Saturday Night Live has actually been around for what seems like forever and, throughout the last numerous decades, actors have come and also gone ~ above the sketch series. One gibbs who has actually remained ~ above the series for almost two decades, though, is Kenan Thompson, who an initial joined the legendary display in 2003. Now, Thompson is sharing just how much much longer he plans to it is in doing the range show and also why he"s stuck around for for this reason long.

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Not only is Kenan Thompson busy making human being laugh every Saturday night top top SNL, the is also the star the NBC’s newest comedy Kenan, i m sorry premiered last month. While speak to chance the Rapper in ~ the SXSW movie Festival (via Deadline), Thompson acquired to talking around the series and what"s made the stick v the show for end 15 years:

We’re top top Season 46 right currently — I’ve been there for 17 . It’s a wild place! That’s why ns am never in a sirloin to leave since I have actually never watched anything favor it and number two, over there aren’t plenty of live shows left. It never gets old because it’s map out comedy and also it transforms every week.

Kenan Thompson got his large break top top a various sketch comedy collection in the mid-late ‘90s. Thompson to be a main cast member ~ above Nickelodeon’s All That because that the show’s first five seasons and also appeared together a guest in few of the later on seasons. Because the show’s revival in 2019, he’s offered as an executive producer. Thompson would go ~ above to join Saturday Night Live just four years after leaving All That, and also he credits his occupational on Nickelodeon together a maintain ground for his adult career.

Kenan Thompson has had countless memorable characters and moments top top Saturday Night Live over the critical 17 years. Discovering that Thompson won’t be leaving the series anytime soon means he’ll it is in able to add even an ext moments to that ever-growing list. Thompson has also been nominated because that a Primetime Emmy Award because that his work-related on SNL 4 times, winning once. Throughout the second fifty percent of the 2013-14 season, he ended up being the most an elderly cast member after ~ the departure of Seth Meyers. The actor also broke the record for the longest-tenured cast member in the show’s history previously held by Darrell Hammond, who was on the show for 14 years. Needless to say, the looks together if Thompson will be holding that record, at the very least for a small while longer.

When Kenan (formerly title Saving Larry) was very first announced in 2018, many people were worried around how the would affect Kenan Thompson’s time top top Saturday Night Live. However, currently with the series airing and also Thompson continuing to be on SNL v no plans come depart, it appears that won’t be a problem, at the very least not in the close to future.

Saturday Night Live airs the next new episode top top Saturday march 27 in ~ 11:30 p.m. ET and will feature Maya Rudolph as host and also Jack Harlow together musical guest.

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