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How go Jake Paul—who's set to fight Ben Askren—get right into boxing in the very first place?. (Photo through Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP



While the bulk of people in the boxing human being are undoubtedly conscious of the fight, the concern that continues to be for many is the following: how did Paul also get into boxing, anyway?

Let’s start from the beginning—Paul and his brother, Logan, carved a career out for themselves in the vlogging an are by developing some notoriously controversial YouTube channels. Polygon reported on one such conflict which associated Paul uploading a video to the platform titled “I lost my virginity,” which was accompanied by a thumbnail of Paul and also his then-girlfriend Erika Costell in a quite compromising position.

Then, seemingly the end of nowhere, Paul determined to revolve to boxing in 2018. According to an post published by rojo Stone, the true engine behind the Ohio native’s change into pugilism continues to be that he’s simply end up being addictive come the competition and the way of living that comes through the sport.

“Showing up and also working your off, gift alert. I don’t understand what else could really to compare to gift a experienced fighter,” claimed Paul to the publication. “I think it’s more than likely the hardest thing in the civilization you could possibly do.”

If you’re curious enough to desire to clock an in-depth collection on Paul’s transition from a YouTuber to an amateur boxer, friend can check out the original collection “PRBLM Child” ~ above FITE TV from now until June 30.

Full information for how you can watch Paul’s match versus Ben Askren is below, including where to stream it and where to acquire it on TV:

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