Sean Hannity mirrors on the start of his TV career at Fox News 25 years ago

‘Hannity’ organize recognizes the voices the make America the ‘greatest nation in the world.’

Fox News Channel launched precisely 25 years back on October 7, 1996 and the network commemorated the milestone transparent Thursday.

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"It was a interlocutor innovation, anyone laughed, nobody assumed it would certainly be successful. Not just did we an extremely quickly become No. 1 however we’ve to be able to preserve that No. 1 position for a long duration of time," Sean Hannity claimed on "FOX & Friends."


Sean Hannity, Steve Doocy and also Fox copy, group chairman and News Corp executive, management chairman Rupert Murdoch played crucial roles in the beginning of Fox News.

When Rupert Murdoch announced his vision forFox News Channel only nine months prior to it launched, FOX had actually seen phenomenal growth in entertainment programming, children content and also in sporting activities offerings, yet the agency lacked a relevant news organization.

While Murdoch intended success for the costly venture, doubters weren"t specifically confident the upstart network would certainly succeed.Some cable providers at first refused come even bring Fox News and reporters openly doubted if there to be an appetite for one more all-news station.

"Very few people believed we would succeed," Brit Hume said, note that brand-new York times writer invoice Carter when mocked Fox News as Murdoch’s "imaginary friend."

However, a quarter-century later on Fox News has actually a lot to celebrate and recently finished the third quarter that 2021 as themost-watched networkin every of basic cable among both full day and primetime viewers.It has now topped cable news for 79 straight quarters.


"25 years earlier today, FOX News Channel went live because that the very first time. After months of hiring and also construction, and weeks the rehearsals, we had our first showat 6:00 am ET. Doubters didn’t provide us much of a chance. After ~ all, us were walk up against Microsoft, GE and Time Warner, and were obtainable in fewer homes. They predicted we’d offer up in ~ months and also quickly flop," Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scotttold staffers in an e-mail on Thursday.

"It’s true, the start was a little bumpy. But we persevered. And with unwavering support from Rupert Murdoch and his brilliant vision, us were maybe to take chances. We were able to try new shows, test new technologies, and also ultimately shake increase the entire news landscape," Scott continued. "And if friend ask those that were around back then, they’ll tell girlfriend it to be a the majority of fun. We became a team in those beforehand months, v a common purpose: to come to be the best and to prove the doubters wrong."


Hume feels Fox News easily gained popularity because of its unique coverage the three significant stories: The invoice Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal, the 2000 presidential election, and also the after-effects of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

"I think us did a good job on 9/11, of spanning that story, however in the results we looked at it in different way than various other media. As soon as the dust had actually cleared, after that story, us were No. 1 and also I guess we’ve to be No. 1 ever before since," Hume said.



"We became number one, and also never looked back. And also most importantly, we never thrived complacent, and also we remained hungry and nimble. Today, us still fight as if we are the underdog, which is a major component the why we keep winning and also are remarkably walking on twenty years at number one in cable newsandsix years together number one in all of cable," Scott said. "25 year later, our team is as solid as it’s ever been thanks to all of your difficult work and also thanks to Lachlan Murdoch’s extraordinary leadership of Fox Corporation, i m sorry makes every one of this possible."

Fox News Channel unveiled a series of short-form vignettes from network favorites, celebrities and also regular guests to commemorate the milestone.The short video messages will air on Fox News Media platforms because that the month the October as more than 50 Fox News personalities and also founding employee reflect on your time with the network, offering a personal look at the story behind the headlines native the past 25 years.

Hume, Hannity, trace Gallagher, Jon Scott, Neil Cavuto, Steve Doocy, Arthel Nevel, Eric Shawn and Lauren green have been v the network due to the fact that it launched, while stars consisting of Ainsley Earhardt, Brian Kilmeade, Greg Gutfeld, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Jesse Watters, Dan Perino, chris Wallace, invoice Hemmer and also Harris Faulkner have joined along the way.

"I remember reading around the start of this channel in the trades and thinking to myself, ‘I gained to find a way to obtain in here,"" Kilmeade, who joined the network in 1997, said.

Green, that was the first on-air talent hired because that Fox News, admitted she was at first hesitant to sign up with a cable channel. Doocy, that was the last hire among the initial batch of anchors, started off together a weatherman to obtain his foot in the door prior to finally landing "FOX & Friends."

"I had actually fun through it, due to the fact that we establish pretty early world like the news, yet they favor it with a small sense the humor," Doocy said. "We to be the little engine that could, however we hadn’t quite made it."


Gallagherhardly thought he’d it is in still it is in employed 25 year after involvement the network.

"Some of the stuff was so bad, so countless mistakes in production, we never ever thought the channel was going to make it," Gallaghersaid.

The "Hannity" namesake has been among the network’s biggest stars since day one and his display regularly finishes as one of the most-watched mirrors in every one of television, but he feeling it took a the majority of work to attain success.

"There was trepidation … having done radio because that a much longer time, and also it was certainly a finding out curve for me. My first shows were atrocious, they’re humiliating, they’re embarrassing," Hannity said.

Hannity showed a montage of his job at Fox News beginning with highlights indigenous "Hannity & Colmes" v the late Alan Colmes, his human being travels native London to Jerusalem and also his access time to the Oval Office during the Bush and Trump presidencies.

"It"s prefer a blur, 25 years," Hannity reacted. "But I will be always forever grateful to all of you, to all my partners here at Fox News. They permit me be me. And I"m thankful for that."

"Tucker Carlson Tonight" averaged 3.2 million viewers to complete the third quarter the 2021 as the most-watched present on cable news, yet 25 years earlier he was a young print reporter assigned to shadow Bob Dole’s campaign when the presidential hopeful conducted one the the very first interviews top top Fox News.

"I remember thinking, ‘That’s no going come work,’" Carlson said. "One the the plenty of things I’ve to be wrong about."

On his show, Carlson praised FOX coporation, group CEO Lachlan Murdoch, Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott, and Fox News Media chairman Jay Wallace for your commitment come "the liberty of speech."

"Do castle agree with whatever we speak on this show or other shows? We have no idea, they never told us. What us do understand is the they have a bedrock, unshakable id that the an initial Amendment is real and also that we are the life embodiment the it," Carlson said. "You have the right to tell the fact on Fox News. Period. It"s not simple to perform that. The takes huge toughness and we"re thankful to lock every day because that that."

Current "Special Report" anchor Bret Baier began as an Atlanta-based reporter in 1998 and also joked the most human being initially assumed Fox News had something to execute with FOX fight "The Simpsons."

On Thursday"s "Special Report," Baier verified clips indigenous his 24 year at Fox News from acquisition over the newsdesk from his "mentor" Brit Hume in 2009 to interviews of him grilling Presidents George W. Bush and also Barack Obama and then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Neil Cavuto, who was among the very an initial faces to ever show up on Fox News 25 year ago, closed "Your World" supplying a timeline of interviews through the best names in the finance world.

"Greatness, I like to think, is identified not necessarily by the compliments friend get, however how you address the criticism that invariably comes your way. Greatness is also defined through those who take chances, those who buck the system… The an excellent ones, the good leaders, they gain that. It is what makes him iconic. It is what makes them great. The is what has defined Fox News," Cavuto said.

"I remember gift in Amman, Jordan, ns was covering the president’s visit. I go to the White home pool, i go to feed my tape and they say, ‘Where friend from?’ I said Fox News. They’re like ‘Fox News? there is no Fox News, hey, Bart Simpson’s here,’" Shawn said.

Greg Gutfeld kicked turn off "The Five" v a monologue looking back at just how Fox News Channel was "roundly mocked" once it an initial launched however "within months," critics saw the channel "rise come the top."

"How did this happen? First, it to be necessary, it had actually to happen. The mainstream news not only refused to serve many Americans, lock felt they didn"t have actually to," Gutfeld said. "They regulated the narratives and also you had little selection but to take it. Lock abused her trust. They lied come you. They believed you were stupid."

"You stuck to us v all the an excellent stuff and also not so great stuff. Fox didn"t speak down to you prefer the pompous gasbags at other networks. Us spoke straight to you. Us assumed you were together smart as united state if no smarter. We didn"t see faith or family members as a joke. We commemorated the American ideal," Gutfeld continued. "But the actual thanks goes come you, the viewers, that trust us and let us into your homes. And thanks to everyone who came before us that made this happen against seemingly insurmountable odds. To another 25."

Jesse Watters hailed the "true believers" the Fox News and expressed his goal as a host to "give the civilization of the country a voice lock didn"t have before."

"So as soon as you see an audience member approach you, lock treat us prefer family and also that connection is therefore strong," Watters said. "None various other broadcast experts have the link that we need to the audience and also I can state that as a fact."

Judge Jeanine Pirro added, "Thank goodness because that Fox. The we"re are permitted to to speak what we want. We space who we are. We have actually distinctive personalities."

"The Story" anchor Martha MacCallum common highlights of she 17 year at Fox News that had interviews v then-Congressman Barack Obama, rush Limbaugh and now-Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh, telling viewers "the ride has truly to be unforgettable every step of the way."

"When Fox began, it only took five years to beat ours competition. Think about that!" MacCallum exclaimed. "From naught to five years later being Number One. And also now we"re walking on two decades at Number One in what we execute in cable news. Ns think that"s an amazing record, yet we have you to give thanks to for supporting us every the way. And also we say thanks to the entirety country, the locations that numerous media organizations ignore, us did not. Us hear you, we are right here to tell every sides that the story of what the country is talking about and to make sure all voices room heard. And we room going to continue to job-related to earn her trust every solitary day on this program at this network together we start the next 25 years of Fox News."

"It came to be pretty obvious to me, nice quickly, that it did not have actually an identity crisis which a most the other outlets had," she said. "Fox knew what it want to be and also stayed true come its mission. That’s the key."

While staying true to its mission, FNC perfect No. 1 in straightforward cable for the seventh directly quarter. That topped both CNN and MSNBC during every hour of the job in the news-heavy 3rd quarter together Americans typically turn come Fox News for information and also analysis.

FOX NEWS 25 YEARS: will certainly CAIN shows ON HIS YEAR because JOINING FOX

Alicia Acuna didn’t also know what Fox News was once her agent approached her around leaving local news for the cable network 24 years ago.

"I go out to Los Angeles, meet the office chief there, and also he says to me, ‘We’re gonna seek CNN and they’re gonna kill us, however we’re gonna go after them anyway,’" Acuna said. "Something about the idea of this tiny guy going ~ this big guy spoke to me and I was in. Think about it, a brand brand-new cable channel going after ~ CNN, it sounded absurd."

Fox News is on speed to finish 2021 together the most-watched network throughout all of straightforward cable for the sixth straight year. Since FNC started being rated on in march 31, 1997, it has actually topped CNN by 68% among total viewers and 31% among the vital news demographic of adults period 25-54.

MSNBC, which likewise launched in 1996, trailed Fox News viewership through a staggering 104% end the previous 25 years amongst total viewers and 74% amongst the demo desire by advertisers.During the primetime hrs of 8-11 p.m., Fox News has outdrawn CNN through 86% and MSNBC by 110% because March 1997.

Lachlan Murdoch, Scott and also Wallace attended a ribbon-cutting critical week for the state-of-the-art, all-digital newsroom in the newly renovated Washington, D.C., bureau. Earlier this week, Scott and Wallace to be joined by several founding anchors to ring Nasdaq’s opening Bell as part of continuous anniversary festivities.

Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott, FOX corporation CEO Lachlan Murdoch, and Fox News Media president Jay Wallace attended the ribbon-cutting Thursday because that the state-of-the-art, all-digital newsroom.

FOX News Media proceeds to expand and now has actually eight platforms, consisting of FOX News Books, FOX News International, FOX country and FOX Weather, i beg your pardon launches top top October 25.

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"I can not be much more proud ofeveryone— from the original 136 employeeswho space still below today and the hundreds more who truly make this location the finest in the business," Scott said.

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