"We were set up as a remote date, and I was so embarrassy that ns came right into the house and I went below to be v the children and play through them until I had to sit down at the table," Streisand said





Barbra Streisand, 79, hilariously roasted her now-husband the 23 year James Brolin, 81, on your first, remote date. Chatting with Jimmy Fallon ~ above The tonight Show, she revealed the she make a mean comment around his hair the very first time they go out.

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"I expected a man with a brown beard and also brown, wavy hair, favor a mountain man," she said. "And I saw a guy that had all his hair reduced off, no beard. And also I to walk by him. I placed my hand through his hair and also said, 'Who f—ed up her hair?'"

The singer said her husband told her "he knew " that she was the one. However, for her, that "took me a few days" for her to autumn for him.

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"We were collection up together a blind date, and I to be so shy that ns came right into the house and I went below to be through the children and play v them until I had actually to sit under at the table," Streisand stated of first meeting Brolin. (He is dad to three youngsters from previous relationships.)

Streisand and also Brolin obtained married in 1998. She was previously married to Elliott Gould native 1963 come 1971.

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"I prefer women who say your peace, and also I'm a calming factor, and also she it s okay me up and doing things I wouldn't generally accomplish. It's prefer a perfect situation, the two of us," he said.

"We, for a lengthy time, were placed out by COVID. And also a lot of audioeditorfree.com, their marital relationships haven't gone well during these 15 months," the continued. "We've literally collapse in love over this duration of time, simply being stuck with each other every day and making it work."

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