Silas Merritt "Si" Robertson

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Another Duck Dynasty cast member bitten by the musical an insect was Sadie Robertson, daughter to Willie Jess Robertson. The now-22-year-old has showed up both ~ above Dancing v the Stars and in a music video clip for "The long Way" with country music singer Brett Eldredge. She"s additionally appeared in the movies God"s not Dead 2 and I"m no Ashamed, and penned The brand-new York Times bestseller "Live Original" and the sequel "Live Fearless."

In an to exclude, interview through in February 2018, Sadie admitted the while she"s showed up on screens large and tiny over the years, she"s never ever watched herself on TV. "Dancing with the Stars, I"ve never watched an episode," she said. "I watched the YouTube videos, but I never saw one episode. Spring back, I took pleasure in it personally, as far as what was actually happening, but I couldn"t permit myself watch it publicly. Part of that, I have the right to be thankful for, due to the fact that I think that"s why ns don"t consider myself a renowned person or anything, because I just feel it"s at sight normal."

In November 2019, Sadie married Christian Huff in a awareness on she family"s Louisiana farm in front of much more than 600 guests. "Christian is therefore kind and also so affirming of who I am together a person. He renders me a lot stronger. I just feel choose equally, we make each other far better when we"re together," she called PEOPLE front of the big day.

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Phil Robertson

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One of the stars the the initial show, Willie Jess Robertson is tho the CEO of his family"s successful company, and also re-opened his Louisiana diner, called Willie"s Duck Diner, in September 2017. Willie, who shares six children with his wife Korie, has always been outspoken around his spiritual beliefs, and also appeared in a small duty in God"s not Dead together his wife. In July 2018, he announced that Duck Commander would certainly be hosting tourism on Sundays.

Willie"s name made headlines in April 2020 once his estate to be the topic of a drive-by shooting. Police in Louisiana arrested a man, Daniel King Jr., for firing a gun toward Willie"s property. Willie said USA Today that among the shots went v the bedroom home window of the house where boy John Luke Robertson lives with wife mar Kate McEachern and also their 6-month-old son, but no one was injured.

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Jules Jepths “Jep” Robertson

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A pan favorite ~ above the A&E show, Jep Robertson likewise appeared on his very own short-lived Duck Dynasty spinoff, Jep & Jessica: cultivation the Dynasty, which followed the couple as they elevated their four biological children and also newly adopted son while growing their pot pie food truck business. The display ran indigenous 2016 come 2017, however the couple"s food truck company is tho going today. In January 2018, Jep opened a brand-new food truck, Jep"s southerly Roots, in Dripping Springs, Texas.