Donald Trump’s first wife Ivana Trump has revealed some big clues around why the president is struggling so difficult to accept his election loss.

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She spends her winters in Florida, and also spring and also autumn at among the finest addresses in the world, between Fifth and also Madison methods in new York City.

Every summer she deserve to be viewed walking the roadways of St Tropez top top the French Riviera wearing mini-dresses through plunging necklines not regularly seen top top a 71-year-old woman, and also with a much younger man on her arm.

Wherever she is, every fortnight Ivana trump calls straight into the White home for a chat with her first husband, or he calls her.

President Donald trumped speaks v Ivana around their three children, however also about politics, the media and, sometimes, that listens to her for advice.

The two room still “very great friends” regardless of their “nasty” divorce nearly three years ago.

And it’s basic to think Ivana – the only among Trump’s three wives to have run his audioeditorfree.companies – and Mr trumped still have a lot of in audioeditorfree.common.

Ivana surprised observers when she audioeditorfree.come out this week and also said she didn’t “think he has a choice” various other than “to go and also declare the he lost” to Joe Biden and also accept his political career is over.

But it appears not to have occurred out of bad blood between the 2 – this week’s audioeditorfree.comment about Mr Trump gift a bad loser is similar to what she said around their divorce - “he constantly has audioeditorfree.come win”.

In interviews because Mr Trump took office in 2017, Ivana has naughtily said she is the actual “First Lady Trump”, sparking a feud through Melania Trump, with whom she had been friendly.


It’s not hard, since the Czech-born businesswoman, media personality, fashion designer, and also author says it herself.

In audioeditorfree.comments often yielded with a angry laugh, Ivana seems to indicate that Melania is probably a little dull and that she, Ivana, is the just of Trump’s wives that is his intellectual equal.

And she would have been a an extremely different an initial Lady, had actually Mr Trump run for president, as he had considered doing, together a lot younger man.

Asked ~ above the UK TV show loose Women whether Melania was doing a an excellent job as very first Lady, Ivana stated she to be “not sure” and described Melania as “very quiet”.

On abc TV America’s Nightline, Ivana claimed Melania was “really quiet and also doesn’t walk to too plenty of places, she walk to whereby she has to go”, prior to making revealing audioeditorfree.comments about the duty of an initial Lady.

“I think for her to be in Washington need to be terrible,” she said, adding, “better her 보다 me. I would certainly hate Washington.”

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Unprompted, Ivana continued, “But would I straighten up the White house in 14 days? Absolutely.

“Can I offer the speech for 45 minutes there is no teleprompter? Absolutely.

“Can I check out a contract? have the right to I negotiate? deserve to I entertain? Absolutely, yet I would certainly not really favor to be there.”

Ivana revealed she had turned down an sell from the president to it is in ambassador to the Czech Republic.

“Donald stated if you desire to take the position, I offer it to you,” she said.

“But I stated I would not have the freedom. Bye-bye to Miami in the winter, bye-bye to brand-new York in spring and also fall.

“Bye-bye audioeditorfree.come St Tropez whereby I invest all summer long.”

She called ITV’s loosened Women, “I really don’t like the national politics all the much.

“I’m in the stage of my life as soon as I perform what I want to do, i go where I desire to go v whomever I desire to lunch and dinner … and I deserve to afford it, say thanks to God.”

In a selection of interviews Ivana, who these days operation a home portfolio and also spends time v her ten grandchildren, has actually revealed much about her life v Mr Trump.

And back she to be his an initial wife, that wasn’t hers - and also she’s had actually two much more husbands since.

Born Ivana Marie Zelníčková in Czechoslovakia as soon as it was under audioeditorfree.communist rule, Ivana made the country’s junior national ski team which enabled her to travel.

She earned a master’s degree in physical education and learning from Prague University, then married an Austrian ski instructor, a platonic friend, to acquire an Austrian passport.

This permitted her to leave Czechoslovakia, there is no defecting, an interpretation she might return home to visit family.

She obtained an absentee divorce and moved audioeditorfree.come Canada whereby she functioned as a ski instructor and also as a model.

Already fluently in German, Russian and also Czech, she learnt French and also English.

In 1976, Ivana was in a group of models introduced to Donald Trump. They married ~ above April 7, 1977 and also their very first child, Donald trumped Jr to be born ~ above December 31 the year.

Ivana told abc TV America’s Nightline that she insisted on specify name their boy Donald, even though Donald Sr had objected and also said “what if he’s a loser?”.

When your daughter Ivanka was born in October 1981, again Ivana insisted on calling her Ivana Marie ~ herself, Ivanka being an affectionate diminutive in Czech.

Donald had wanted to contact her Tiffany due to the fact that of the deal which offered him the air legal rights over the Tiffany jewellery’s flagship 5th Avenue store, and thus the capability to construct Trump Tower above.

“And I said ‘over my dead body she’s going audioeditorfree.come be called Tiffany’,” Ivana called Nightline.

Trump’s 4th child, audioeditorfree.come Marla Maples would be dubbed Tiffany, but Ivana has actually refused ever to describe the woman who “destroyed my marriage” by name, merely calling her “the showgirl”.

In the 1980s the Trumps became brand-new York’s flashiest power couple.

Ivana held key positions in the trumped Organisation, a group established by Trump’s father and also grandmother i beg your pardon once consisted of hundreds of entities.

She defined Mr Trump as the “visionary” and also herself as the “manager … he would throw the job at me and also once it was run like a Swiss watch, he would throw me another project”.

“I was his partner. I was a very successful businesswoman,” she called ITV’s great Morning Britain.

“I built the trump Tower, ns was flying because that eight years to Atlantic City, in ~ eight o’clock top top helicopter, audioeditorfree.coming earlier at five in afternoon running the casinos.

“Then I operation the Plaza Hotel, i was the boss.”

Ivana provided birth audioeditorfree.come their third child, Eric, in 1984, obtained an internal designer’s licence and also became the trump card Organisation’s chef designer.

Husband and also wife were charismatic, both workaholics, back Ivana takes credit transaction for bringing up the children.

“Full credit,” she told Nightline, “I was very strict yet I was loving.

“Donald was on the telephone make the deals.

“He was a love father, don’t get me wrong, and he was a an excellent provider, yet it to be only as soon as they to be 18 year old the could audioeditorfree.communicate with them.

“He might start to talk organization with them.”

At Christmas time in 1989, the family took a holiday in Aspen whereby Marla Maples appeared and approached Ivana, telling her who she was and also that she was in love through Mr Trump.

The break-up made front web page in the new York Post and also by February 1990, mr Trump had locked Ivana the end of her Plaza Hotel office.

Ivana figured out this as the moment Mr Trump might have do his very first tilt in ~ the presidency, yet that to be “ruined by the scandal of his affair” through “the showgirl”.

“Every American mrs hated him,” she said Nightline.

“And every American hated him. There to be no means he can run.”

Mr trumped married Maples in 1993, who offered birth to their daughter Tiffany in august of the year, and also divorced she in 1999.

In a cameo in the 1996 movie very first Wives Club, Ivana meet the characters played through Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton and also Bette Midler, and says, “and remember, don’t obtain mad, get everything”.

In real life, Ivana and Mr trumped went v two year of hard negotiations over four prenuptial agreements made during their 15-year marriage.

“Donald during the divorce was brutal,” she said.

“He perceived the divorce together a deal and also he cannot lose, he needs to win.

“So that took around two years, and also after the financial situation was straightened up, after ~ all the was resolved we came to be very an excellent friends … we simply talked and also we room friends.”

She called both Nightline and great Morning America in 2017 the she doesn’t abuse the personal line she needs to the president, for fear of make Melania jealous.

“I (don’t) really desire to call him there, due to the fact that Melania is there,” she said.

“And i don’t want to cause any kind that jealousy or something choose that, because I’m basically very first Trump wife. OK? I’m an initial lady,” she said, laughing.

The audioeditorfree.comments, do while Ivana was promoting her book Raising trump card – about bringing up her kids – consisted of Ivana’s observations about Melania’s ability as an initial Lady and hating Washington.

The response, via the an initial Lady’s press secretary, to be swift and scathing.

“Mrs Trump has actually made the White house a home for Barron and The President,” the said.

“She loves life in Washington, DC, and is honoured by her duty as very first Lady the the united States.

“She plans to usage her title and duty to assist children, not market books.

“There is plainly no substance to this statement indigenous an ex. Unfortunately just attention seeking and self-serving noise.”

Following the divorce, Ivana started her very own lines of clothing, fashion jewellery, and beauty products, miscellaneous she later motivated her daughter Ivanka to do.

For 15 year from the mid-90s, she audioeditorfree.composed an advice column Ask Ivana, because that the weekly tabloid Globe, and seemed to drop the surname Trump and also just go with her very first name.

In 1995 she married Ricardo Mazzuchelli, one Italian-born businessman that was older than Mr Trump, and also they divorced 2 years later.

She date playboy Italian aristocrat counting Roffredo Gaetani, that was about ten years younger 보다 her, native 1997 until his death in a vehicle crash in 2005.

Ivana married Italian actor Rossano Rubicondi in 2008, in a $3m ceremony in ~ the trump card Palm beach Florida mansion, Mar-a-Lago whereby Mr trumped married Melania in 2005.

Rubicondi and Ivana divorced the audioeditorfree.complying with year, however she and also the 48-year-old have reunited and also parted number of times.

“The relationship simply ran that course,’ she called the brand-new York Post’s web page Six last year

“Rossano spends a lot of time in Italy and I spend a the majority of time in brand-new York, Miami, and Saint-Tropez, and he needs to work.

“The long-distance partnership really doesn’t work. We had a good time and also are friends. The split was amicable.”

The couple, who showed up on the Italian version of Dancing with the Stars, dubbed Ballando Con Le Stelle, supposedly rowed over the fact that Ivana’s kids were rude audioeditorfree.come him and also did not accept the relationship.

Rubicondi in details disliked Donald trump Jr, who he stated was one “idiot” and also a “jerk”.

Ivana was photographed at St Tropez critical year with a secret younger man, however as she told loose Woman, in an interview in September this year, she was no really interested in dating.

“I’m no really looking,” she said.

“I have a the majority of friends which room audioeditorfree.companions and I go with them for the lunches or the dinners.

“Now we don’t have any balls or opera i m sorry I supplied to walk to, we just don’t have actually it since of the vaccine.

“But I have a many friends.”

Ivana has dismissed suggestions Mr trump card is racialism or sexist, speak “sometimes he states the points which are silly, that don’t really typical them or something prefer that.

“He’s absolutely not racist, I’m sure of that.”


“He treated me fantastic. Donald was always polite.”

When she speak to people magazine throughout the week about Mr Trump agree he had lost the election, Ivana said she hoped her kids could get back to your “normal” lives away native Washington.

however she could envisage a role as future “First Mother” the a president, need to her daughter operation for office in 2024.

“Ivanka, why not?,” she said.

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“She’s in the White residence every day, she’s alongside her father every day.

“I think one say she can be the an initial woman president, definitely, she’s smart as hell, she’s beautiful … just how much deserve to you have?”