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A U.S. Flag flies at half-staff exterior the PA Media team offices in Hampden Township.



You may have actually noticed U.S. Flags roughly the midstate post at half-staff today, together a note of respect for the storage of sign of former President George H.W. Bush, who passed away Friday.

Flags at all U.S. Federal government facilities will certainly fly in ~ half-staff for 30 days, together per guidance in a ar of federal legislation that is known as the "Flag Code” because that the fatality of any type of current or former president.

10 days because that the fatality of a sit vice president, the current or previous chief judge of the supreme Court, or a sit Speaker the the house of Representatives;Until burial for other Supreme Court justices, room secretaries, previous vice presidents or the majority and decimal leaders that the House and Senate, and:The day of the death and also the complying with day for a member of Congress.

These durations of mourning are typically collection by presidential proclamation, and the chairman may additionally order the flag to it is in flown in ~ half-staff to mark the fatality of other significant persons or foreign dignitaries, or after tragic occasions like the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

In addition, the governor of any kind of state may order the flag come be in ~ half-staff to respect the death of a nationwide or state figure. Gov. Tom wolf issued such an stimulate Monday in honor of U. S. Military Sgt. Jason Mitchell McClary, a Pennsylvania indigenous who passed away Sunday as the result of injuries native an assault in Afghanistan last week.

The government proclamations are choose executive assignment that use only to commonwealth or state facilities; lock don’t lug over come flags shown on various other property.

In fact, the net site halfstaff.org exists specifically to help people keep track that half-staff notices both at the commonwealth level and also in all 50 states.

The Flag password is a code, to plan to carry out guidance. It carries no civil or criminal penalties because that “misuse” of the Flag. And also individuals are not acting illegally when using the flag according to their own rules. The Flag password is only compelled to be complied with on public or federal government buildings.

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