There’s no denying Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are the parental of one of Hollywood’s most adorable families. The longtime lovebirds have to be together because 1983 and are the doting mom and dad that their four kids, Oliver HudsonKate HudsonBoston Russell and Wyatt Russell.

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Throughout your decades-long run in Hollywood, Goldie and also Kurt have made fans fall in love through their rock-solid relationship and also beautiful combined brood. Prior to they came to be a couple, however, the Overboard alums were previously married.


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From 1976 come 1982, Goldie remained in a partnership with her 2nd husband, Bill Hudson. The former couple welcomed eldest child Oliver in 1976, adhered to by Kate in 1979. As for Kurt, the Escape from brand-new York star tied the knot through ex-wife Season Hubley in 1979. The ex-pair came to be the father and mother of son Boston in 1980, before going your separate means in 1983.

Following the stars’ divorces, Goldie and Kurt crossed paths in 1983 while filming Swing Shift. The Tombstone actor once recalled the charming and also funny means he request Goldie top top a date.


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“I was severely hungover and also I didn’t understand Goldie in ~ all outside of having worked with her those countless years before,” kurt shared throughout an episode of Conan. “I simply didn’t have actually in my mind what ns was going to see, and she had a good body. For this reason the very first thing that came out was, ‘Man, you’ve acquired a an excellent figure.’ It came out quickly and it could’ve unable to do wrong, and also she said, ‘Why say thanks to you."”

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Considering the 2 hit it off, it wasn’t long prior to they came to be an exclusive couple and welcomed their just child together, Wyatt, in 1986. Although the above twosome never ever walked under the aisle, they’ve adopted their duties as parents while elevating their children throughout the last few decades.


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Aside from being the ideal mom and also dad of your kiddos, Goldie and Kurt are also the love grandma and also grandpa to your growing variety of grandkids. If chatting with Today in 2014, the First Wives Club actress opened up about parenthood and gushed over watching she babies end up being “unbelievable parents” to their very own children.

“Kurt and I are so proud,” she marveled. “They’re mirroring a lot of the method they to be raised, and that just shows girlfriend how crucial it is to raise your youngsters well, ’cause they will raise their youngsters well.”

Check the end the gallery listed below for a finish guide come Goldie and Kurt’s blended family!

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Oliver Hudson

Goldie ended up being a mommy for the an initial time after welcoming she eldest child, Oliver, with former husband bill on September 7, 1976. As the son of among Hollywood’s many beloved actresses, Oliver adhered to in Goldie’s acting footsteps by do a surname for himself.

The handsome hunk is finest known because that his roles on the CBS comedy collection Rules that Engagement, ABC’s Nashville, Scream Queens and also Splitting up Together. He also cohosts the “Sibling Revelry” podcast v his sister, Kate.

Now the he’s older, Oliver found love through wife Erinn Bartlett, whom he’s to be married to because 2006. The is also the proud dad of youngsters Wilder Brooks Hudson, Bodhi Hawn Hudson and also Rio Laura Hudson.

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Kate Hudson

Kate is Goldie’s 2nd child. The Snatched actress welcomed the How to shed a male in 10 Days star through Bill ~ above April 19, 1979. Favor her mom and also older brother, Kate produced a really successful career.

The blonde beauty, who is ideal known for her functions in Almost Famous, Raising Helen, Bride Wars and more, winner her very first Golden globe Award for ideal Supporting Actress in 2001. She’s additionally the owner of she athletic clothing brand, Fabletics.

Nowadays, Kate spends most of her time being a doting mama to her 3 kids. In fact, she’s particularly loving life after welcoming her an initial daughter, Rani climbed Fujikawa, through boyfriend Danny Fujikawa in September 2018. Kate shares eldest son Ryder Robinson v ex-husband Chris Robinson, and also son Bingham Bellamy through ex Matt Bellamy.

Since Kate came to be a mom, Goldie and also Kurt room over the moon. “Kurt has constantly been close to Kate and seen her together his very own daughter, so he can not be prouder as he city hall her take on motherhood,” one insider as soon as told Closer Weekly.

“He loves nothing an ext than taking the kids for a weekend if Kate is functioning or traveling and also he’ll play video clip games with the boys and let lock eat a many chocolate,” the source added. “The very same goes for children!”

Boston Russell

Kurt ended up being a dad because that the first time after boy Boston to be born top top February 16, 1980. The Thing actor welcomed the tiny bundle of pleasure with ex-wife Season.

Unlike Goldie’s kids, Kurt’s kid did not aspire to to fill his father’s acting shoes. Instead, Boston determined to stay out of the Hollywood spotlight and also kept his life otherwise private. Besides arriving for red carpet appearances every now and also then, Boston also made a rarely outing once Goldie got a star on the Hollywood to walk of fame in 2017.

Considering he opts because that a much much more quiet life, it’s not surprising there isn’t a ton of info known top top Boston.

Wyatt Russell

Goldie and also Kurt welcomed their very first and only organic child together, Wyatt, on July 10, 1986. Back Wyatt previously played expert hockey, he sought acting when he landed roles in This Is 40, 22 run Street, Everybody wants Some!!, Black Mirror, Ingrid walk West, Lodge 49 and also more.

Wyatt was an initial married come Sanne Hamers, through whom the tied the knot in march 2012, after two years that dating. Sadly, the former couple’s divorce to be finalized almost five years later on in in march 2017.

Fortunately, Wyatt discovered love through his second wife, Meredith Hagner. The duo exchanged vows in September 2019, and the adhering to year, lock announced they to be expecting their very first child. Wyatt’s larger sister, Kate, revealed the interesting news top top Instagram in November 2020.

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“Celebrating our next family member today,” she wrote next to a photograph snuggling Meredith’s infant bump. “First because that my bro Wy and
merediththeweasel. We are over the moon and can’t wait!!”

Less than four months later, Wyatt’s mam revealed the duo welcomed their very first child, a infant boy called Buddy Prine Russell. Together a collection of picture of the lovebirds posing for the April Vogue issue, Meredith announced the interesting news of their little one’s arrival.

VOGUE, BABY!” she captioned the slideshow via Instagram on march 11. “And best after this photos, we had A BABY, BABY! April concern of
voguemagazine in our van, Carnella, i beg your pardon we resided in for a huge chunk of my pregnancy. Two weeks after these photos were taken, we welcomed the heavenly buddy Prine Russell into the world! It’s to be nothing quick of magic.”