Toxicology: Results, Reporting, & services

Quest Diagnostics offers results in a variety of reporting approaches to do the details easily obtainable to the medical professional in a fashionable manner.

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Communicating immediate Results

The provider who requests a check is responsible for providing 24-hour reliable contact information because that STAT and also priority reporting. The human being notified have to be the notified provider or her/his authorized representative as permitted or compelled by state and federal law, and also who has actually the obligation of interpreting the result in the context of the patient’s clinical condition and can take instant action, if needed. If the person notified is no qualified to make these decisions, he/she has the responsibility to communicate the details to a qualified person immediately.

STAT test outcomes will be reported because that tests that have actually been ordered as STAT through the customer and are readily available as a STAT test by the pursuit Diagnostics activities receiving the specimen. We will use reasonable efforts to promptly communicate STAT test outcomes at any type of hour that the day, 7 days/week.

Priority result Reporting

Our Priority result Reporting Policy has special an alert for outcomes that may require fist by the health care provider front to continuous delivery that results. The priority an outcome reporting is in add

ition come the consistent reporting procedures for every test results. Clients might review our Priority values on the search Diagnostics website. Due to the fact that no perform of critical and priority values satisfies every clinical situation, we enable for a restricted degree of customization to fit your practice requirements. To customize your vital or priority values, contact customer Services at 866-MYQUEST (1-866-697-8378).

Priority-1 test outcomes include, but are not limited to, results considered “critical” follow to the Clinical Laboratory development Amendments that 1988 (CLIA) and also the university of American Pathologists (CAP) activities Accreditation Program and also so designated through the Chief activities Officer or designee. Since test outcomes cannot be fully interpreted without knowledge of the patient’s current clinical condition and treatment, us will use reasonable initiatives to promptly connect Priority-1 results at any hour the the day, 7 days/week so the the health care provider can determine the clinical effects and feasible need for instant attention.

Priority-2 test results are those that might require attention prior to the receipt of regimen laboratory reports. Us will usage reasonable initiatives to promptly connect these outcomes the same day (up to 7pm) or the following morning (after 7am), seven days/week. For facilities that are well-known to united state as a nursing house or hospital, we will usage reasonable initiatives to promptly connect these outcomes at any type of hour that the day, 7 days/week. Tests marked Priority 2WD space called in between 7 am and 7 pm weekdays.

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Priority-3 reporting uses only to customers who sole means of obtaining pursuit Diagnostics laboratory outcomes is the published report (i.e., receiving just mailed or courier-delivered reports) and to clients who have requested Priority-3 report in writing. These are test outcomes that may require attention prior to receipt the the published report and will be referred to as during weekday working hours.

Reissued Reports

These room patient clinical reports that room reissued with changes or addendums to the previously-delivered report. After ~ the change or addition is made, they are sent out to the client again through these designations:

Revised: Any readjust in check result(s)

Amended: A adjust in the age/DOB or sex that influence the reference range of previously-reported test outcomes or exactly how the outcomes are flagged (e.g., abnormal) A change in client-provided info (e.g., clinical info from the requisition form) previously-reported, v no change in actual test an outcome values Addendum: New, or additional, information added to a previously-reported an outcome Confirmatory: Indication that a repeat test inquiry was performed and also the previously-reported results are confirmed


1.medMATCH®: optional report attribute indicates if the patient’s outcomes are consistent with the prescribed medicine 2.Easily obtainable reports with Quanum™ eLabs , with the choice of virtual ordering i beg your pardon reduces the danger of warrior errors- no require to attend to faxes or record trails 3.EPrescribing, creative feature of Quanum™, that provides online access to patients’ labs, meds, and also other relevant clinical details while reducing the danger of adverse drug-to-drug effects and helps recognize contradictions