An unpronounceable name, a seminude photo and also a milestone win: within Coach K"s an initial season at Duke
Duke Blue Devils basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski to retire after ~ season; Jon Scheyer named successor


Duke"s Mike Krzyzewski is the winningest coach in Div. I men"s basketball background and one of simply six coaches to reach 900 career victories.

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CoachDiv. Ns wins
Mike Krzyzewski1,170
Jim Boeheim982
Jim Calhoun918
Roy Williams903
Bob Knight902
Bob Huggins900

He has actually tailored his approach to adapt v the times and also his personnel. He won the 2010 title v a senior-laden roster, then declared the 2015 championship ~ pivoting to more one-and-done talent the headed come the NBA ~ a lone college season play in Duke"s famously hostile Cameron indoor Stadium.

His tally of 97 NCAA competition wins ranking No. 1 amongst all coaches, together does his 126 mainly atop the associated Press optimal 25 poll.

Overall, including his 5 seasons together head coach at military at the start of his career, Krzyzewski has a 1,170-361 record.

Along the way, he also took over the U.S. Men"s national team -- with NBA All-Star rosters special names such together the late Kobe Bryant and also LeBron James -- and also led it to Olympic gold in Beijing in 2008, London in 2012 and Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

"I have the right to say without skepticism that Mike Krzyzewski is the greatest coach in the background of men"s college basketball," Price said. "This is clearly demonstrated by his remarkable success at battle each other ... And also his business to our nation as the head coach that USA Basketball. But the true measure up of his excellence is an ext personal. The is in his resolute commitment come integrity, fairness, and inclusion; in his transformational impact on collegiate athletics and the Durham community; in the joy, generosity, and also inspiration the has carried to numerous fans; and in his duty as guide and teacher of thousands of players, coaches, and also staff in ~ Duke and beyond."

Duke let go the NCAA tournament this previous season for the very first time due to the fact that 1995, but the Blue Devils welcomed one of the nation"s height recruiting classes because that the comes season.

Tough come Beat

Naismith hall of Famer Mike Krzyzewski ranking at or close to the top of many career perform among division I men"s university basketball coaches:

"To think that November might be the critical time I ever before coach versus Mike Krzyzewski is tough to believe," said Kentucky"s man Calipari, who Wildcats are set to take on the Blue Devils at the State farm yard Champions classic at Madison Square Garden top top Nov. 9. "For as long as I can remember, Coach K has actually been identified not only with Duke yet with university basketball. His benchmark the excellence for virtually 50 years has actually pushed every one of us.

"Personally, that has tested me as a coach and a recruiter. We have actually competed against one an additional because that"s what we carry out as coaches, but the respect I have for Mike and also all the he has done for our game and coaches goes so far beyond the battles we have had on the court end the years."

Scheyer, whose critical season play under Krzyzewski resulted in his mentor"s 4th NCAA location in 2010, join the duke staff for the 2013-14 season and also rose come his current duty after the 2017-18 season.

He offered as interim coach critical year for battle each other when Krzyzewski to be sidelined for a January win versus Boston College as result of COVID-19 protocols. Scheyer has never to be a university head coach.

"Cutting come the chase, Mike Krzyzewski is simply difficult to replace," White said. "That said, Jon Scheyer is without a doubt the pure perfect leader to assume this "high wire" challenge. Jon truly embodies every the characteristics of a solid and figured out leader. ... Furthermore, Jon fully understands every the prompt (evolving) difficulties facing university athletics, and also specifically university basketball."

The news about Krzyzewski comes nearly two month to the day the Williams, an additional Hall the Famer in the state, announced his retirement after 33 periods with Kansas and also the Tar Heels.

"The just thing wrong v Mike Krzyzewski is the he doesn"t beat golf," Williams called reporters ~ above Wednesday. "Michael doesn"t require Roy Williams offering him advice. He"s a good family man. He"s walking to enjoy his family members a good deal. He"ll still be important in university athletics. He"ll still be crucial to university basketball."

Utah Jazz coach Quin Snyder, a former battle each other team captain that went top top to become an assistant coach v the Blue Devils, said he likewise believes Krzyzewski is "someone that will still continue to give himself to the game, to his players, his support of Jon and the rest of your staff, the team and the university."

"Obviously, it will certainly be various not seeing him on the sideline, however I think you"ll watch him and you"ll feel him in many of the same methods -- just not as visibly," Snyder said Wednesday, before his team play the Memphis Grizzlies in video game 5 of their first-round NBA playoff series.

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A news conference because that Krzyzewski is planned for Thursday at 11:30 a.m. ET, if one because that Scheyer is set for Friday in ~ 11 a.m.