ICONIC radio personality Howard Stern has been married come Beth Ostrosky Stern due to the fact that 2008.

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Stern, who has actually three youngsters from a vault union, has actually broadcast on SiriusXM Satellite Radio due to the fact that 2006.


Howard and also Beth Stern attend the north Shore pet League America's annual Celebrity acquire Your Rescue ~ above Gala in ~ Pier Sixty at Chelsea Piers top top November 30, 2018 in brand-new York CityCredit: Getty

Who is Howard Stern's mam Beth?

Beth Ostrosky is an author, actress, model, and also animal-rights activist who has actually been married to Howard Stern for an ext than a decade.

Additionally, she is a spokesperson for the phibìc Shore pet League of America, the world’s biggest no-kill pet rescue and adoption organization.

Ostrosky was called one of For the Magazine's Top 100 Sexiest women of the Year in 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2007.

She likewise appears regularly on network morning and also daytime talk shows and also has to be a guest co-host on The View.


Beth Stern in 2019Credit: Getty

Does Howard Stern have any kind of children?

Howard Stern has three kids from his first marriage - Emily Beth Stern, Deborah Jennifer Stern, and Ashley Jade Stern.

Emily is 37, Deborah is 34, and Ashley is 28.


Beth Ostrosky, Howard Stern and also one that his daughters to visit the Utah Jazz vs new York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden top top November 9, 2008Credit: Getty

Who is Howard Stern's ex-wife Alison?

Alison Berns, a former actress and radio hostess, to be married to Howard Stern native 1978 to 2001 and is the mommy of his children.

Their connection was featured in the 1997 film private Parts around Stern's life and also career.

Stern play himself, and also actress mar McCormack shown Alison.

The shock jock bragged the his marital fidelity while entertaining scores of strippers and also porn stars top top his radio show, but he and Alison separation up in 1999.


Stern and also Ostrosky in 2005Credit: Getty

"Divorce was so theoretical come me because no one in my household had yes, really been divorced," Stern called Rolling rock in 2011.

"I was through my ex-wife since college, so the felt prefer such a fail … ns was uncomfortable that i failed and let down my family, my kids, my ex-wife. It to be all really painful."

He added: "I think there to be a the majority of stressors, particularly with what ns did because that a living."



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He called Rolling stone that the divorce led him come therapy.

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"I was totally neurotic and sort of consumed through work. Ns took work-related as the most vital thing and the only thing," that told the magazine.

"I said, 'Gee, wherein am ns going to obtain some answers?' I had actually never to be a male to rotate to religion but then as my marital relationship was comes to one end, ns needed aid to explain it to my children and also make sense of the all…"

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