If you are the form of person that enjoys dinner theaters and dropping $50 for a show does no bother you, Dixie Stampede Pigeon build is an excellent choice. Intend a good show, good food, and an excellent service.

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The Dixie Stampede Dinner Attraction in Pigeon Forge, which originally opened in 1988, is the first of 3 locations currently featuring Dolly Parton’s famous show. The dinner attraction attributes 32 highly trained horses, dozens of cast members, pyrotechnics, one-of-a-kind effects, short lumberjack competition, pig races, ostrich races, and also much more! Since the entire present is centered about a friendly competition in between the North and the South, you will be contending with her friends top top the other side that the arena. The present is really entertaining and some of the spectacular horse stunts seemed like a combination of a rodeo and Blue angle airshow presentation.In enhancement to the main show, Dixie Stampede has a pre-show that starts roughly 50 minutes before the ticketed showtime. The pre-show entertainment, which is in the Dixie Belle Saloon, features a talented Bluegrass and also Country band, mountain Ruckus. Throughout the pre-show, guests deserve to purchase souvenir boot cup (filled through soda) and also various snacks. Trust me ~ above this — don’t purchase the overpriced popcorn or peanuts. When you see the substantial portions they feeding you throughout the show, you will say thanks to me.After the town hall the servers juggle trays of warm soup and pitchers of drinks, I would not be surprised to check out Dixie Stampede table serving end up being an Olympic sport. It to be quite exceptional to watch the servers feed the masses assembly-line style and keep thousands of mason jars filled. The servers usage a system to make sure the glasses are constantly filled v the suitable beverage – after ~ the early stage drink order, the server go not have to ask everyone on our whole row what they to be drinking. The servers occupational for tips and the Dixie Stampede announcer argues visitors guideline 15% of the total ticket price (bring cash).The quality of the food was surprisingly an excellent and vegetarian meals are easily accessible upon request. Because of the variety of people being served, ns was expecting the food to it is in low-quality, but it much exceeded mine expectations. The meal, i m sorry is served without utensils, contains creamy vegetables soup, whole rotisserie chicken, smoked pork loin, homemade biscuits, corn-on-the-cob, potatoes, and also fried apologize turnover. The four-course meal had and much more calories than any human must consume in one sitting and also is one of the best dinner display meals in the area.Although Dolly Parton walk not usually make one appearance, a music video clip of her singing shade Me America along and the actors performing is the grand finale.Insider Tips:The real stampede is once they open up the theatre for general seating! because seating for the main show is first-come, first-served (in your row), make sure to sit close come the red curtains upstairs throughout the pre-show.

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Directions:Dixie Stampede is located on the main Parkway in downtown Pigeon Forge, TN. The dinner display is located around two blocks previous Light #8.Ezoicreport this ad

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