The Duck Dynasty TV present features the family members of Phil Robertson, a close-knit, church-going Louisiana bayou group living the American dream together they operate the growing Duck commander business, while keeping their family members values and also lifestyle.

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Duck empire was filmed in the Monroe area the northeast Louisiana, and aired ~ above the A&E Network which premiered the show in march of 2012.

The show, created for A&E Networks by Gurney Productions, finished 2012 as the many watched A&E line of all time with 6.5 million viewers.

In 2013, Duck Dynasty ended up being the top-rated fact program on cable, through an mean 13.4 million viewers.

Season 11 that Duck empire premiered in November of 2016 on A&E. This to be the final season because that Duck Dynasty, with the last episode airing in the spring of 2017.

About the Company: Duck Commander

Map showing filming places of Duck Dynasty and other TV reflects filmed in Louisiana ... See bigger map listed below on this page

A homegrown mom-and-pop operation in northeast Louisiana, Duck Commander has grown into a sporting empire by production high top quality duck calls and also duck decoys out of salvaged swamp wood. While some could think the Robertsons to be a little eccentric, they are in reality a loving family members that has developed a strong, trusted business.

The household has likewise expanded their emphasis from only waterfowl to develop an allied company in 2006, Buck Commander, handling the deer searching industry.

The firm was organized in the 1970s by Phil Robertson.

Duck commander Warehouse and also Gift Shop Location

The Duck command offices, warehouse, and also retail outlet - gift shop are located in West Monroe, Louisiana, in ~ 117 majesties Lane, off cutting board Road, about five blocks southern of interstate Highway I-20. (see map below on this page)

Today, the Duck commander offices and also gift save have come to be a renowned tourist attraction. Many human being traveling on adjacent Interstate Highway I-20 stop there to take it photos in the former of the building, and also maybe even have their picture taken with one of the actors members!

About Duck Commander

located at 117 monarchs Lane, off cutting board Road, around five blocks south of federal government Highway I-20.

call 318.387.0588 for an ext information or visit

The gift shop has actually a selection of items because that sale, including T-shirts, caps, apparel, duck calls, posters, cook books, DVDs, and also more.

The Monroe-West Monroe Convention and Visitors Bureau now offers a mobile website to overview visitors roughly the West Monroe to various locales whereby episodes were filmed. Check out discussion listed below for details.

Duck empire Family and also Cast the Characters

The Robertson family members has filmed Duck empire at areas throughout Ouachita Parish in the Monroe and West Monroe area (see details below).

The men on the display sport their signature "ZZ Top" beards, and are typically seen put on camouflage outfits once shooting the scenes because that the show.

Duck Commander and Buck commander Offices and also Store, West Monroe, Louisiana

Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson is the patriarch that the Duck empire family, a living legend in Louisiana in previously years, and today together well.

As a high-school athlete at north Caddo High institution in Vivian, Phil to be All-State in football, baseball, and track i beg your pardon afforded the the chance to to visit Louisiana tech University top top a football scholarship. The fielded uses to pat football in ~ LSU, Ole Miss, Baylor and Rice, yet chose Louisiana tech so he might remain close to his house town of Vivian.

He played first-string quarterback ahead of soccer star Terry Bradshaw at technology in adjacent Ruston in the late 1960s. I remember it well ... I as well was a college student at tech at that time!

view photos that Phil listed below taken during his football job at Louisiana Tech.

Phil Robertson in the 1967 Louisiana tech yearbook

Phil and also Terry were both drafted into the NFL. Phil did not get in the NFL, yet stayed in Louisiana, married his high institution sweetheart, miss Kay, and also built a house on the Ouachita River, where they raised four sons: Alan, Willie, Jase, and also Jep.

Terry Bradshaw, of course, walk on to success v the NFL"s Pittsburgh Steelers, winning four Super Bowls, and is currently a member the the agree Football hall of Fame.

Phil functioned as a schoolteacher for numerous years after ~ graduating indigenous Tech. He likewise earned his master’s level in education via night classes, with a concentration in English.

Not satisfied v the duck calls on the market, Phil began making a speak to that would certainly reproduce the exact sound the a duck. His home became the "factory" wherein the calls to be assembled, packaged, and also shipped. Phil traveled store to save in the early days marketing his brand-new duck call, with most ending in rejections. The persevered in ~ marketing, and also his tough work payment off. Today, Duck commander products, including a successful line the videos, are offered in every 50 states and also in numerous countries.

Phil Robertson has also built a reputation all over the nation for his faith and belief in the lord God Almighty. He speaks to hundreds of different churches and organizations every year, explaining what the Lord has actually done for him, and also can do for them.

Miss Kay Robertson

Miss Kay is the revered matriarch the the Duck dynasty family. What she states goes. She to be 16 when she married Phil and since then she’s been maintaining him and the boys from security too much time in the woods, happen them ago to human being each night v a residence cooked meal.

Miss Kay to trust her food preparation talents room a gift i beg your pardon she have to share, for this reason she frequently ends increase feeding every one of the family and also most that the neighborhood. Her most famous dishes room banana pudding, fried deer steak, crawfish pie, and sticky frog legs.

Louisiana ducks and also waterfowl ... What Duck command is all about!

Phil and also Kay have four sons: Alan (the oldest), Willie, Jase and also Jep (the youngest).

Willie Robertson

Willie Robertson is the CEO that Duck Commander. That is a graduate of surrounding University the Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) with a Bachelor"s degree in wellness & person Performance with an emphasis on business. Utilizing this degree, Willie has grown the agency from a living room procedure by the river to an out corporate giant. Willie has actually been CEO of the agency for about 10 years.

He likewise produces and also stars in a variety of outdoor TV shows, and a popular collection of DVDs.

Korie Robertson

Korie, Willie’s wife and also business partner, has actually helped him thrive the firm into an ever-expanding enterprise, and also serves together the Duck commander office manage. Korie met Willie in the 3rd grade, and also got married a year ~ high school.

Korie and Willie have five children: john Luke, Sadie, Lil" Will, Bella, and also a foster daughter called Rebecca. John Luke and also Sadie have been featured in number of episodes, consisting of two Season 2 shows entitled "Driving miss out on Sadie" and "Truck Commander".

Jase Robertson

Jase Robertson is Willie’s brother and his polar opposite. When Willie enjoys making transaction behind the desk, Jase would much rather be the end in the swamp hunting ducks. Jase’s task within the company is to fabricate the duck calls that have actually made Duck commander famous. As soon as pressed, Jase can churn out a thousand new calls in a flash, yet he likes to take it his time so the Willie doesn’t expect the same performance every day.

Missy Robertson

Jase has been married because that 21 year to Missy, who he met in high school. Jase and also Missy have actually three children, one of whom, Cole, has been featured top top the show. Phil affectionately call this nephew "Cole Man".

Si Robertson

Si, aka "Uncle Si", is Phil’s brother, best friend, and partner in crime. Si fashions the reeds the are placed in every patented duck call. The a pretty basic job, do needlessly challenging by the fact that Si can never it seems to be ~ to remain on task.

The Vietnam vet will frequently share his war stories v the guys, which commonly gets the crew behind schedule, lot to Willie’s dismay. That starts plenty of sentences v his now well-known line "Hey!", and his favourite drink is iced tea native an old blue glass.

Si"s brand-new book fight the industry on September 3, 2013, licensed has been granted "Si-cology 1: Tales and Wisdom native Duck Dynasty"s favorite Uncle ".

Jep Robertson

Jeptha "Jep" Robertson is the youngest the Phil and also Kay"s 4 sons, and the video expert in the family. He features as cameraman and also video/DVD editor. He"s married come Jessica, and they have 4 children.

Alan Robertson

Alan Robertson is the oldest of the 4 sons, and he returned to the family company in 2012 after functioning for 22 years as a minister at the church the family members attends in the Monroe area. Alan is married to Lisa, and also joined the TV collection for Season 4 in respectable of 2013.

Family Friends and Co-Workers


King of mind & The Bridal Shop, 1707 Hudson roadway Monroe, LA ... Filming location of episode 33, "Duck it is in A Lady"

Also checked out on the collection are household friends and also co-workers, consisting of John Godwin, a worker in ~ Duck Commander since 2002. Justin boy name also works at Duck Commander. And also slow-talking Mountain Man, a neighbor, appears in several episodes, working his magic v air conditioners, and also running a radio speak show.

Filming Locations around West Monroe

Many the the Duck empire episodes room filmed at the Duck commander warehouse and also offices in ~ 117 kings Lane, turn off Thomas roadway in West Monroe.

Other episodes have been filmed roughly the Monroe and West Monroe area.

Those of united state that routinely watch the present know about those other filming locations, such together Haskell’s Donuts, Excalibur family members Fun Center and Landry Vineyards. Us remember the pair City Pawn Shop, Debbie"s Snowballs, the corner Coffee House, and also of course the Bridal Shop & King of Hearts!

And the Monroe-West Monroe Convention and Visitors Bureau has actually announced the “Official Duck commander Hometown Tour”. The tour has a brochure and mobile website (see connect at the bottom of this page) that features 26 locations filmed throughout the an initial three seasons of the show.

Phil Robertson ... The Star Louisiana technology Football Quarterback

Phil Robertson to be a star quarterback in ~ Louisiana technology in Ruston during the so late 1960s. We watched the play for the technology Bulldogs as soon as we were also attending Tech. Shown below are excerpts indigenous the Louisiana technology yearbook, the "Lagniappe", reflecting Phil in his soccer days.

Louisiana tech Lagniappe Yearbook, 1968 was standing in the ago row, at left ... Terrycloth Bradshaw earlier row, third from left ... Phil Robertson


The McKaig Chevrolet pickup with Duck commander Logo

The family members motto has constantly been "God, Family and Ducks". And Phil leads the family as they say grace and give many thanks at the table, a legacy we like and also respect! Every Duck dynasty episode ends v a prayer.

Duck Commander and also McKaig Chevrolet

You"ve viewed those van on Duck dynasty that speak "McKaig" top top the side, and wonder what the story is. Gladewater, Texas is the home of McKaig Chevrolet Buick, i m sorry has functioned with the Duck Commander and Deer Commander teams in West Monroe for several years.

McKaig designs practice trucks watched on the Duck command DVDs, and also on the TV collection "Duck Dynasty".

Duck hunting in Louisiana

Louisiana has actually perfect habitats for searching ducks and also waterfowl

Louisiana is the most essential wintering area because that waterfowl in the joined States. Hordes the ducks and also geese have actually utilized the coastal bays and marshes, flooded swamps, farming fields, inland lakes, river backwaters and also oxbows for thousands of years.

Those habitats administer for the demands of a large proportion of Mississippi Flyway waterfowl during migration and also winter, and for those of breeding wood ducks, mottled ducks, and also a growing number of whistling ducks. The wetlands the Louisiana and also their linked waterfowl lure hunters, birdwatchers, and also scientists alike.

Waterfowl searching is very popular in Louisiana, and the harvest ranking at or close to the peak in the entire nation. The duck-hunting task brings a many economic task to the State. Hunters spend money on guns, ammunition, gasoline, clothing, duck blinds, lodging, transportation, and also yes, duck calls and duck decoys!

The latest evaluation of the economic affect of waterfowl hunting in the united States confirmed that hunters spent 1-million days and $105,000,000 hunting ducks in Louisiana in one year. Read an ext about the Louisiana Waterfowl routine at the room of Wildlife & Fisheries

Louisiana ... A Popular destination for fact TV

Louisiana is a popular setup for the movie industry, and also several hit fact TV reflects on the background Channel, discovery Channel, A&E, CMT, and also other cable networks.

The state has end up being an interesting location special a diversity of towns and also subjects for fact television because that three main reasons:

1) taxes credits and also incentives 2) gentle year-round weather 3) interesting, likable, real-world personalities

according to a report all set by the Louisiana Office the Entertainment industry Development, Louisiana has had 5 consecutive years of economic growth in the film and also music industry.

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The report also recognizes Louisiana as ranked third in film and also television production nationwide behind just California and new York.

Map of TV reflects Filmed on ar in Louisiana

Map that West Monroe mirroring Duck command Headquarters

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