The "Pulp Fiction" and "Saturday Night Fever" star likewise opened up to "Hart to Heart" hold Kevin Hart around how Scientology affected his career and how he has handled media scrutiny roughly his exercise of Scientology.

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John Travolta has actually opened up about a conversation the had about dying and thepassing the his wife and fellow actor Kelly Preston v his younger child, Ben.

During a recent episode that Kevin Hart’s Peacock collection Hart to Heart, the comedian and actor satellite down v John Travolta for a wide-ranging conversation about his beforehand career walking from new York to Los Angeles, being a pilot, his love that comedy acting and also why he was never into drugs or partying. During the talk, the actor touch on 2 deeply an individual subjects — the pass of his wife Kelly Preston and son Jett, and also his partnership to Scientology.

When talk to Hart about his children, Travolta recounted a conversation he had with his son, Benjamin, ~ the 10-year-old request him around aging while the 2 were walking v their neighborhood one so late night. That brought Travolta come a different conversation he’d had with Ben, who when told him “because mom passed away I’m fear you’re walk to.”

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“I said, ‘Well it’s a very different thing.’ and also then i went through the differences about my longevity and in her restricted life,” Travolta said.

That’s once the Pulp Fiction and Die Hart actor said he broached the hesitation of fatality with his child, acknowledging the family’s lose of both Preston, that passed in 2020 ~ living two years through breast cancer, and the couple’s eldest child, Jett, who died following a seizure in 2009, before explaining that people just try to do their best to live yet long they can.

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“Nobody knows as soon as they’re walk to go or once they’re going to stay. I said, ‘Your brother left in ~ 16 — as well young. Your mom left in ~ 57. The was as well young. But who’s come say?’ I stated I might die tomorrow. Friend could. Anybody can,” that said. “So let’s look in ~ life, the component of life. Girlfriend see, friend don’t know exactly. You simply do your ideal at trying to live the longest girlfriend can.”

Earlier in the hour-long conversation, Hart asks exactly how Travolta handled being a very sought-after talent in Hollywood through the temptations that partying and drugs in the ’80s, v the actor pointing to both the hurdles drugs created in his research of acting and also his relationship to Scientology as the vital reason he continued to be focused.

After sharing the he was introduced to the church by one actress while functioning on the 1975 movie The Devil’s Rain, Travolta claimed “at that minute it functioned for me and also it still works for me.”

When Hart broached media coverage of Travolta together a member of Scientology, the actor stated that being unedited and also overt about what he’s doing has actually kept him from acquiring “attacked.”

“This is what I’ve discovered. As soon as you’re unabashed around what girlfriend do, you don’t obtain attacked,” he said. “I felt like it saved my life. Why would certainly I desire to hide that? you know, why would certainly I inhibit what made me feel better about living? and also why would certainly I desire to inhibit the tools that that topic matter provided me to live a much better life?”

He added, “I think that ns got assaulted less due to the fact that I had nothing on it. I didn’t — i wasn’t trying come hide it. If anything, i was probably more attacked in ~ times for trying to encourage it.”