TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — following an order indigenous Gov. Ron DeSantis, the Florida department of Health and the Florida room of Emergency administration are severing every ties with quest Diagnostics after ~ the rap failed come "follow Florida law and report every COVID-19 outcomes in a stylish manner."

In a push release, state officials say pursuit failed to report virtually 75,000 results, several of which date back to April. Leaders say the backlog of results were included to Tuesday"s coronavirus report.

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Quest told the state everyone who had actually tested hopeful were notified of your results. According to the state, this "unacceptable recording of test results is a data issue and does not impact the health and wellness of people or the spread out of COVID-19 in Florida."

Quest Diagnostics is a nationwide lab that provides testing at exclusive sites and likewise does minimal testing through the state that Florida.

“The law requires all COVID-19 outcomes to be reported to DOH in a stylish manner," DeSantis said. "To drop this much unusable and stale data is irresponsible. I believe that Quest has actually abdicated their capability to do a testing function in Florida the the people can be confident in. Therefore I am directing every executive agencies to sever your COVID-19 testing relationships through Quest efficient immediately.”

On Monday, the governor"s office was told the practically 75,000 tests would certainly be gone into into the wellness department"s COVID-19 tracking system. Most of the data is an ext than two weeks old, v some outcomes as old as nearly five months.

The wellness department states that without the backlog of quest results, Tuesday"s report for new COVID-19 instances for Aug. 31 is 3,773 cases with a positivity price of 5.9 percent.

“It sends out a message around being sloppy and patient top quality that feeds involves of transparency and also trust human being have in the system,” said Dr. Jay Wolfson through the college of south Florida.

"Quest Diagnostics takes serious our responsibility to report activities data come public health authorities in a timely path to aid pandemic response. As result of a technical issue, our report of a subset of public wellness COVID-19 check data to the Florida room of health and wellness was delayed. This subset involves nearly 75,000 that the approximately 1.4 million COVID-19 exam we had actually performed and also reported to the state.

We apologize for this matter and also regret the an obstacle it poses because that public wellness authorities in Florida. The problem has due to the fact that been resolved. Importantly, the problem did not affect or delay reporting of test results to providers and also patients.

Quest Diagnostics has provided more COVID-19 testing on behalf of the citizens of Florida than any kind of other laboratory and also we think we are well positioned to continue to effectively assist patient care and also public health response for the state. Us remain open up to working through the state department of health to carry out testing that meets the needs forced for patient care and public health response."

Wolfson stated this reflects the state the Florida is no messing around when it involves testing backlogs. But, with search Diagnostics transporting 1.4 million outcomes to the state, an ext than any other lab, over there is a big void to fill.

"It method in the brief term the state has actually to find a way to fill the gap," he said. "The state is trying to enhance waiting times. It"s a wake-up contact for everybody."

There are an ext than 100 labs the state the Florida uses to process COVID-19 test results. One is activities Corporations that America, which has turned in practically 915,000 tests. An additional is AdventHealth, which has actually opened several testing sites about Tampa Bay.

This isn"t the an initial time there has actually been a reported worry with a experimentation lab in the state. Ago in May, AdventHealth report it would certainly be cutting ties v a 3rd party lab after the rap failed to gain the tests back to the hospital team in a fashionable manner. That hold-up impacted 33,000 coronavirus test statewide.

Other claims have also had troubles with quest Diagnostics. The Montana room of Health shown it had reduced ties v the rap in so late July.

Nationwide, critical month the FDA warned a widely provided coronavirus test can lead come false results for patients. Thermo Fisher"s TaqPath genetic test had problems relating to laboratory equipment and also software supplied to operation the test, which might lead come inaccuracies, regulators said.

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