If you found yourself v a half-empty party of vodka that’s sitting in the cabinet and also started to wonder “does vodka walk bad?”, you’re in the ideal place. Exact same thing if you have actually a bottle or two from her birthday party two years ago.

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In most households, vodka is a kind of liquor that’s appreciated rarely. Us buy a bottle or 2 to do drinks once our friend come and are left through a half-empty bottle after the party.

Or we buy a bottle to have actually a fancy drink through our spouse, but we end up with a glass of wine instead. Prepare a drink means you should look up part recipes and get the ingredients. An ext often than not, it’s much easier to open up a bottle of wine.

In the end, that party of vodka is left sitting in the beverage cabinet, regularly for years at a time. The great news is, the vodka is most likely perfectly fine after every this time in storage.

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How To keep Vodka

You have to store vodka the same means you store various other spirits, choose whiskey, or vodka’s cousin brandy.

To store its high quality for as long as possible, you should keep that in a cool and also dry area, far from sunlight and also heat sources. If possible, the bottle need to stay upright come prevent any leakage.

Once you open up the bottle, you have to seal it tightly utilizing the initial cap prior to putting it earlier into the cabinet. Any type of replacement caps probably won’t seal the bottle as an excellent as the original one.

Last but not least, don’t ever before store vodka (or any kind of other liquor) with a bottle pourer. After making use of this tool, you must seal the bottle through the initial cap.

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If friend would like to offer the vodka chilled, you have the right to put it right into the fridge for a couple of hours. To speed up the process, you have the right to use the freezer instead. Don’t worry around the alcohol freezing. Vodkas freeze once the temperature is reduced than -10 levels F (or -23 C), and also your freezer most most likely can’t go all over near that temperature.

If your bottle of vodka is less than half full, consider pouring the continuing to be alcohol into a smaller glass bottle. The less air in a party the slower the oxidation procedure goes, and also that means the flavor will remain an excellent for longer.

Of course, adhering to this pointer makes sense only if you understand the vodka will sit in the cabinet for a few years. If you’re going to use it next week, month, or in half a year, there’s no suggest in act that. The loss of odor in such a short period is negligible.

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How lengthy Does Vodka Last

Vodka is a very stable distilled heart so you can store it for a lengthy time. If the bottle remains unopened, it has a literally indefinite shelf life. If the liquor was bottled in 1980 and also you open up it in 2020, it must taste practically exactly the same as if you opened it in 1980.

Why “almost exactly” and also not “exactly”? also an unopened party isn’t ideally sealed, especially if the cap is natural (like cork), therefore the liquid very slowly evaporates. If the cap is plastic, climate it’s probable that the liquor will progressively start to change its taste after a pair of decades. That’s resulted in by the chemicals that space leaching out of the plastic. No need to worry about them, the amounts are minimal and also don’t pose any kind of health risks.

Once you’ve opened up the bottle, the procedure of evaporation speeds up a bit. The course, the doesn’t mean that the liquid will certainly evaporate in a year or two. It way that vodka will gradually lose that is flavor and also after a te or two it likely won’t taste as great as when you’ve opened it.

Vodka (Unopened and also Opened)Stays fine indefinitely

Please note that the date over is for vodka stored properly.

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How come Tell If Vodka Is Bad

It’s virtually impossible for vodka to go bad. You have to note the alcohol evaporates quicker than water, for this reason the liquor is obtaining slightly weaker throughout the years.

If you keep an opened up bottle because that a couple of decades in poor conditions, several of the alcohol will certainly evaporate. If that’s the case, it’s technically possible that the liquid’s proof will drop low enough so that some bacteria or strains that yeast might have the ability to develop in that environment. In case that happens, you can get food poisoning after ~ drinking that vodka.

That means if your opened up bottle the Smirnoff is reaching adulthood itself, and also you didn’t treatment for its storage much, it’s time come discard it. Again, this is the worst-case scenario, and it most most likely won’t happen. The worst thing that have the right to realistically happen to the liquor is that it’ll lose its taste.

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Of course, the usual signs of walking bad use to vodka too. That method if the alcohol creates an turn off odor, friend can discover some contaminants within the bottle, or it tastes bad, just throw that out. Much better safe 보다 sorry.