If did you do it invested in a party of her favorite wine or a new variety come taste, you’ll desire to know exactly how long the wine will last once uncorked. The best way to enjoy your alcohol is come drink it in ~ a short period after opening. Many wines will spoil within five days of opening, back this varies based on the kind of alcohol you room drinking.

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A alcohol that has ‘gone bad’ i will not ~ necessarily harm you however it will certainly be a much from pleasant tasting experience. Spoiled wine has actually a spicy vinegar flavor from oxidation. It will certainly take on a nutty aroma and sour hints. Some define this as a ‘wet dog’ or ‘corkboard’ scent. Visually the wine changes too. A wine that has actually passed its element will readjust appearance because of oxidation. The will appear cloudy, filmy, and also brown. A wine that has actually ‘gone bad’ may also develop small bubbles. This is caused by secondary fermentation in the bottle.

Read on because that a finish guide to exactly how long your party of wine will save after opening.

How long Does Red Wine critical After Opening


On average, red wine will certainly last for up to five days. This is the catch: that will should be stored in a cool dark ar with a cork. You’ll also find more success through red wines that have much more tannins and also acidity. This way Syrahs and Cabernet Sauvignons will keep much much better than a Pinot Noir or Merlot.

But, if girlfriend really desire to open a red wine yet don’t desire to end up the party within the ‘drinkability’ window, you have actually options. Leftover red wine is perfect for sluggish cooking. Shot making beef bourguignon, beef stews, or Italian red wine roast beef if friend don’t desire your red wine to go to waste.

Here space the median lifespans of red wines ~ opening:

Light Reds: 2 come 3 daysMedium Reds: 2 come 5 daysFull-bodied Reds: 4 come 6 days

How lengthy Does White Wine critical After Opening


Both lighter and full-bodied white wines will last 3 to 5 days. If you want your white alcohol to critical for approximately a week, friend can try to move it from the party to an airtight container.

Here are the mean lifespans that white wines ~ opening:

Light-bodied Whites: 3 to 5 daysFull-bodied Whites: 3 to 5 days

How lengthy Does Sparkling Wine critical After Opening

Sparkling wines don’t carry out well when stored. These wines, including Champagne and also prosecco, are best enjoyed instantly after opening. Once opened the balloon dissipate and the alcohol will become flat. It’s finest to drink sparkling wine on the job of opening.

If friend don’t desire to consume whole bottle, sparkling wine deserve to be offered in preparing fresh fruits. Otherwise, it might be best to purchase mini bottles to avoid having actually to pour the end leftover sparkling wine after the very first day.

How long Does Rosé Wine critical After Opening

Rosé generally last for up to 3 days in the fridge if stored appropriately with a stopper, cork, or screw cap. You have to store your Rosé in the fridge after opening. In some cases, Rosé can last for 5 days.

How long Does Dessert Wine critical After Opening


Dessert wines are typically able to last for two to 3 weeks after ~ opening. This is many thanks to the greater sugar content. Depending upon the grape selection the wine is make from and also the an approach used throughout production, dessert wines might persist well past the three-week mark. Sherries in certain are recognized to last rather a while thanks to the oxidation process during production.

Here space the mean lifespans of typical dessert wines after ~ opening:

Sherry: 2 weeks come 3 monthsPort: 4 come 6 weeks

How to save Your Wine once Opened

No issue what type of wine did you do it opened, it won’t last long if save on computer improperly. You’ll want to begin by ensuring her wine has actually been re-corked properly. Use the side of the cork the has already been exposed come the wine. You’ll want to press the cork around halfway right into the bottle. Girlfriend can likewise use a wine stopper to recork your bottle. These are an easy and reusable.

Keep the bottle out that light and also store it in ~ room temperature or cooler. Maintaining your wine in the refrigerator have the right to actually assist to slow-moving down the chemical processes that an outcome in oxidation.

Lastly, just be sure to consume the remainder of your wine prior to it goes bad!

Whether you’re looking to open a brand-new bottle of alcohol or save a bottle you’d like to store for aging, Christner’s is below to help. Call us to do a reservation.

How to keep Your Wine before Opening

If girlfriend haven’t opened your alcohol already, you’ll still should consider proper storage. This keeps your wine tasting it’s best (or aging to taste also better). There room a couple of principles to appropriate wine storage everyone have to keep in mind. Here’s what you need to know.

Find a room Without straight Sunlight

If your wine is exposed come bright irradiate or direct sunlight the can result in accelerated aging that the alcohol which isn’t desirable. In fact, wine have the right to be damaged with just over three hours of exposure to straight light.

Many wine bottles space made the dark glass to stop UV rays ruining the wine. However even if your wine bottle is do of dark glass, you should do your part to store your alcohol in an excellent condition by offering it a space to be stored out of straight sunlight.

Ensure the room Has a regular Temperature and also Humidity

Keeping her unopened wine in ~ a regular temperature and humidity will save the wine from aging as well quickly. Alcohol fridges are handy for this. Unlike v a constant refrigerator, alcohol fridges keep problems at 50-60˚F (with cooler setups for save champagnes) and also 50% come 70% humidity relying on your preference. Alcohol fridges carry out a committed space for your wine come avoid any type of cross-contamination through food current in the fridge.

Check to Be certain the alcohol is intended to be Aged


It might come together a surprise however older doesn’t constantly mean much better with wine. While that is true, some wines taste far better once aged, it isn’t true for all types.

Wines that space meant to be aged have:

Residual sugarOak barrellingBalanced alcohol levelsStructured tanninHigh acidity

Wines v a cork are better for aging than those v a screw cap. Generally, reds are far better for aging 보다 whites. Prior to you commit come aging a bottle of wine, perform a little of research to identify if the wine should be aged and also for exactly how long.

Store your Wine in a wine Locker

Storing her wine in a wine locker is perfect because that those that don’t have actually a wine cooler or cellar in their homes. Alcohol lockers ensure your wine is stored in a continuously cool, dark, and also moist space.

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We offer wine locker rental at Christner’s because that wine enthusiasm who desire to store their prized bottles in the ideal conditions. Contact us come learn more about our wine locker rental options.