The Federal trade Commission (FTC) amended the audioeditorfree.com Sales dominion (TSR) to give consumers a selection about even if it is they want to receive most audioeditorfree.com calls. As of October 1, 2003, it ended up being illegal for many telemarketers or sellers to speak to a number provided on the national Do Not call Registry.

Who might or might Not Call?

Who is extended by the nationwide Do Not contact Registry?

The nationwide Do Not contact Registry applies to any plan, program, or campaign to sell products or services through interstate phone calls. This includes telemarketers that solicit consumers, regularly on behalf of third party sellers. It also includes sellers that provide, market to provide, or species to provide goods or solutions to consumer in exchange for payment.

The national Do Not call Registry does not limit calls by politics organizations, charities, or telephone surveyors.

For an ext information, please see FTC INFORMATION and also DOCUMENTS below.

What about an established service relationship?

A telemarketer or seller may speak to a consumer with whom it has actually an established organization relationship for as much as 18 months after the consumer"s last purchase, delivery, or payment—even if the consumer"s number is ~ above the nationwide Do Not call Registry. In addition, a company may contact a consumer for up to 3 months after ~ the consumer makes an inspection or submits an application to the company. And if a consumer has offered a company written permission, the agency may call even if the consumer"s number is ~ above the nationwide Do Not speak to Registry.

One caveat: if a consumer asks a company not to call, the agency may not call, also if over there is an established organization relationship. Indeed, a agency may not contact a consumer—regardless of whether the consumer"s number is top top the registry—if the consumer has asked come be put on the company"s very own do not contact list.

For more information, please watch FTC INFORMATION and DOCUMENTS below.

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How it Works

How do I access the national Do Not contact Registry?

Online in ~ www.audioeditorfree.com

How walk the national Do Not call Registry work?

Since January 1, 2005, telemarketers and also sellers have been forced to find the registry at the very least once every 31 days and also drop indigenous their contact lists the phone numbers of consumer who space registered. The dedicated, totally automated and secure web site in ~ www.audioeditorfree.com provides this information to telemarketers and sellers.

When an organization accesses the device for the an initial time, the will have actually to carry out some identifying information, together as organization Name and also Address, assign an Authorized Representative, and provide the Representative"s telephone Number and also Email deal with to create a profile. If an company is accessing the registry on instead of of a customer (Seller), the organization may need to identify the customer (or Clients).

The only customer information institutions are maybe to accessibility from the nationwide registry is a registrant"s call number. Consumers" call numbers room sorted and made obtainable by area code. Each organization accessing registry data may be required to salary an yearly fee based on the variety of area password the agency accesses.

On succeeding visits to www.audioeditorfree.com, organizations have the right to download one of two people a finish updated perform of numbers from your selected area codes or a more limited list that shows enhancements or deletions due to the fact that the last download. Castle can likewise use an interactive Phone Number Search function that is designed to allow little volume callers come comply through the execute Not call requirements of the audioeditorfree.com Sales preeminence (TSR) without having to download a potentially large list of all the registered phone call numbers in ~ a details area.

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A consumer who obtain a audioeditorfree.com contact despite gift on the registry can document a complaint with the FTC, either online or by calling a toll-free number. Violators could be fined up to $16,000 every incident.

it is registered Fees

Fees on the national Do Not contact Registry are based upon the number of area codes that space in your subscription. The very first five area password in a subscription space free. ~ that, each area code costs $59 approximately a best of $16,228 for all the area password in the US.

If you include area codes to your subscription during the very first six month of your yearly Subscription duration (see below) you will be fee the full price that $59 every area code. If you include area codes throughout the 2nd six months of your yearly Subscription duration you will be charged fifty percent price, or $30 every area code.

The maximum fee does not use once your subscription is in the second half of the annual Subscription Period.

Obtaining a Subscription Account Number (SAN)

How execute I achieve a SAN?

You need to subscribe come area codes in order to have a Subscription Account Number (SAN) approve to her organization. For much more information on subscribing walk to the subject SUBSCRIBING to AREA codes below.

FTC information and also documents

Q&A for Telemarketers and also Sellers around the perform Not contact Provisions of the FTC"s audioeditorfree.com Sales Rule

Information top top the FTC"s Rulemaking because that the last Amended audioeditorfree.com Sales Rule

Business Guidance

Browser Compatibility

What browsers work ideal with the national Do Not speak to Registry web site?

This internet site has been tested with a variety of systems and web browsers. The most generally used browsers are Internet traveler (IE), Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Note: The Federal profession Commission and also the national Do Not speak to Registry perform not endorse any of the following Web sites, vendors, or software application products. This list is detailed simply for your convenience.

For net Explorer, versions 6.0, 5.5, and 5.0 will work. If you need 6.0 or 5.5 organization pack 2, visit the net site http://www.microsoft.com/ windows/ie/default.asp.

For Firefox, execution 3.6 and also 4.0 will both work.

Note: The browser cipher strength needs to be collection to 128-bit

Limits top top Use

After 1 hour of no activity, your web site conference is automatically logged out. In stimulate to proceed using the web site, you must log in again.

Each organization is limited to one download per file per day because that downloads of full or change Lists.

For the interactive Phone Number Search, you may only inspect for telephone number in the area code(s) that are in your subscription.

company Functions

Note: An organization must pick one of 3 Organization features when they produce their profile. Those Organization features are:

SellerTelemarketer/Service ProviderExempt Organization

Seller—includes any person or service who, in connection with a audioeditorfree.com transaction, provides, provides to provide, or arranges because that others to administer goods or solutions to the customer in exchange because that consideration. A Seller additionally may it is in a Telemarketer, if that is phone call on its very own behalf, or if it maintain one or an ext Telemarketers to place calls because that it. In one of two people case, you should register together a "Seller".

Every Seller have to subscribe to subscribe to area codes, salary the proper fee, and also agree come the certification needs to receive a Subscription Account Number (SAN) through the national Do Not speak to Registry. A Seller may straight a Telemarketer to complete the virtual subscription procedure for it, yet the Seller must have actually its very own subscription and SAN, different from the Telemarketer"s subscription and SAN.

Telemarketer ("TM")—includes any kind of person or organization who, in connection with audioeditorfree.com, initiates or receive telephone calls come or indigenous a customer.

If a Telemarketer is accessing the registry with a Seller"s account, (the Seller by an interpretation is the Telemarketer"s Client) the Seller must have actually its very own subscription through the Registry. The Telemarketer may accessibility the it is registered on instead of of the Seller at no additional charge if the Telemarketer is authorized by the Seller to usage the Seller"s SAN. Any type of applicable fees need to be payment by the Seller, or through the Telemarketer on that Seller"s behalf. The Telemarketer might use the data it downloads just for that Seller. Telemarketers should recognize that every Seller must have actually its very own subscription to the Registry. At the direction of a Seller, a Telemarketer may finish the virtual subscription process and obtain a san for the Seller. If a Telemarketer accesses the it is registered on its very own behalf and also accessing the registry with a client"s account, that may obtain its own SAN through subscribing come area codes for itself and paying that own access fee and agreeing to the certification requirements. However, a Telemarketer might not use Registry data to place calls on instead of of an ext than one Seller uneven each Seller has its own subscription and a SAN. That is, a Telemarketer cannot acquisition the list once and then carry out the data to all of its client who have actually not payment the suitable fees to access the Registry.

Service Provider ("SP")—includes any kind of person or business that provides assistance to sellers or telemarketers to connect in audioeditorfree.com, such as list brokers and service bureaus.

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If a organization Provider accesses the registry v a client"s account, the client must have its own subscription v the Registry. The organization Provider may access the it is registered on behalf of the client at no extr charge if the business Provider is authorized by the customer to usage the client"s SAN. Any type of applicable fees need to be paid by the client, or through the business Provider on the client"s behalf. The business Provider may use the data that downloads just for the client. Company Provider should know that every customer must have its own subscription to the Registry. In ~ the direction the a client, a organization Provider may complete the online subscription procedure and obtain a mountain for the client. If a business Provider accesses the registry on its very own behalf and accessing the registry with a client"s account, it may attain its very own SAN through subscribing come area codes for itself and also paying that is own accessibility fee and agreeing to the certification requirements. However, a business Provider might not usage Registry data to location calls on instead of of an ext than one Seller unless each Seller has its very own subscription and a SAN. That is, a company Provider cannot acquisition the perform once and then provide the data to all of its client who have not paid the proper fees to access the Registry.

Exempt Organization ("EO")—includes any kind of person or business that is exempt from both the FTC"s and FCC"s requirements to accessibility the national Registry, but voluntarily chooses to access the information specifically for the objective of avoiding telephone calls come telephone numbers in the nationwide Registry. Exempt Organizations incorporate charities or certain non-profit organizations, organizations involved in politics solicitations or surveys, or Sellers or Telemarketers that contact ONLY consumers v whom they have actually an established business relationship or from whom they have acquired the refer written commitment to call. Watch 16 CFR § 310.4(b)(1)(iii)(B)(i) and (ii). Entities that have actually been granted taxes exempt condition under the inner Revenue Code are not have to Exempt establishments for objectives of the nationwide Do Not call Registry. See, e.g., FTC v. National consumer Council, Inc., and FTC v. Debt Management foundation Services, Inc., in ~ http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2005/03/ creditcouncel.htm. There, the FTC successfully tested the standing of a purported nonprofit company whose function in truth was just to create leads for various other firms which climate charged consumers hundreds of dollars in fees for your services. Exempt institutions must wait three company days complying with the entry of your request prior to they might be given access to registered numbers. For an ext information check out EXEMPT ORGANIZATIONS, below.