Wait, just just how long has actually Grey’s Anatomy to be on TV?! year after the premiere, fans space still obsessed v Dr. Meredith Grey and the other surgeons at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital — and also we can’t blame them! from a ferry watercraft crash and hospital shoot to a plane crash and countless herbal disasters, the Seattle-based doctors have actually been v so lot and, sadly, we’ve even lost a few of our favourite characters along the way. Have an ext burning questions around the hit medical drama? Scroll under to see much more facts around the show!

How long has actually Grey’s Anatomy to be on?

Grey’s is right now in the 14th season! The show first premiered on alphabet on march 27, 2005, and has been going solid ever since.

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Has Grey’s Anatomy been renewed for Season 15?

We’re not sure! over there hasn’t been an main announcement from abc yet, yet we’re pretty hopeful Grey’s Antomy will certainly come ago for a 15th season.

Will Grey’s Anatomy ever end?!

Hopefully not! In a recent interview, abc exec Channing Dungey revealed she’s hopeful that Grey’s Anatomy will have many, many more episodes in the future. She furthermore confessed she’d love come beat out their rival series, ER, which previously ran for 15 seasons. “That’d be lovely,” Dungey said. “I’ll take even more! Honestly, i think that the present is going to proceed as lengthy as and also the gang have actually a an innovative passion for informing those stories. In ~ the moment, it feels choose we’re full steam ahead.”

Has there ever been a Grey’s Anatomy spin-off?

Yes! In September 2007, main Grey’s character Dr. Addison Montgomery gained her very own series, Private Practice. The display followed Addison’s relocate from Seattle come LA to join a private clinical practice run by she friends, Naomi and Sam Bennett. Sadly, Private Practice concluded after ~ six periods on alphabet in January 2013.

And, in 2017, it to be announced that yet an additional Grey’s Anatomy spin-off is in the works. Though the display is tho yet-to-be-titled, us do know that the series will monitor a team of Seattle firefighters and also will star Grey’s alum Jason George (aka Dr. Ben Warren) and also newcomer Jaina Lee Ortiz. No word yet on as soon as the brand-new show will certainly premiere ~ above ABC, however we can’t wait to watch it!

Is Grey’s Anatomy still on Netflix?

Yes! ideal now, fans have the right to stream Season 1 v Season 13 the Grey’s on Netflix. Due to the fact that the display is right now in the 14th season, we can expect the newest episodes to struggle the site in summer 2018. “For the past couple of years, Grey’s Anatomy has had its new seasons included in mid-June,” Netflix when explained.





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