Long-running docu-reality series Cops is earlier in production 4 months ~ it was canceled by paramount Network. In a push release placed out ~ above Sept. 30, the Spokane ar Sheriff’s Office announced that two Cops film crews have actually been riding through Spokane ar Sheriff’s Office and also Spokane valley Deputies due to the fact that September. Filming will proceed through the very first week that November.

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“We have a longstanding connection with Cops and Langley productions, and also we space pleased castle have decided to return, highlighting the outstanding work our Deputies carry out to all of you,” the Sheriff’s Department claimed in the push release, adding that Cops film crews have actually ridden with Spokane ar Sheriff’s Office and Spokane valley Deputies for many years.

A spokesperson because that Cops producer Langley Prods. Called audioeditorfree.com the the show is developing fresh episodes for worldwide territories only, and there room no plans for them to air in the U.S.

Cops‘ six-year run on big Network and also its predecessor involved an finish in June. In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, the series was an initial pulled native the schedule and also subsequently cancelled through the ViacomCBS network. The likewise themed Live PD was additionally canceled through A&E.

Cops premiered ~ above Fox in 1989 and also aired for 25 seasons. The show was resurrected in 2013 once Spike TV ordered brand-new episodes. Spike TVrebranded together Paramount Network in 2018, with the docuseries carried over to the brand-new network. It was about to premiere the 33rd season as soon as it was taken turn off the air.

The show’s return to Spokane has separated the local community. Clock a neighborhood news story ~ above the problem below:

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