sajak, 74, candidly shared. "I"d like to leavebefore people tune in and also look at me and also say, "Ooh, what happened to him?""

"I wouldn"t bet onseeing united state in, like, 10 years, I would say," Sajak added, prior to asking White, "Is the fair ?"

"Probably, yes," White, 64, concurred with a smile.

White and Sajak have both been stalwart presences top top Wheel of Fortune with each other for almost four decades --a time expectations that Sajak stated is nearly "unfathomable." However, your time together has made castle somewhat choose family.

"We"ve been together for favor 38 years and also he"s choose my brother," White said. "He"s funny. I mean, we can finish each other"s sentences if we want to. We understand each other that well."

While taking a break might be a plan for the remote future, fans don"t have to worry any kind of time soon. The pair recently resigned contracts to it is in a part of the present through 2024.

Meanwhile, the new season that their distinct primetime spinoff series,Celebrity Wheel that Fortune, return on Sunday, v celeb contestants Jason Alexander, Dancing v the Stars agree Cheryl Burke, and also WWE pro (and present DWTS contestant)The Miz.

Over the food of the first season, dozens of large stars played the beloved game, yet Sajak has actually one dream celebrity he"d love to watch spin the wheel.

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"I would certainly pick Meryl Streep, since I just want to have actually Meryl Streep stand there and also saying,"Come on, big money!"" Sajak said with a laugh."That"s my dream."

Season 2ofCelebrity Wheel the Fortunekicks off Sunday, Sept. 26 in ~ 8 p.m. ET/PT ~ above ABC.


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