Betting top top the nationwide anthem is a funny bet for her Super bowl Sunday. Get the history of the anthem length, an analysis of the props available, and also more!



The Super key is behind us for an additional year however the betting community won"t soon forget what go on with national anthem betting in 2021. After ~ Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church were announced as the performers, sportsbooks posted an Over/Under time for the length it would take for them to song it. The number bounced roughly between 1:57 and also 2:01 before bettors went crazy on the over after a tweet native a reporter tipped turn off the betting world.

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The 2021 anthem leak

When it comes to Super Bowl national anthem betting, there are two ways to acquire an advantage. You pore over old YouTube videos, do the efforts to number out the rate at which it"ll it is in sung. Or, you simply wait until the rehearsal time gets leaked.

It looks favor the latter could have happened on the Friday evening prior to the supervisor Bowl, v reporter Zach Maskavich posting what appeared to it is in a rehearsal of the anthem.

Alright gamblers. Right here is the timer top top the exercise of the nationwide Anthem. 2:16 #SuperBowl #GoBucs #ChiefsKingdom

— Zach Maskavich (
ZachMaskavich) February 5, 2021

It transforms out the rehearsal video was clues on with the actual performance landing at around 2:16 and also with Eric Church singing first.

Did sportsbooks salary out?

Immediately after ~ the leak, the only question on the psychic of those who had bets top top it was whether sportsbooks would honor those wagers or not.

Per Canadian sportsbook
SIASport: #SuperBowl prop for duration of national anthem is off the board and under review, together it is at other books, as result of release of rehearsal video clip today. "Anytime a leak is made public such as this, a testimonial is necessary."

— Patrick Everson (
audioeditorfree.com_Vegas) February 6, 2021

Per one sportsbook in global market, top top #SuperBowl prop because that duration of national anthem: "We took the prop offline earlier today when we got plenty the Over activity all at when from part sharper accounts. Preserved on relocating time up, and also they kept betting. Apparent that info was leaked."

— Patrick Everson (
audioeditorfree.com_Vegas) February 6, 2021

We can"t speak for every betting sites yet from ours experience and in speak with other bettors, it shows up most, consisting of Sports Interaction, did honor and also pay the end bets that were top top the Over. If her sportsbook did not pay out and also you feel the was unfair, consider reporting it come our sportsbook blacklist.

2021 national Anthem Odds

These were the odds prior to the above tweet walk out. Most, if no all betting sites, took the related sectors off the board (OTB) and did not offer a brand-new betting line prior to the game.

Length the the national anthem at Super key 55

Over 2:01OTB
Under 2:01OTB

Who will sing first?

Jazmine SullivanOTB
Eric ChurchOTB
Start togetherOTB

What type of jacket will Eric Church it is in wearing?

Other/No jacket+190

Super bowl 55 nationwide Anthem Pick: Under 1:57 (-130)

Not only has the mean Super key anthem since 1990 clocked in at just under 1:55 but each the the last three anthems have gone listed below the 2-minute mark.

As a issue of fact, 16 that the last 23 anthems have actually been perfect in under two minutes, including Christina Aguilera"s "extra" performance.

Doing a duet v a country music artist choose Eric Church, and the likely presence the a guitar twang or two, must make this national anthem from Sullivan a bit longer than her previous 2 renditions.

That said, considering she zipped v both the those performances in under 1:45 ns don"t view the additional vocals and instrumentals including on 12 secs or more.

Pick made Feb. 2 - well before the well known leak!

Jazmine Sullivan anthem analysis

A quick search that YouTube will show a couple of instances of Sullivan performing the national anthem at other sporting events.

In this video, Sullivan sings the "Star-Spangled Banner" in 1:38 (98 seconds) at a Feb. 2016 NHL Stadium series game in between the Minnesota Wild and also the Chicago Blackhawks (the video is incorrectly labeled together the NHL All-Star Game).

Because Sullivan is teaming up with Church, there will an ext likely be backup vocals and also guitar involved.

In this Oct. 2014 anthem power at a Philidelphia 76ers game, Sullivan sang the "Star-Spangled Banner "with a etc accompaniment and finished the anthem in about 1:44 (104 seconds), but included a flourish after the final lyric that carried the complete time increase to about 1:49 (109 seconds).

Odds because that the length of the nationwide anthem at Super bowl 55 haven"t been posted yet, however we"ll it is in updating this page as soon as they are.

Super Bowl nationwide anthem prop betting explained

Betting top top the supervisor Bowl nationwide anthem is among the numerous novelty prop markets obtainable for the annual NFL championship that isn’t connected to the outcome of the really game. The to sing of "The Star-Spangled Banner" bring away place before the coin toss and also has end up being one that the most popular Super key prop bets at digital sportsbooks.

Super Bowl national anthem prop bets

Super Bowl nationwide anthem prop bets have grown in popularity over the previous decade, especially since this sector doesn’t directly involve the game and has a funny crossover into pop culture that appeals to even the many casual viewer.

The most famous market is betting the Over/Under on the length of time it takes to finish the anthem, yet there will additionally be markets about what the singer(s) will be wearing and also if they will make a mistake during their rendition.

How to gambling on the supervisor Bowl nationwide anthem

Betting ~ above the super Bowl national anthem all counts on the performer named to sing "The Star-Spangled Banner." indigenous there, oddsmakers deserve to have a most fun producing some unique and also entertaining national anthem props.

Length of nationwide anthem prop

The most common means to gambling on the super Bowl nationwide anthem is the length of the national anthem. Oddsmakers will collection an Over/Under full in time (minutes and seconds) and also bettors can pick even if it is the anthem will certainly go over or Under the collection time total.

Most anthem singers have actually performed "The Star-Spangled Banner" in ~ previous events and also games, and also many that those renditions are accessible to watch online through platforms like YouTube. As soon as the Over/Under time total is set, friend will uncover plenty that Super key bettors flocking come those clips to help handicap the singer’s style and also the median time necessary to belt the end the anthem.

Other nationwide anthem prop bets

Besides betting on the length of "The Star-Spangled Banner," there are other Super Bowl national anthem props available:

The shade of the performer’s hairWill the performer wear a hat?
Will the performer do a mistake?Will a scoring journey take less time 보다 the size of the nationwide anthem?

These other props space not almost as popular, however, and also won’t be offered at all betting sites.

National anthem size odds

The national anthem length odds commonly come out two weeks before the at sight Bowl, quickly after the performer the "The Star-Spangled Banner" is announced.

The Over/Under time and also attached vig/juice will vary from publication to book, for this reason if you have multiple sportsbook choices you can shop about for the best total price come fit her prediction. Like many Over/Under bets, publications will display the total and the Over and Under will have actually vig/juice fastened to each side.

For example, the Over/Under because that the Super key LIV nationwide anthem was 1 minute and also 56 seconds (116 seconds) v an opened vig of -115 every side. That method for every $10 you want to win, you have to risk $11.50 ($115 to success $100).

However, as much more money was bet ~ above the over heading right into Super Sunday, bookmakers changed the vig ~ above the nationwide anthem odds to over 116 seconds (-140) and Under 116 seconds (+110). Oddsmakers walk this to draw an ext money to the Under. The adjustment supposed that for every $10 you wanted to win betting the over you would have to bet $14. And for every $10 risked on the Under you might win $11 ($100 wins $110).

Popstar Demi Lovato carry out the nationwide anthem in ~ Super key LIV and also took 1 minute and also 49 secs to finish it (109 seconds), therefore those that bet on the Under won their prop wager.

Which sportsbooks offer national anthem props?

Super bowl betting sites and sportsbooks external of the United claims are right now the just operators that deserve to offer national anthem props because that the at sight Bowl.

Land-based operator within the U.S., favor sportsbooks located in las Vegas, space not permitted to market props top top the to sing of the Star-Spangled Banner due to the fact that there’s no official timing provided and every grading would be spatu to the bookmaker.

Gaming manage boards and also regulatory commissions are cynical to sell betting sectors on occasions that can’t be identified in package score that the supervisor Bowl, together they are fragile to conflicts in results and decisions.

However, part states have softened their stance on this novelty prop industries in current years. New Jersey sportsbooks are enabled to offer betting top top the color of the Gatorade bath and Super bowl MVP odds have actually been easily accessible in Nevada because 2016.

History of nationwide anthem betting in ~ Super Bowl

The explode in online sporting activities betting in the late 1990s got the ball rolling on novelty Super bowl props. If casinos in ras Vegas couldn’t offer action on the length of the nationwide anthem (restricted through state gaming regulate board rules), online bookies could and jumped in ~ the opportunity to take it wagers on this fun pop culture-powered prop.

Going ago to Super key XXXIV in 2000, the average length of the nationwide anthem is 115.5 seconds (1 minute and 55 seconds) over the past 22 huge Game renditions. Just nine of those anthems went much longer than 2 minutes, however, 5 of those have actually come in the past nine super Bowls.

The longest quantity of time needed to sing the Star-Spangled Banner in that expectations was 2 minutes and 35 secs by Alicia keys at Super key XLVII in 2009 if the quickest anthem time the the previous 21 years to be 1 minute and also 30 secs by Billy Joel at Super bowl XLI in 2007.

In regards to betting the nationwide anthem, the many memorable — and controversial — singing of the Star-Spangled Banner was by pop star Christina Aguilera in ~ Super key XLV in 2011.


Being the there is no official timer, part sportsbooks will certainly grade this prop top top slightly different times. This has, in the past, caused the very same bet gift graded as Over at some betting sites and Under at others. Be certain you recognize the terms and also conditions that this prop at your betting site prior to placing a bet.

Not just did Aguilera mess up the words come the national anthem yet she added a “Woo” in ~ the end of the song, i m sorry had various sportsbooks grading the size at miscellaneous times: some consisting of the “Woo” and others not. Anthem bettors that lost their prop bet based on those decisions to be unhappy and many online books made the contact to pay out bets on both the Over and Under to avoid additional outrage and bad press.

Instant replay: Betting on the super Bowl national anthem

As the Super key nears, it’s time come queue up her patriotic playlist and also put your pop society predictions come the check by betting top top the length of the super Bowl national anthem:

Jazmine Sullivan & Eric Church perform the national anthem at Super key LV.The duo went fine over the initial odds the 2:00, coming in in ~ 2:16.Bettors won"t quickly forget the well known "anthem leak" of 2021.

The novelty of these Super bowl prop bets shows no signs or wearing off. Equipped with historic background, a stopwatch and of course, a trusty listing of online sportsbooks, friend are all set to line up your an initial Big game bet.

Yes, you can bet ~ above the nationwide anthem if legit sportsbooks in your an ar are allowed to market those props.

How long does it require to sing the nationwide anthem?

The average size of the supervisor Bowl national anthem over the previous 21 year is 115.5 secs (1 minute and 55.5 seconds).

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How lengthy was the national anthem in ~ the critical Super Bowl?

Jazmine Sullivan and also Eric Church took two minutes and also 16 seconds (2:16) to sing the nationwide anthem in ~ Super bowl LV.