Hello Kitty is just one of the most recognisable cartoon personalities ever made however what is the actual story behind Hello Kitty and also her creation?

Hello Kitty is a cartoon character that is recognisable the civilization over.

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The cute small cat-like character has made a home for herself in countries about the world and also has end up being a symbol of the cute kawaii culture.

However, in spite of her beloved exterior and also near-universal popularity, a disturbing tale surrounding the origins of Hello Kitty exists online and also claims that claims the personality is in reality the result of a deal with the devil.

But is this story true or simply a myth? What is the actual story behind Hello Kitty?


Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is a cat-like cartoon character whose beginnings in cute kawaii society have led to global popularity.

The character, who also has her own backstory, creates the communication of an limitless line of beloved merchandise and even stars in a selection of TV shows, movies and video games.

As a result of her longevity and popularity, display Rant labelled Hello Kitty together the second-highest-grossing media franchise of every time in 2019, behind just Pokémon.

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Hello Kitty’s supposedly disturbing origins

Spend enough time online and also you’ll find dark beginning stories and fan theories about even the many innocent and also beloved characters and also Hello Kitty is no different.

A tale, which come courtesy that Scary because that Kids, says that the Hello Kitty character may not be as cute and innocent as she seems and it’s all to do with she mouth or lack thereof.

The story insurance claims that Hello Kitty is the result of a resolve the devil after a Chinese mrs made a pact through Satan in bespeak to conserve her daughter that was dying from cancer, particularly a cancer of the mouth.

After worshipping and also praying come the devil, he instructs the mrs to produce the Hello Kitty character in return for saving her daughter’s life.

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However, this tale is little much more than a myth and also Hello Kitty’s actual beginnings are much less supernatural.

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Real story of just how Hello Kitty came about

Rather than with a resolve the devil, Hello Kitty to be actually produced by Japanese designer Yuko Shimizu in 1974.

Yuko produced the Hello Kitty character because that the company Sanrio which has actually specialised in Japanese cute kawaii society since the early on 1960s.

Understandably, Sanrio’s greatest asset is the Hello Kitty franchise, v it earning end $80 billion throughout its 46-year lifespan according to display Rant, however the company has to be responsible because that the production of over 400 cute and cuddly cartoon characters over the years.