The singer on cultivation up in a religious show-business family, lightening up together a dad and being married because that 39 years


Donny Osmond: ‘Debbie is an amazing human being to it is in with. If ns hadn’t married her, I’d have been a mess.’ Photograph: Canadian Press/Rex/Shutterstock
Donny Osmond: ‘Debbie is an amazing human to it is in with. If i hadn’t married her, I’d have actually been a mess.’ Photograph: Canadian Press/Rex/Shutterstock

I to be the seventh of nine children, so when I arrived, over there was already Virl, 12; Tom, 10; Alan, eight; Wayne, six; Merrill, four, and also Jay, two. We very first lived in Ogden, Utah, in a landscape area – it had actually plenty of fields around it and there to be a cow and also other animals.

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Both my parents were musical and also enjoyed singing. Us were a close-knit family. My dad had been an military sergeant and so the home ran follow me a definite collection of rules. Mine mum to be the loving, nurturing parent while my dad was the disciplinarian. Both my parents belonged to the Church that Jesus Christ the Latter-day Saints, and also the church’s teachings to be a strong influence on every one of us.

We relocated to California when four of mine brothers, singing together as the Osmond brother Quartet, acquired a spot on The Andy Williams Show. It to be a hugely exciting time for us all. Ns joined the Osmonds when I was a couple of days brief of my sixth birthday. Marie and Jimmy came along after ~ me and also were also included to the singing roster. I think my parents did one incredible job of raising such a large family in what rapidly came to be a hugely effective show-business family.

I flourished up real fast, real young. Normality to united state was rehearsing difficult on new routines and also performing top top TV shows, plus tours and other performances, through schoolwork via home tutoring squeezed roughly that schedule.

At home, away from the general public eye, I’d go to mine room and also read and also build stuff with electronics. I was always curious, inquisitive, wanting come learn how things worked.


The Osmonds, with Donny in the yellow shirt. Photograph: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty ImagesMy maternal grand was the only grandfather I knew, together my head grandfather died when mine dad was 6 months old. He to be an exceptional man, a university professor v a an extremely brilliant mind, who died when i was around nine. Both my grandmothers lived till I was into my 20s.

Overall, my dad to be my mentor in life, however musically, it was world like Stevie Wonder and also Andy Williams. As soon as I to be nine, we opened for Nancy Sinatra, and also Frank Sinatra concerned the rehearsal and also then to the opened night to hear me sing. Elvis Presley was a friend of the family. What I can have missed the end on in terms of a “normal” childhood and schooling experience was an ext than comprised for by this extraordinary musical moments.

I grew up in the public eye. while the world knew me as a teen idol, and also the Osmonds fame was at that height, I began secretly date Debbie Glenn. By the time I was 19, i knew I was in love and had to do something best for me. When I told my dad, that said: “Well, there goes her career, yet this is ushering in your an individual life.”

My dad to be right around my career after I got married. But Debbie is an amazing person to be with. If ns hadn’t married her, I’d have actually been a mess. Currently I had someone who construed me and with whom ns could build a future together.

I learned a many from my parents about loving her children, dealing with them through respect and enabling them a voice. Our faith teaches that we space bonded with each other in eternity, so relationships are really respectful. We worth kindness and forgiveness. Debbie and also I are spiritual but no over-fanatical for this reason we have actually a firm respect because that deity, which holds true in ours home. Ns based mine parenting format on mine dad at first, whom i grew very close to over the years. Ns think ns lightened up as a dad as time went on.

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Debbie and I have actually been together practically 39 years. We have this saying: whenever over there is an discussion she is constantly right! She also says that us had 5 boys however she increased six – and also she is still elevating me!

Family has always been the core of my life. Four of ours sons are currently grown and also we have eight grandchildren. Us all make an effort to have weekends with each other as a family as often as we can.