Three weddings and three wives carry out an amazing narrative for the 45th president of the United states of America Donald Trump, whose marital relationships to Ivana Trump, Marla Maples and Melania Trump have actually all been well-documented over time. While 2 out of the three marital relationships failed, lot has because been revealed around the relationships—in an excellent detail—since they"ve ended. Below, take it a look earlier at Donald Trump"s weddings to Ivana, Marla and Melania, plus additional marriage details.

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Donald trumped Wedding to Ivana Trump

In 1977, Donald Trump and Czech aboriginal Ivana Zelnícková married in a an enig ceremony. The wedding was so furtive and also private that no images were exit from the uber exclusive nuptials. Together, the arourted power pair welcomed three children, Donald Jr., Ivanka and also Eric Trump. However, together the couple grew accustomed come the spotlight, their personal lives were significantly seen as tabloid fodder in their 14 years of marriage.

It wasn"t until Trump was captured cheating in 1989 on his wife v Marla Maples, in a really public affair, the a divorce ended up being imminent. In fact, the not-so-covert affair got to a heat pitch ~ above the cold slopes that Aspen in a confrontation at Bonnie"s. "I feel for her," Marla called Vanity Fair in 1990. "I think she must have known in her heart that wasn"t around me. There would certainly never have been any kind of discussion that my and Donald"s friendship if things had been good… ns was his friend for for this reason long and also I constantly claimed to him, "Stay and make it work. Don"t provide up the marriage—you"ve got your kids.""

Decades later, Ivana tho disapproves. "I don"t talk about her," Ivana told CBS This Morning in 2017. "She"s a showgirl. Never accomplish anything in she life." Eventually, after ~ much back and forth, the couple settled because that $14 million, a small sum considering Trump was on the brink that bankruptcy at the time. Ultimately, Ivana agreed come the amount since she supposedly feared he would certainly go bankrupt. ("She desires a billion, yet we just don"t have it," Maples as soon as complained come VF.)

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Donald Trump and Marla Maples" Wedding

Following the fallout v his very first wife, Donald Trump relocated onto his 2nd marriage through his former mistress, Marla Maples. The pair first met famously after a fateful conference on Madison Avenue. "I had actually seen that at various places transparent the years," Maples called VF, "and simply said hello, ns was simply somebody that shook hands with."

In October 1993, Maples invited his daughter, Tiffany, and the pair was married 2 months later. By 1999, they to be divorced. "I think you always hope in marriage to bring out the finest in every other, however after countless years us realized, us weren"t," Maples, a former Georgia beauty, beauty queen, called Access Hollywood Live. "And climate you need to move on… and you recognize girls in your twenties, girlfriend think you can adjust them in a way."

The former couple"s 1993 wedding took place at the Plaza, and also the bride wore a silk, sleeved gown by Carolina Herrera through an estimated $2 million tiara. Guests noshed ~ above delicacies ranging from beef, acting fish, caviar and lamb. The couple"s seven-tier wedding cake was a lavish touch come the affair (no pun intended).