Days of ours Lives is one of the four daytime soap operas left on TV alongside General HospitalThe Young and the Restless, and The Bold and the Beautiful.

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Back in the day, soap operas supplied to conquer the television landscape, yet it’s clear the they have been top top a decrease in the previous several years.

Nevertheless, countless fans still reap watching soaps since they organize a lot of history within them contrasted to other shows the go turn off the air after a couple of seasons.Days of our Lives, for example, is an example of a regimen that has been approximately for generations. However just just how long has the display been on TV for and is it likely that that will finish soon? review on listed below to uncover out.

What is ‘Days of our Lives’ about?


Deidre Hall and cast members native ‘Days Of ours Lives’ | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Days of ours Lives focuses on the world who live in a fictitious Midwest town dubbed Salem. While various other soaps on TV today favor to phone call stories around opulent, affluent characters, Days of ours Livesis well-known for featuring people who are more middle-class and also relatable to mean Americans.

The present initially concentrated the many on members of the Horton family members when it an initial premiered. However, end the years, other households have been added to the mix together well, such as the Bradys, the DiMeras, the Johnsons, and the Kiriakises.

Days of our Lives complies with the members of these clans as they go with the ups and downs that life. Like many soaps, the display alsohooks viewers in v gripping storylines around crimes, mysteries, and also heartbreaks.

How long has actually ‘Days of our Lives’ been on TV?

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Days of our Lives premiered top top NBC in November 1965. Therefore far, the series has 55 seasons.

Because it has been top top the air because that so long, Days of our Lives has actually a very rich background filled v memorable storylines the fans still talk about today. For example, the illustration in the 1960s and also 1970s were well-known for your love triangles. And in the 1980s, Salem was haunted through the “Salem Strangler,” a person who murdered countless women in the town.

Over the years, over there have likewise been a number of “supercouples” that fans can not get enough of top top the show. Because that example, these “supercouples” incorporate Doug and Julie Williams, Bo Brady and Hope Williams Brady, man Black and Marlena Evans, and also Chad DiMera and also Abigail Deveraux.

Days of our Lives has had numerous historic moments as well. The featured an interracial couple for a few years in the 1970’s in ~ a time when this to be a taboo subject for television.

In 2012, the show also received praise for special a same-sex relationship and being the very first daytime soap to present a same-sex wedding.

What go the future look favor for ‘Days of our Lives’?

Since soap operas are no longer as well-known as they offered to be, there space no doubt many fans whoare continuous wondering about what the future holds for Days of ours Lives.

In November 2019, there to be reports that the entire actors of the present had been released from your contracts and thatDays of ours Lives was being placed on unknown hiatus. This placed a most viewers on edge as they had no idea what was happening come the lover soap.

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However, that didn’t take long before word obtained out the NBC had actually renewed the show until 2021. Soap main also reassured fans that “the reports that Days of our Lives’ fatality have turned the end to be greatly exaggerated.”

It seems that, because that now,Days of our Livesis not going all over soon, and also the townspeople of Salem will proceed to it is in a part of fans’ stays as they have actually been because that decades.