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American Broadcasting agency (ABC), major American television network that is a division of the Disney Company. That headquarters room in brand-new York City.


The company’s background traces to 1926, once the Radio coporation, group of America (now RCA Corporation) and two various other firms started the nationwide Broadcasting firm (NBC) to operate a nationwide radio transfer network. NBC expanded so swiftly that by 1927 it discovered itself through an overfill of affiliates in the very same cities, for this reason it split its programming right into two different networks, called the Red and also the Blue networks. After the Federal interactions Commission (FCC) claimed in 1941 the no agency could own much more than one radio network, NBC in 1943 sold the less-lucrative Blue Network to Edward J. Noble, the millionaire machine of Life Savers candy, who initially renamed that the American broadcasting System before settling on the name the American broadcasting Company, Inc. (ABC). Abc was the the smallest of the significant radio networks and also distinguished chin by hiring popular singer Bing crosby to execute on a weekly variety series. As a precondition because that his employment, Crosby forced that he be allowed to prerecord the program for later broadcast; as a result, ABC ended up being a pioneer in the field of magnetic recording.

Focus ~ above television

ABC rotate its attention to television in 1948 but met with tiny success until it linked with joined Paramount Theatres (UPT), previously the movie-exhibition arm of paramount Pictures. The $25 million revenue of alphabet to UPT, which to be headed by Leonard Goldenson, was announced in 1951 however was not approved by the FCC till 1953. (In 1955 ABC likewise entered the recording service with the acquisition of a subsidiary and, end the years, under the consolidated ABC records Division, emerged such labels as ABC, Westminster, Dot, and also Impulse.) also though the merger provided ABC through a much-needed infusion of capital, the network still short the resources to match the expensive live programming available by the Columbia Broadcast system (CBS) and also the national Broadcasting firm (NBC). ABC discovered a systems to its vain disadvantage through entering into mutually valuable deals with significant Hollywood producer to administer top-quality filmed programs. The an initial such producer to be Walt Disney, whose renowned Disneyland anthology series premiered on abc in 1954 and allowed the network to entice big-money advertisers and also expand its roster of regional affiliates. The network likewise forged a rewarding alliance through Warner Brothers, which detailed ABC with the famous western Maverick (1957–62), the private-eye series 77 Sunset Strip (1958–64), and other successful programs.

Specializing in offbeat programming calculated to set it apart from the other networks, ABC gone into into together risky ventures as The Flintstones (1960–66), a prime-time man cartoon series, and Batman (1966–68), a live-action spoof that comic-book superheroes, that paid off in huge ratings and profits. And after unsuccessfully trying to wrest far the significant American sports events from NBC and CBS, ABC emerged the omnibus series Wide civilization of Sports (1961–98), which, together with its groundbreaking weeknight telecast of the nationwide Football League, Monday Night Football (1970–2005, and also on cable subsidiary ESPN start in 2006), offered as the cornerstone for the network’s long dominance in the ar of televised strong competition under the leadership of ABC sports president Roone Arledge.

ABC’s gold era began with the arrival of programming executive Fred Silverman in 1975. Establishing a schedule the audience-pleasing instance comedies (Happy Days <1974–84>, Laverne and also Shirley <1976–83>, and Three’s Company <1977–84>) and sexually fee dramatic collection (Charlie’s Angels <1976–81>, The Love Boat <1977– 86>, and Fantasy Island <1978–84>), Silverman rapidly elevated abc to the coveted number one slot. Maybe to against criticism the its lowbrow entertainment fare, the network readily available a variety of prestige projects during the Silverman years, notably the blockbuster miniseries Roots (1977). ABC also earned praise as the an initial network to rental a mrs (Barbara Walters) come anchor its nightly newscast, back its news division did not completely blossom till the introduction of the current-events collection 20/20 (1978– ) and Nightline (1980– ).

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ABC to be purchased by funding Cities Broadcasting because that $5.5 billion in 1986 and was subsequently acquired by the Disney company for $19 billion in 1995. The network ongoing to grow into the 21st century through prime-time collection such as Who desires to it is in a Millionaire (1999–2002, 2009), Lost (2004–10), Desperate Housewives (2004–12), Grey’s Anatomy (2005– ), and also Dancing v the Stars (2005– ), along with long-running daytime tv series such together One Life to Live (1968–2012) and General Hospital (1963– ).