If you"re hosting dinner for Thanksgiving, heaven knows you"ve gained a liven week. You"ll should plan and also shop because that the Thanksgiving menu, decorate with Thanksgiving centerpieces and also table settings, and also you should most likely bake at least one or 2 Thanksgiving desserts.

Then top top the large day you require to cook the Thanksgiving side dishes and also it doesn"t pains to have a clever system or two to store old family debates from flaring up, choose say, Thanksgiving party games.

So don"t kick you yourself if you suddenly can"t remember as soon as you must start thawing the frozen-solid turkey so that it"s oven-ready ~ above Thanksgiving morning.

Whether you"re analysis this two weeks the end or just hours before guests arrive, we"ll assist you safe thaw your frozen turkey so the everyone"s may be to enjoy a slice or 2 of their favorite light or dark meat.

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Best method: Thaw in the refrigerator.

When time is her friend, the refrigerator is the easiest and safest means to thaw a frozen bird. That"s because, if that doesn"t sit the end at room temp, no component of it deserve to get over 40 degrees, entering the temp variety that the FDA calls "the hazard zone," i m sorry is as soon as bacteria deserve to start growing.

Simply leave the turkey in that packaging or pave in a plastic bag, set it in a pan, and also put it on a shelf in her refrigerator where it can thaw. You"ll want to allow roughly 24 hours for every 5 pounds of bird.

So a 20-pound turkey will need to be in the fridge no later than the Sunday morning prior to Thanksgiving come defrost completely, when a smaller 10 pound turkey will must go in by Tuesday morning.

Here"s space some basic thaw time and weight guidelines:

1 come 7 pounds: 1 day8 come 11 pounds: 2 days12 to 15 pounds: 3 job 16 plus pounds: 4 days

Quick(er) method: Defrost your turkey in the sink.

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If girlfriend don"t have 4 days, you deserve to defrost your turkey a tiny faster utilizing the cold water method, but it will take an ext attention and won"t have to defrost as evenly. For this method, friend will place the turkey in cold water (not warm!) in her sink.

First, ar a pan or bucket in the sink (or clean the sink and also plug the up), then fill it partway v cold water. Ar your frozen turkey in and set a timer: You"ll need to adjust out the water every 30 minutes to ensure the the surface of the meat doesn"t rise over 40 degrees.

You could be thinking, "won"t hot water will work-related faster?" execute not perform this! The warm water will permit the surface ar of the meat to spend method too long over 40°F, if the facility of the bird is quiet frozen, an interpretation bacteria might grow ~ above it and also your guests might end up obtaining sick.

To perform this, leaving the turkey in its packaging or wrap the tightly in plastic wrap to keep it from obtaining waterlogged. Totally submerge it in water by put something hefty on top.

If you go through this method, you"ll need around thirty minutes every pound. Therefore a 10-pound turkey must be prepared for the oven in around 5 hours, when a 20 pound turkey will need at least 10 hrs to completely defrost. And it has to go right right into the oven once it"s defrosted. Don"t placed a turkey you"ve defrosted in the sink earlier into the fridge.

Here space some more basic times and weights for this method:

1 come 7 pounds: up to 3 1/2 hours8 to 11 pounds: approximately 5 1/2 hours12 come 15 pounds: approximately 7 1/2 hours16 to add pounds: at least 8 hours
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Help! ns completely forgot come defrost it, and guests are due soon!

Okay, don"t worry! If it"s Thanksgiving morning and also you"ve uncovered that her turkey is quiet frozen, you have the right to roast a turkey right from the freezer. It"s no the best means to cook a turkey, however it"ll work, it"ll be safe, and also it"s much better than make the efforts to uncover takeout ~ above the third Thursday in November.

Here"s what to do: Preheat your range to 325°F, put the turkey in the roasting pan, make certain anything within the cavity is removed (neck, gizzard, etc), dust the optimal with plenty of salt, and then put it in the range for about 50% much longer than friend planned to cook the s turkey for. (A 20 lb turkey that would have actually needed 4 come 4 1/2 hours at 325°F, will certainly now require 6 to 6 3/4 hours.) That"s it. That"s the method.

You can"t brine or really butter a frozen turkey, but it will thaw and also then cook in the oven. Start checking the temperature about 30-45 minutes before you mean it to it is in done.

Use a thermometer, and also when the chest meat close come the bone (but not touching) says 160 - 165°F, climate take it the end of the oven and let it remainder for around 30 minutes. It"ll be cooked through and also ready to carve and also eat. (In situation you need it, here"s just how to carve a turkey choose a pro. You"re welcome.)

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