One that Discovery"s — and also now Discovery+"s — flagship programs, "Deadliest Catch," is at this time knee-deep in its 17th season and also rapidly draw close the 300 illustration mark. In the time, the collection has bring away viewers top top expeditions across the Bering Sea turn off the coast of Alaska, documenting the turbulent resides of the fisherman seeking substantial crab hauls in the region. There"s no shortage that danger, drama, crushing failure, and heartwarming success on these adventures, hence why "Deadliest Catch" is now seen as a constant on the small screen and keeps viewers coming ago for more.

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Now over 15 years removed from that is premiere, "Deadliest Catch" has undergone some far-ranging changes, specifically in terms of its cast. Because that instance, one surname that has actually risen to importance is Captain Jake Anderson — a skilled skateboarder and fourth-generation fisherman who landed on the display during Season 3. Constantly eager come prove himself, the hasn"t had actually it straightforward on the high seas, particularly when it concerns earning the respect that his peers, yet he presses on all the same. This committed attitude led him to captain a famous ship known as the F/V Saga, acquisition over for its previous captain, Elliott Neese.

For those keeping a near eye on the latest "Deadliest Catch" season, it"s apparent that The Saga hasn"t featured together prominently as it once did. Here"s what"s walk on v Captain Anderson"s ship.

For the first couple of episodes the "Deadliest Catch" Season 17, The Saga was i do not have anything to be found. Part fans questioned if Captain Jake Anderson"s vessel lastly sank, and others pondered whether or not it was simply being repaired because that unknown reasons. Every one of this speculation was placed to bed as soon as it reemerged in the illustration "Restricted Zone," i m sorry aired on might 25, 2021, v its lack never completely explained. Nevertheless, it has actually gone ~ above to make a few more appearances to the pleasure of fans, as soon as again putting its reputation as a rough and also tough fishing boat on complete display.

To put it mildly, the tradition of The Saga is one riddled through near-tragedy and also incredibly nearby calls. As described by Distractify, the 42-year old ship has become a never-ending restoration job for Anderson, seeing together it has practically sunk on numerous occasions. One particularly infamous circumstances of this came throughout the 19th episode of Season 16, "Rogue tide Juggernaut," as soon as The Saga"s rudder began to fail. This intended the crew had to resolve it in perilous waters, or rather they"d shed control, and also it would inevitably sink. Very sewing the team avoided disaster, yet this is just a small taste that The Saga"s misfortune.

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It took longer than most had anticipated, however the F/V Saga is ago out on the water and doing well. How long the will be able to do so stays to it is in seen, however it stand to reason that should issues arise, Captain Jake Anderson won"t permit the tenured boat to go down without a fight.