13 year after british 3-year-old disappeared from family members holiday apartment in Portugal, officials speak jailed German male with a history of kid sex abuse may have actually killed her


This undated file photo reflects Madeleine McCann. Brother police said on Wednesday June 3, 2020, a German man has actually been figured out as a doubt in the situation of a 3-year-old brothers girl who disappeared 13 years back while on a family holiday in Portugal. (AP Photo/File)

BERLIN, Germany (AFP) — German prosecutors said Wednesday they have actually “concrete evidence” that lacking British girl Madeleine McCann is dead, in a significant development for a case that has actually gripped britain for more than a decade.

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Authorities in Germany do the stunning revelation in early June the they were investigating a 43-year-old suspect over she disappearance, speak they believe he killed her.

“It is concrete evidence, truth that us have, no mere indications,” Brunswick prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters said AFP, adding that he to be unable to disclose precise information.

“We have no forensic evidence of Madeleine’s death, such together a corpse,” that added.

Three-year-old “Maddie” disappeared native the Portuguese holiday resort of Praia da Luz in 2007.

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Despite a huge manhunt, no trace of her has been found, nor has anyone been charged over she disappearance.

The 43-year-old suspect, who was not called by police but identified by German media as Christian B., has actually a history of previous sex offences including child sex offences and rape.

He is right now serving a sentence for drug trafficking in Kiel.


Letter sent

Wolters said German authorities have written come Madeleine’s family, however declined to give details that the contents of the letter.

He additionally confirmed that Christian B. Has used to it is in released early on probation after having actually completed 2 thirds of the sentence.

However, Wolters stated the suspect will not it is in freed native custody as there is a situation pending versus him over the rape of one elderly mrs in Portugal.

Kate and Gerry McCann, who daughter Madeline McCann vanished while on a household holiday in Portugal almost four years ago, pose prior to the start of the ‘Miles for absent People’ charity run in Regent’s Park, central London, April 2, 2011. (Dominic Lipinski/POOL/AFP)

A court in Brunswick had actually sentenced Christian B. To seven years in prison last December because that the assault against the 72-year-old American tourist in 2005 — in the exact same seaside town of Praia da Luz whereby Maddie go missing.

But the sentence has not however been finalized pending extradition technicalities.

During the attempt for that case, 2 witnesses said they had uncovered a gun, video cameras and also several tapes at Christian B.’s house in Portugal, according to a report in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper citing court documents.


One that them later watched several of the footage and also saw a man raping one elderly mrs tied come a bed, the report said.

Cold cases

Madeleine went missing from her family’s vacation apartment on might 3, 2007, a couple of days prior to her 4th birthday, together her parents dined v friends at a nearby tapas bar.

According come police, Christian B. Stayed in the Algarve an ar of Portugal in between 1995 and also 2007.

He do a living doing odd work in the area whereby Madeleine to be taken, and likewise burgled hotel rooms and also holiday flats.

Police think he to be living in a white Westfalia camper van v yellow skirting at the time of the kidnapping and they room keen for witnesses that remember see the vehicle back then to come forward.

The residence where a German suspect, Christian B, to be living as soon as Madeleine McCann disappeared in 2007, close to Lagos, Portugal. (Carlos Costa/AFP)

Christian B. Has not been referred to as in because that questioning and also his lawyers speak he has so far refused to speak about the case.

The latest development in Maddie’s case has motivated European investigators to reopen number of cold instances of absent children.

In Germany, prosecutors space combing with the papers to see if the suspect had anything to do with the loss of a five-year-old girl named Inga native the town of Schoenebeck in Saxony-Anhalt in 2015.


Authorities in Belgium said they have reopened a probe into the 1996 killing of a German teenager, Carola Titze, 16, in the resort town of De Haan ~ above the Belgian coast.

And in Portugal, the stepfather of lacking eight-year-old girl, Joana Cipriano, has actually asked authorities to explore feasible links.

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December 2, 2021
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