Best known for being component of the Osmond family members in the 1960s, she talent eventually led to she starring alongside her brother Donny Osmond in your 1970s TV variety program, Donny & Marie. While she climbed to fame as a TV personality and also country singer, Marie dropped in love through her husband, Stephen Craig, that she finished up marrying twice.

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Marie met the former pro-basketball player as soon as she was a teenager. In ~ the period of 22, The Talk co-host married Stephen because that the very first time ~ above June 26, 1982 in former of 4,000 guests. Much less than a year later, top top April 20, 1983, the pair welcomed a son named Stephen James Craig.

Years later, People reports that Marie uncovered herself at a crossroads in between her an individual life and career. It all pertained to a head in October 1985 once she and also Stephen filed for divorce.


After walking their separate ways, Marie married music producer Brian Blosil in October 1986. Together, they had actually a family of seven youngsters — 2 biological and also five adopted. In in march 2007, Marie and also Brian announced your divorce. Return both asserted it was no one’s fault, she later told People that she “never wanted to it is in married again.”

But fate had an additional plan in mind. The Utah native found herself crossing routes with Stephen again. The Behind the Smile writer unexpectedly reconnected v him through their son. She common with Good Morning America the she actually preserved her rekindled relationship with Stephen a an enig during their two years that dating.

"I didn"t want anybody to acquire hurt, girlfriend know, if that didn"t occupational out. And gosh, the just worked out," she said on the display in 2011. Together for their decision to acquire remarried, the two have actually their son to say thanks to for that.

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