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Andrew Luck stunned the NFL when he announced his shock retirement from professional football in 2019. The Indianapolis Colts quarterback was simply 29 years old when he decided to contact a seemingly premature finish to his career, and walking far in the center of his contract through the franchise.

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While lucky had dealt with his re-superstructure of injuries, including a bizarre, lingering shoulder ailment, no one meant he was ready to notice the conclusion that his playing days.

Considering his age, Luck remained in line because that at least one an ext massive contract when his transaction expired in 2021. Colts owner Jim Irsay said Luck left as much as $450 million on the table when he retired.

While all the money is nothing but fiction now, it does raise the question: just how much money did Andrew Luck make in his NFL career?

Early Life and also College career

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Andrew Austen Luck was born in Washington, D.C., to parents Oliver Luck and Kathy Wilson. His father was briefly the commissioner for the XFL, to be the athletic Director and former quarterback at West Virginia University, and additionally played in the NFL because that the Houston Oilers soccer team.

Andrew to be the oldest of four children, consisting of brother Addison and also sisters mar Ellen and Emily.

Luck spent some of his childhood abroad, living in London and Frankfurt if his father worked as general manager of two groups in the human being League of American Football. When overseas, the attended the American college of London and Frankfurt worldwide School.


Back in the joined States, Luck to be a high school All-American football player in ~ Stratford High school in Texas. He was a heavily-recruited quarterback coming the end of high school and ended up committing come play for Jim Harbaugh in ~ Stanford University.

Across three years v the program, Luck perfect runner-up because that the Heisman Trophy in two separate seasons, throwing because that 82 touchdowns and just 22 interceptions in his collegiate career. He won Pac-10 offensive Player the the Year in 2010 and also was called MVP of the Orange Bowl.

In 2011, Luck was the Maxwell compensation winner and also the Pac-12 offensive Player the the Year, cementing self as one of the ideal quarterbacks in college football history.

NFL Career

171 passing touchdowns.14 rushing touchdowns.

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Luck?s university football career made that the obvious selection to it is in the No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, and also he was hastily got hold of by the Indianapolis Colts to replace Peyton Manning as the franchise cornerstone.

As a rookie, he threw for 23 touchdowns and 18 interceptions, top a Colts team the finished 2-14 the ahead year to an 11-5 record and also a playoff berth in the AFC. Regardless of his strong season, both he and Russell Wilson finished behind Robert Griffin III in the Rookie of the Year voting.


The gunslinger do the agree Bowl in every of his first three years in the league, walk 11-5 in all three seasons. That tossed a league-high 40 touchdowns in 2014 and threw for 4,761 happen yards.

Injury derailed his 2015 campaign, and he to be sidelined through kidney and abdominal muscle ailments which finished his season after just seven games.

In 2016, the Colts and also Luck i agreeed on a massive contract extension which made him the highest-paid player in the league. Happy signed a six-year, $122.9 million attend to $87 million in guarantee money and a $32 million signing bonus. He had a solid year in 2016, but announced ~ the season that he?d it is in undergoing surgical procedure on his throw shoulder to exactly an problem he?d to be dealing with due to the fact that 2015.

Initially, Luck to be anticipated come be earlier in time for the regular season in 2017, but his timeline to return indigenous his shoulder injury kept gaining delayed. Midway into the season, v Jacoby Brissett acting as his replacement, the Colts finished Luck?s season by placing him on IR.

Luck came earlier in 2018 and threw 39 touchdown passes while top Indy come a 10-6 record, earning his 4th Pro key nod and being named Comeback Player the the Year. Despite that award, Luck’s comeback stalled there, together that would certainly be his last season in the NFL.

Across his career, lucky featured in eight playoff games yet never make the at sight Bowl. Luck and also the Colts make the AFC Championship in 2014, yet were demolished 45-7 by Tom Brady and the brand-new England Patriots.

By retiring early, lucky forfeited the staying $58.125 million on his contract, including his roster bonus that $6 million.

Personal Life

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Andrew Luck gained married to former Stanford gymnast Nicole Pechanec in march 2019 at a exclusive ceremony in Prague. The two Stanford graduates met at school, where they both studied architectural engineering. Luck and Pechanec welcomed their daughter Lucy Luck in November 2019.

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Andrew Luck net Worth

Would be hard to find a nicer QB 보다 Andrew Luck.

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