Though The big Bang Theory sheathe up with a tear-filled finale on may 16, 2019, old illustration of the well-known sitcom continue to it is in beloved by millions of fans. Offered the crazy success that the display — the comedy finished season 12 together the most-viewed entertainment show in all of network television — it"s tough to imagine why the Emmy-winning series would all of sudden end. The answer? Apparently, Jim Parsons, who starred together Dr. Sheldon Cooper, opted not to renew his contract.

Though The Hollywood Reporter claims the CBS and producers at Warner Bros to be talking around a potential 13th season, Jim was all set to move on.

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"It to be the very first time in mine life of act this show that it arisen to me that I can want come not do one more contract ~ 12 was up," Jim told the outlet in may 2019. "I don"t understand if it"s because I"m an Aries or just because maybe I"m in touch v myself. Every little thing it is, as soon as I had actually that thought, i was like, "Well, that"s your answer.""

While additional explaining his suggest to Entertainment Weekly, Jim made that clear the it would certainly be difficult to speak goodbye to his co-stars Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, Mayim Bialik, Melissa Rauch, Kunal Nayyar, and Simon Helberg.

"There is no an adverse reason to protect against doing Big Bang. The felt favor we have been may be to execute this for so many years now, it doesn’t feel like there is noþeles left top top the table," he explained. "Not that us couldn’t save doing it, however it feels choose we’ve chewed every the meat off this bone."


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Most recently, Jim touch on the subject of leave Big Bang behind in an interview ~ above the David Tennant does a Podcast v ... podcast. He obtained his very first inclination come leave once he to be juggling multiple work in addition to play Sheldon — in 2018, he performed in the Broadway pat Boys in the Band.

His dog dying likewise had a factor in his decision, together did a damaged foot injury, which he got throughout a curtain call. But his last "moment of clarity" was when he started thinking about his late father. That realized that by the finish of season 12, he would certainly be 46 – simply six year younger than once his dad died.

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And so, that told Big Bang authors Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro that he was prepared to move on and also take on brand-new projects and also challenges.

“It to be clarity thrust upon you, together Shakespeare can have said," Jim said around his 2018 summer in new York. “I didn’t know that ns was searching for it but between the dog and the foot, ns was as with ... ‘Okay. Let"s take charge here.""

When finding out that Jim was out, chuck knew the The big Bang Theory merely couldn"t continue on there is no Sheldon.

"I couldn"t wrap my head around the idea of walking on there is no the whole ensemble — and also the entirety ensemble is why we succeeded," Chuck claimed to THR.

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"In pulling that apart and re-approaching it together a fraction of what it was just never felt right to me. I"ve seen various other shows try and fail to take it a character the end of their realm and also carry top top ..."

And through that, the long-running series, which logged a total of 279 episodes, pertained to an finish after 12 years. Top top the bright side though, Jim is still really much associated as an executive, management producer and also the narrator that The huge Bang Theory prequel spinoff Young Sheldon, which follows the childhood the the brilliant fictitious scientist.